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  • Water Mania report Water Mania Water Mania is an advanced training course where any one has... 5Games 3 years ago
  • Fireboy and Watergirl 4: The Crystal Temple report Fireboy and Watergirl 4: The Crystal Temple Back with dozens new stages, lots of shiny portals, improved... 5Games 3 years ago
  • Inferno 2: Meltdown report Inferno 2: Meltdown inferno 2:meltdown is an adventure game where you are a fire... 5Games 3 years ago
  • Playing With Fire 2 report Playing With Fire 2 In this game you can either play 1 or 2 players which is alw... 5Games 3 years ago
  • Fire Boy and Water Girl In The Forest Temple report Fire Boy and Water Girl In The Forest Temple Your goal in this puzzling game is to exit the doors as fast... 5Games 3 years ago
  • Fire Boy and Water Girl In The Light Temple report Fire Boy and Water Girl In The Light Temple Your task in this game is to exit the doors as fast as possi... 5Games 3 years ago
  • Kaboom report Kaboom There's no description available 8Bob 1 year ago
  • Cross Fire Golden Eagle report Cross Fire Golden Eagle There's no description available 8Shooter 1 year ago
  • Driving Force 3 report Driving Force 3 Time for some frantic vehicle chases via the town once again! In the 3rd installment of the awesome quick-paced driving game Driving Force you have to hop one more time on your police car and get rid of some badass criminals terrorising the city. Finish missions to unlock new kinds. Have a good time! 4J 2 months ago
  • Flaming Zombooka 2 report Flaming Zombooka 2 Zombie bazooking time has returned, now with more weapons, more gore, more ways to kill zombies, and a choice of character (including a special treat for Kongregate players)\n GameKos 2 years ago
  • Garden Shooting report Garden Shooting Fire limited shots as you kill garden animals. Use ricochets explosions to help. Like a Gamer 5 months ago
  • Firefighters Truck report Firefighters Truck As a driver of Fire Truck you must deliver firefighters to the place of conflagration as fast as possible so they can extinguish the fire. But be careful on the streets try not to crash your truck and do not knock down pedestrians. Like a Gamer 5 months ago
  • Dinosaurs And Meteors report Dinosaurs And Meteors Who says dinosaurs are afraid of meteors They are brave enough to deal with meteor showers Drag and drop the dinosaur eggs to hatch. Then click anywhere to direct dinosaur fire to shoot the meteors Use upgrades to destroy them all 7Age 10 months ago
  • Cat God vs Sun King 2 report Cat God vs Sun King 2 When divine titans clash with each other, there is no peace until one of them is pronounced as winner! The same case is with the Cat God versus the Sun King. In this 2nd part of the legendary action, you can play as the Cat God himself, or play the 2... 2PG 3 years ago
  • Medieval Shark report Medieval Shark Judgement day is upon us, as the prophecy foretold. The master of death has come to claim the world. But only a child fears dragons, a real threat emerges from the depths. Only he, a man, a shark, a sharkman can save us. Is he our savior or are we just dinner? A jaw of 1000 teeth in King Arthur's court will determine our fate. Castles will be destroyed, lives will be forfeit, death has met his match. Long live the king. 4J 2 months ago
  • Super Target Shooter report Super Target Shooter <p>Shoot as many targets as you can! Will you get the 5 badges (250+ points) and win? Even more... Will you get the highest score online and become the best shooter in the World? [Play with mouse]</p> GameGox 2 years ago
  • Old Fire Truck Room Escape report Old Fire Truck Room Escape There's no description available Yomza 1 year ago
  • Flash Cash Dash report Flash Cash Dash Drive around grabbing the money symbols and dodging enemy fire. Survive as each new level appears. Like a Gamer 3 months ago
  • Park it 3D: Fire Truck report Park it 3D: Fire Truck Fire fighters not only get to drive those cool trucks but also save lives and protect us from many things, including fire disasters. JoinGamer 1 year ago
  • SUPrB! report SUPrB! <p>\"<strong>Save Us from Private Brian!</strong>\" is a bloody top-down shooter where a merciless spacemarine lands by mistake on a medieval fantasy world of \"poor cavemen\"!</p>\r\n<p>Why should you go away, when you\'ve the change to train a bit and test your deadly weaponry!?</p>\r\n<p><span style=\"text-decoration: underline;\">15</span> distinct violent <span style=\"text-decoration: underline;\">game-levels</span> pseudo-random generated with trees and buildings to demolish!<br /><br /><span style=\"text-decoration: underline;\">16</span> different <span style=\"text-decoration: underline;\">enemies</span> blast, from human knghts and mages small goblins, big&nbsp; orcs and huge trolls!<br /><br /><span style=\"text-decoration: underline;\">24</span> gorgeous <span style=\"text-decoration: underline;\">weapons</span>, including....nuke bomb!</p>\r\n<p>&nbsp;</p>\r\n<p>&nbsp;</p>\r\n<p>Available <strong>CHEAT</strong> for FGL release</p>\r\n<p>Press <span style=\"text-decoration: underline;\">\"N\" keyboard</span>:</p>\r\n<p>- in Weaponry menu to get <span style=\"text-decoration: underline;\">Max Rank</span> (so access to all weapons and devices) and <span style=\"text-decoration: underline;\">100.000 money;</span></p>\r\n<p>- in Battle to force the teleport countdown to zero and <span style=\"text-decoration: underline;\">skip the game level.</span></p>\r\n<p>&nbsp;</p> GameGox 2 years ago
  • Angry Santa Mario report Angry Santa Mario Its Christmas time Mario got angry because he does not have coins to buy gifts for his friends. Help Mario smash everything on the roads to collect coins and buy the gifts. Watch for the traps like spike fire and the ghost. They will slow down Mario. Good luck 7Age 1 year ago
  • The Pit report The Pit <p>After falling into the pit your last task is to survive the dangers all around you. Do not get burned by the fire, do not get hit by the spears and above all do not fall of the magical ground.</p><br /><p>Your task is to survive as long as you possibly can. The longer you survive the higher you get in the ranking. Use the arrow keys to move your character along with the magical transforming grounds. Avoid running into the fire or getting hit by a spear. Good luck!</p> GameGox 2 years ago
  • Strategy Defense 4 report Strategy Defense 4 Here is the new Strategy Defense - The Final War, now with additional features:1. 6 castles, one of enemy castle destroyed, win, one of your castle destroyed, lose . 2. 3 ways to attack the enemy castle, two types of way: land and sea. 3. 18 new maps, each with six castles and three way. 4. Maximum of soldiers settings, between 10-50 soldierrs, default is 25 soldiers. 5. More tower places add, you can build more than 10 towers in one map. 4J 2 months ago
  • Battleships 1 report Battleships 1 Battleshipsthis is a new version of the classic board game Battleships.Arrange your ships on the grid or use the Random button to auto assign your ships.You can rotate your ships by pressing the Space button.After your ships are placed the game beginsselect an enemy grid reference and press Fire button to attack. Like a Gamer 5 months ago
  • HeadShooter: devil\'s cannon report HeadShooter: devil\'s cannon <p>We play a cannon. Against us is cannon that shoots little men. Our goal is to shoot at them, thereby collecting points. Exact hit in the head gives more points. Our cannons can be pumped by improving its rate, accuracy and power shots. Cannon of the enemy, too, is improving. Go through all 17 levels, enter the most points.</p> GameGox 2 years ago
  • Firefighters in action report Firefighters in action Being a firefighter is a real challenge. Many people want to become firefighters and save lives. In this game you have to get in the fire and rescue people and then put out the fire. Make sure you do not hurt yourselfClick START GAME and then continue to play. Use the left right and up down movement and direction. Press Z to jump and X key intervention. 7Age 1 year ago
  • Inferno Meltdown report Inferno Meltdown Inferno Meltdown is another cool firefighter platform game from The Podge. Take on the role of a firefighter and put out hazardous fires that threaten civilian populations and property. Like a Gamer 5 months ago
  • Mothership Defender report Mothership Defender <p>Defend your Mothership from the evil aliens!<br /><br />Features:<br />-7 different enemy spaceships each with it\'s own AI<br />-Awesome particle effects<br />-Dynamically generated levels<br />-Addicting gameplay<br />-Several stats to compare with your friends!</p> GameGox 2 years ago
  • Ghost Pool report Ghost Pool Use your mouse to aim and fire pool balls towards the other moving balls to form groups of 3 or more of the same colored balls. Like a Gamer 1 month ago
  • Highgrounds report Highgrounds Highgrounds is an awesome turn-based multiplayer strategy game, in which you have to protect your kingdom from evil creatures. Use gold to buy units and place them wisely to defeat the enemies. Much fun! 4J 2 months ago
  • Sparta Fire Javelin report Sparta Fire Javelin The army from the Persian Empire are attacking the Greece. Sparta have to fight all of them by himself. It is up to his last defense to drive the persian army back to where they came from. Help Sparta throw fire javelin and kill all the incoming enemy. Like a Gamer 5 months ago
  • Mushroom Cannon 3 report Mushroom Cannon 3 Mushroom Cannon is back Simply move mouse to adjust the angle and power of your cannon then click to fire the mushroom. Shoot mushrooms into each bucket to complete the level. Like a Gamer 5 months ago
  • Firefighters Escape report Firefighters Escape Help the fire men escape from this dangerous building. 8iz 8 months ago
  • Super mechs report Super mechs Have you ever wanted to fight using robots? You will surely love to create your own robot! Upgrade weapons, buy items, use repair kit and a lot more! 8Bob 1 year ago
  • Strategy Defense 3 report Strategy Defense 3 The main objective of this game is to protect your castle and destroy the enemy castle. In the battle, you can train 45 difference soldiers types and build 15 difference towers. Your soldiers will attack the enemy your towers will defense your castle from incoming enemies,If your computer performance too slow when playing this game, adjust graphic quality to LOW and set show particle effect to NO. You can set this in the options menu. 4J 2 months ago
  • Infiltrating The Airship report Infiltrating The Airship It's all about making the right decision in Infiltrating the Airship. Choose the right gear as you attempt to save your good friend Henry from the government by doing them a sly favour. The government want you to take down 'the Toppat Clan,' a group of malicious thieves. If you are successful in your mission, Henry will be returned to you. There are many ways that this can end with a spectrum of different endings, but the question is... how will this end for you specifically? 4J 2 months ago
  • Combine Dino Robot Firetruck report Combine Dino Robot Firetruck Combine the two dinosaur robots in the latest Combine! game. 8iz 6 months ago
  • Station Wagun report Station Wagun Hit explosive barrels while trekking across deadly mountains Your jackedup truck is armed with a powerful machine gun. You can fire an unlimited supply of ammo at all obstacles in your path. Drive through boxes for points and try not to tip over 2-Play 1 year ago
  • Cross Fire Final Mission report Cross Fire Final Mission There's no description available 8Shooter 1 year ago
  • Firefighter Rush Truck 3D report Firefighter Rush Truck 3D Rush down the streets towards the buildings on fire. Spray your water to put out the blaze and to save the town! A lot of challenging levels for you to practice your fire fighting skills. 8iz 8 months ago
  • 911 Rescue Teams report 911 Rescue Teams There's no description available 8Laps 2 years ago
  • Regular Show Line Of Defense report Regular Show Line Of Defense Do you love Regular Show series, this is funny game about it. Help Rigby fire all aircraft in the sky and defense our city. 4J 2 months ago
  • Chicken Cannon report Chicken Cannon Fire your cannon cause reactions that will end up pushing the little chicken into the proper spot. Like a Gamer 5 months ago
  • Flaming Zombooka report Flaming Zombooka The Flaming Zombooka is a game you'll surely love to play again and again. Experience to use a bazooka to kills zombies and just enjoy the game! lets begin 8Bob 1 year ago
  • Fireboy & Watergirl ep. 1 report Fireboy & Watergirl ep. 1 Fireboy and Watergirl in Forest Temple, episode 1. JoinGamer 1 year ago
  • Break the Lamp report Break the Lamp Shoot off a cannonball with as obvious goal to break the lamp in each level. In later levels, platforms will block your way to the lamp, find a way around them.rnrnUse the mouse to aim the cannon and set the power of the shot, the further away the mouse cursor is from the cannon, the more powerful the shot is. Break the lamp. GameGox 2 years ago
  • Bazooka Battle 2 Shooting report Bazooka Battle 2 Shooting Bazooka Battle 2, Eliminate enemy soldiers, by launching rockets towars their basis. Earn money to buy more rockets, choose from a range of different types of missiles. Randing from, fire rockets, poison rockets and gernades. Good luck !! Mankiz 2 years ago
  • Inferno 2: Meltdown report Inferno 2: Meltdown So you always wanted to be a fire-fighter? Well now\'s your chance!<br /><br />Take on the role of a robotic fire-fighter and take on Infernos in various locations across town, from the bowling alley to the cinema to the gas-works.<br /><br />Features highly flammible and explosive gameplay. Includes oil barrels and petrol pumps that explode. Sprinklers to help keep the fire back. Fans that spread the fire to other areas via the air-ducts. People to rescue. Upgrade your firebot with coins you collect on the levels.<br /><br />The levels literally burn down as you play!<br /><br /><br />Controls:<br /><br />Cursor Keys/WASD to move around, jump and climb ladders.<br /><br />Space to drop a sprinkler.<br /><br />Mouse to aim your hose and spray the fire.<br /><br />Point your hose down and then spray and jump up to use your hose as a jetpack! GameGox 2 years ago
  • Bomber At War 2 report Bomber At War 2 Fly through intense modern day war zones in this action packed sequel! Bomber at War 2 is here, and it\'s jam packed with over 20 levels! Fly modern day fighter jets armed to the teeth with missiles, bombs, machine guns and more! Plan each mission accordingly: Each level has different targets to attack, such as fuel pumps, hidden bases, barracks, tanks, and even other fighter jets! Can you survive the high octane action? Good luck! Mankiz 2 years ago
  • Park fire truck report Park fire truck The Fire crew is called to a fire emergency that is out of control. Park your car as close to the scene to save as many lives.Use arrows to park your car fire 7Age 1 year ago
  • Sea of Fire 2 report Sea of Fire 2 Build Barracks and Factories to build Troops and Tanks to demolish your enemy We dont take prisoners in this Real Time Strategy Like a Gamer 5 months ago
  • Engage And Destroy report Engage And Destroy Fire your cannons just right so that they hit the other sailing ship before they hit you. Like a Gamer 5 months ago
  • Fire Defence report Fire Defence Early in the morning, a massive hostile forces violated our state border and their enemy tanks are quickly approaching our capital city. Your military base is the only hope for our country. Destroy their marching tanks for the glory of our nation! GameKos 2 years ago
  • Firing Time report Firing Time There's no description available 8Bob 1 year ago
  • Princess Bride - The Fire Swamp report Princess Bride - The Fire Swamp There's no description available Zdoz 1 year ago
Showing 166 - 220 of 2,723 for 'Fire'

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