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  • Take Fire and Ice Elves home report Take Fire and Ice Elves home Fire and Ice Elves go on a big adventure in the forest, in order to collect gems to replenish energy, whether they can overcome all difficulties, and take with the gem get home safely. JoinGamer 1 year ago
  • Fire Boy and Water Girl In The Light Temple report Fire Boy and Water Girl In The Light Temple Your task in this game is to exit the doors as fast as possi... 5Games 3 years ago
  • Monster Truck Trip 2 report Monster Truck Trip 2 Stomp your way across the track in a monster truck Crush parked cars and clear obstacles with a nitro boost for super speed. You can collect stars to keep your engine strong. The truck will burst into flames if flipped 7Age 1 year ago
  • Fire Truck Dash 3D Parking report Fire Truck Dash 3D Parking There's no description available Yomza 11 months ago
  • Super Marshmellow Kingdom report Super Marshmellow Kingdom Oh no! The toast men accidentally ate Mr. Moofin and the King isn't happy! Dodge the powerful wrath of King Marshmallow as fast as lightening as he swears revenge upon the toast men and seeks to destroy everything they love just like they destroyed Mr. Moofin. 4J 1 month ago
  • City on fire report City on fire <p>Physics based game full of fun and action! Play as a brave team of firefighters whose primary goal - to rescue people with trampolines!</p> GameGox 2 years ago
  • CF Bloody Battle report CF Bloody Battle Cross Fire classic map gray desert. The weapon is M4a1 black dragon. Come and challenge Like a Gamer 4 months ago
  • Fire Truck Racer 3D report Fire Truck Racer 3D There's no description available 8Bob 1 year ago
  • Train Shootout report Train Shootout Click on the daakus to shoot at them. If you let the daakus get nearer to the train they will fire at you. Take them out before they take you out. Like a Gamer 4 months ago
  • 3D Sniper report 3D Sniper Snipe all of the insurgents to survive This shooting game challenges you to clean the streets of all enemies. Shoot every opponent before they can aim and fire at you. Hit ammo and health boxes to continue winning the battle 7Age 8 months ago
  • Aliens want your cows report Aliens want your cows <p>The old herdsman must prevent the aliens are experimenting on his cows.</p>rn<p>To do so shall reject them by gunfire.</p>rn<p>Use arrows to move right and left. Use up arrow to take aim. Shoot with the space bar; two shoots are needed to destroy the alien craft. Go to the ammo\'s box to recharge.</p> GameGox 2 years ago
  • Minion Love Kiss report Minion Love Kiss Minion is in love with the fire hydrant. When they are on dating he always want to kiss her. But there are some impediment disturbing him. Girls can you help him avoid being seen by others Come on You should click the left mouse help him kiss. But do not forget avoid being seen by another Minion beside them. So when another Minion blow his whistle you must release the mouse until he looks the other way you can help the Minion continue to kiss. 7Age 1 year ago
  • Zombie Dolls report Zombie Dolls Love gunning down zombies, love protecting your home from wa... 5Games 3 years ago
  • Coconut Balls report Coconut Balls In this cannon shooting game, you must defeat the other tribes from the island and make your way to the top of the rankings. Become the richest tribe on the island by winning every match.rnUse the mouse to aim and fire. GameKos 2 years ago
  • Palisade Guardian 3 report Palisade Guardian 3 Love shooting games, if so then you’ve come to the right p... 5Games 3 years ago
  • Fire and ice elves report Fire and ice elves This is a two player game where fire and ice are fighting in the same team against the nature obstacles.You will need each other help to go to the finish line safe.Watch out for the obstacles and see wich can pass and wich need help from the other one.Good luckUse the keyboard arrows for 1 player and the keys w a d for the other one. 7Age 1 year ago
  • Fireboy and Watergirl report Fireboy and Watergirl The platformer genre is one of the oldest and most traditional video game genres out there. It originated when video games were very simple, and couldn’t process full three dimensional environments like today’s consoles. Instead developers made... 2PG 3 years ago
  • Mech Defender report Mech Defender Shoot all of the invaders to protect your base Living on Mars you must save all of the energy cores from harmful monsters. You can build cannons and fire lasers to shoot every wave of enemies. Protect at least one core to advance 2-Play 1 year ago
  • Cross Fire Snake report Cross Fire Snake There's no description available 8Shooter 1 year ago
  • Angry Santa Mario report Angry Santa Mario Its Christmas time Mario got angry because he does not have coins to buy gifts for his friends. Help Mario smash everything in his way to collect coins to buy the gifts. Watch for the traps like spikefireand the ghost. They will slow down Mario. 2-Play 1 year ago
  • Take Fire and Ice Elves home report Take Fire and Ice Elves home There's no description available Zdoz 1 year ago
  • Crossing Fire King of Sniper report Crossing Fire King of Sniper You play a special soldierUsing the sniper riflekillingshooting your terrorist Like a Gamer 4 months ago
  • Fire Trucks Driver 2 report Fire Trucks Driver 2 Have been wanting to become a hero? Become a Fire Man to save the lives of people today! But first, let's drive the firetruck to the right location. 8Bob 1 year ago
  • Secret Office Kissing report Secret Office Kissing Try to kiss the girl you work with. But make sure the boss doesnt see you so you wont get fired Good luck 2-Play 1 year ago
  • The Cannon Man report The Cannon Man There's no description available Zdoz 1 year ago
  • Fire Ladybug report Fire Ladybug Two alien ladybugs drive spaceship fly to the planet which is no life. JoinGamer 1 year ago
  • Desert Storm Game report Desert Storm Game Fire cannon balls and missiles at structures to tear them apart their occupants. Like a Gamer 4 months ago
  • Fire Helicopter report Fire Helicopter Fire fighter helicopter sims game suppresses and extinguishes fires to prevent forest fires spreads Like a Gamer 4 months ago
  • Zombie Rumble report Zombie Rumble Killing zombies is the mission of this postapocalyptic action game. Use mouse to change direction of the cannon. click the left mouse button to fire. Kill them to complete the level. Use different ammo for different purposes. Like a Gamer 4 months ago
  • Homerun Ball Making report Homerun Ball Making Turn your enemy into snowballs and drop them on the fire. Like a Gamer 4 months ago
  • Bullriding Explosive report Bullriding Explosive Press the arrow keys while riding on the bull before it explodes. Random arrow keys appear on the screen. If you fail to hit a key the bulls tail catches on fire and will explode you have to decrease the chance of it exploding by pressing 3 correct keys. Like a Gamer 4 months ago
  • Paper Pipe: Twist report Paper Pipe: Twist Can you twist the pipes into place to put out all the fires? A fun puzzle game with hand-drawn artwork. rnFigure out the twists and turns of the fiendish Puzzle Mode, or test yourself against the infinite Challenge Mode! GameGox 2 years ago
  • Dogfight Sim report Dogfight Sim Its the second World War and youre a lone pilot in the skies. The best there is fight shoot to kill. Maneuver your plane to avoid enemy fire and mid air collisions. Fast paced super War Time Flight Simulator game. Like a Gamer 4 months ago
  • Rocket Soldiers report Rocket Soldiers Eliminate enemy soldiers by launching rockets towards their basis. Earn money to buy more rockets choose from a range of different types of missiles. Landing from fire rockets poison rockets and grenades. Good luck Like a Gamer 4 months ago
  • Mafia Shootout report Mafia Shootout Shoot your rival mafia thugs before they get the loot Your mission is to kill all of the enemy gangsters before they destroy your truck. You can fire bullets or toss grenades to inflict major damage. Upgrade your weapons and eliminate the competition 2-Play 1 year ago
  • Ben10 Top Gun report Ben10 Top Gun Vigax has captured Grandpa, he demanded the Omnitrix or he will kill Grandpa... Only you can save him. Mankiz 3 years ago
  • Mud Fire report Mud Fire There's no description available Zdoz 1 year ago
  • Fire Truck Masters 2 report Fire Truck Masters 2 There's no description available 8Laps 2 years ago
  • Tractors Power report Tractors Power Trek through difficult courses in a powerful tractor Use your bulldozer arm to clear obstacles out of your way and plow through anything Prevent your engine from overheating and avoid exploding into flames. Take your ride through a manly adventure 7Age 1 year ago
  • Raft Wars report Raft Wars Your mission in this game is to help Simon the baby by prote... 5Games 3 years ago
  • Cross Fire Ak Dragon report Cross Fire Ak Dragon There's no description available 8Shooter 1 year ago
  • Fire Engine Academy 3D report Fire Engine Academy 3D Guess what series is back? That's right our academy series is back for another instalment, only this time we're testing your skills in a much bigger vehicle. JoinGamer 1 year ago
  • Iveco Magirus Fire Trucks report Iveco Magirus Fire Trucks Select the correct fire trucks for the job and get to the scene of the accident as soon as possible make sure you save all of the victims. Like a Gamer 4 months ago
  • Sniper Team 2 report Sniper Team 2 Lead a team of elite snipers to save fellow troops Each member of Captain Millers Task Force is positioned in a unique location. In the first battle you must provide cover fire until support arrives. Try to earn completion and prestige bonuses in each mission 7Age 1 year ago
  • Firing Machine report Firing Machine There's no description available Yomza 11 months ago
  • Assault Echelon report Assault Echelon Shoot to survive in Assault Echelon This firstperson action game pits you against waves of enemy soldiers. You can fire a crossbow assault rifle and grenade launcher at the foes. Shoot from atop a skyscraper and knock helicopters out of the air 2-Play 1 year ago
  • Bullet Fire report Bullet Fire Run between the buildings as you search for the enemies scattered through each level. Track them down then gun them down. 8iz 7 months ago
  • GAEM 2 report GAEM 2 Attack the shooters and bosses as you avoid the shots fired. Time your attack just right. Like a Gamer 4 months ago
  • Intergalactic Battleships report Intergalactic Battleships Earth is under attack A powerful alien race has devastated our planets defenses. As commander of our last remaining fleet you and your forces are all that is left standing between us and annihilationPosition your ships carefully estimate your enemys possible location and fire your missiles when ready Like a Gamer 4 months ago
  • Super Mall Madness report Super Mall Madness Mall Madness is a really fun game your task in this game is to help this couple enjoy their time togther at work. Make sure they only enjoy time together while the boss is not looking otherwise you could get fired Are you ready to play around with your friend at work Like a Gamer 4 months ago
  • Light People on Fire report Light People on Fire A funny skill game where you light as many people on fire as you can! GameKos 2 years ago
  • Line of Fire report Line of Fire There's no description available Zdoz 1 year ago
  • Yapidragon report Yapidragon Try it and you will like it! JoinGamer 1 year ago
  • Winter Firefighters Truck 2 report Winter Firefighters Truck 2 There's no description available Yomza 11 months ago
  • Zombie Eater report Zombie Eater Shoot the Zombies you can control bullets by turning after fire. Like a Gamer 4 months ago
Showing 56 - 110 of 2,659 for 'Fire'

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