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  • Beach Kiss report Beach Kiss There's no description available Zdoz 1 year ago
  • Kiss Bieber report Kiss Bieber There's no description available Zdoz 1 year ago
  • Kiss Racer report Kiss Racer You are riding a motorbike on street with your girlfriend! Your girlfriend want to kiss you but don't want be noticed by other people. If anyone stares while you kissing, you will lose a life. You only have three life. Fill the kissing loader within the given duration in every level. 4J 1 month ago
  • Taylor Swift Ex Boyfriends report Taylor Swift Ex Boyfriends Taylor is not very lucky in love. All the boys she dated were a big disappointment to her.Taylor has created a revenge plan to punish Jake Harry and John and you are going to help her. Follow the instructions and help Taylor complete her mission. SueFun 1 year ago
  • School Make Out report School Make Out Kissing in school is forbidden but your classmate is so cute you can't resist... so you kiss him. Now you must hide the little secret, from the eyes of your teacher and classmates, so you can keep kissing your new boyfriend at school. Bonus items might help you get over levels, click them. 4J 1 month ago
  • Lynn Love report Lynn Love Lynn Love ist a cute point and click adventure game. Give Lynn a help to understand what love is and escape from the feeling village. Interact with the surroundings, collect all love sprites and follow the mission instructions. Try it now! Enjoy! 4J 1 month ago
  • To My Love report To My Love TO MY LOVE is an interesting point and click type new escape game. Presume a situation there was a boy who truly loves a girl for last five years. He usually feels shy to talk with a girl. In this valentine, he takes a decision that he would like to propose to that girl. He brought a gift but his sister hides his gift inside the house. Now he has to find the gift by today because tomorrow is the valentine day. 4J 1 week ago
  • Frozen Stages Of Love report Frozen Stages Of Love We all want a real, lasting love, and Elsa and Jack Frost are not an exception! They have recently become a couple, they are so in love and they are celebrating the Valentine's Day for the first time as a couple. Help them kiss without caught by others and dress up for them. Happy Valentine! 4J 1 week ago
  • Ladybug And Cat Noir Love Notes report Ladybug And Cat Noir Love Notes Marinette wants to ask Adrien on a date, but she is a bit too shy, so maybe you can help her write him a love note in which she can express her feelings and ask him out. Use your imagination to create this love note. And now you have to help Marinette in a beautiful outfit. Have a wonderful time playing this amazing game! 4J 2 weeks ago
  • Valentines Day Romantic Date report Valentines Day Romantic Date Elsa and her boyfriend will go out to celebrate the Valentines day. Can you design a warm and sweet scene and help Elsa pick some beautiful dresses? They will be so grateful for your assist! 4J 1 week ago
  • Elsa And Jack Wedding Night report Elsa And Jack Wedding Night Hi friends! Great news! Elsa and Jack have just gotten married and they have been dreaming of having the perfect wedding night for a long time! Elsa and Jack were both gorgeous in their great wedding ceremony with dancing and some decorations, and beautiful doves and much more! They are now having a very romantic wedding night! This beautiful heavenly place with jacuzzi and a glass of champagne, chocolates and sweet kisses is perfect for their romantic escape! This place is magical for Elsa and Jack! 4J 1 month ago
  • Fynsy Safes The Cupid report Fynsy Safes The Cupid We all know how Evil Queen doesn't like holidays. Especially the day when love is in the air! So Nasty decided to ruining people's lives and destroy the st. Valentine's Day! She came up with crafty and sneaky plan, she decided to put a spell on Cupid! All couples have started to swear!!! It's horrible! But you decided to save Cupid and she needs your help! You have to go through the 4 puzzles, after you solve each of them, and you'll get the key. Each key opens the lock on the lattice, where Cupid is. Get all the keys, and you could release him, and people be open to falling in love again, and everyone will be happy! We can't waste time! 4J 1 month ago
  • Princess Lovely Date report Princess Lovely Date Finally, Eric will date our mermaid princess Ariel! She is trying to give him a surperise and let him feeling a bright! Ariel is very happy, but she needs your help to dress up lovely for the date. Select the best clothing and don't forget that hairstyle and accessories. May it be the best date ever! 4J 1 month ago
  • Dial for Love report Dial for Love Call up random numbers to see if you can find your true love. 8iz 5 months ago
  • Apartment Love report Apartment Love You’ve got apartment’s beauty Lisa’s telephone number and it’s the time to telephonic love. Win her heart with yo romantic talk. Trigger possible events to avoid disturbance.rn GameKos 2 years ago
  • Will You Marry Me report Will You Marry Me Get the girl to marry you. 8iz 3 months ago
  • Kiss Racer report Kiss Racer <p>You are riding a motorbike on street with your girlfriend! Your girlfriend want to kiss you but don\'t want be noticed by other people. If anyone stares while you kissing, you will lose a life. Fill the kissing loader within the given duration in every level.</p> GameGox 2 years ago
  • Manga Creator Valentine Special report Manga Creator Valentine Special There's no description available Pinkly 11 months ago
  • Manga Creator 11 report Manga Creator 11 There's no description available Pinkly 11 months ago
  • Is love forever test report Is love forever test <p>Find out if the love between you and a loved one is forever in this lovely love game! Is love forever? Also try it on friends and family and find out how long the love will last.</p><br /><p>Start the game, enter your name and the name of your loved one. Then continue the test and find out How long this love might last. Also try the test on your friends and family and find out how well that relations is.</p> GameKos 2 years ago
  • Valentine\'s Day Crunch report Valentine\'s Day Crunch You waited till the last minute to get your special someone a Valentine\'s gift! Collect as many gifts as possible before the time runs out. Make sure to get the bonuses but watch out for those point killers! GameGox 2 years ago
  • Justin Bieber Date report Justin Bieber Date Imagine you\'re on a plane, bored out of your mind, when you look up and see...Justin Bieber! GameKos 2 years ago
  • Long Distance Love report Long Distance Love At the airport in Los Angeles, Geez caught sight of Emily sitting in the waiting area. Then, a beautiful love story began GameGox 2 years ago
  • Jim Loves Mary report Jim Loves Mary This is a story about true love between Jim and Mary! Help them to meet each other on every of 20 fun levels. The game can be played by 2 players on one keyboard. GameKos 2 years ago
  • Love in War report Love in War All\'s fair in love and war, especially with love IN war! This field medic and soldier fell in love, and now they have to avoid the staring soldiers for a private moment to kiss and share their love. Because you\'re right on the battlefield, watch out for mortar shells and prying eyes GameKos 2 years ago
  • Love Love Love Love report Love Love Love Love There\'s nothing in the world more amazing than a first kiss with someone you love! Even if it is a little sloppy! Dress this cute girl in a desirable dress, so she\'s ready for the love and passion that comes with puppy love! Lean in for a memorable kiss and watch everything around you fade away. GameGox 2 years ago
  • Mall Kissing and Makeout report Mall Kissing and Makeout These to EMO style kids are deeply in love and don\'t mind performing public displays of affection for each other. The only problem is the other people are not too fond of public affection. Help these two kids kiss in public without anyone spotting them. GameGox 2 years ago
  • Chocolate Cake Deco report Chocolate Cake Deco Alexa loves her boyfriend so much so she decided to surprise him with a delicious chocolate cake. She is very talented at making cakes but she might need your help to decorate them. This cake is very special so the cake\'s shape is a heart. Decorate the cake with Alexa and choose some delicious accessories for this romantic chocolate cake. GameKos 2 years ago
  • Desert Kissing report Desert Kissing John and Ken got recently married. They planned to celebrate their honeymoon in the land of deserts. Finally, they choose Dubai For their exotic and memorable place where they can expose and explore their love towards each other. GameGox 2 years ago
  • Swimming Pool Kissing report Swimming Pool Kissing It is a hot day at the pool but Sarah and Ryan are toobusy kissing to swim. The only problem is that kissing is not allowed atthe pool. This cute couple needs your help to kiss without gettingcaught.rn GameKos 2 years ago
  • Lovely Mermaid Jigsaw report Lovely Mermaid Jigsaw Make this little mermaid\'s romantic dreams come true! GameKos 2 years ago
  • Mermaid Love Kiss report Mermaid Love Kiss Really! Mermaid couple is in great feel. Let them enjoy the moment by kissing each other without getting noticed. GameGox 2 years ago
  • Jennifer Rose: Restaurant Love report Jennifer Rose: Restaurant Love New exclusive restaurant and flirting game for girls. Jennifer Rose is in love with her boyfriend and she always tries to spend her time with him. But Jenny has to work in the restaurant and she almost has no time for paying attention to her friend when he visits her at work. Moreover, the manager of the restaurant and the chief are always trying to catch Jennifer flirting with her boyfriend. Help Jenny to serve the visitors in the restaurant and also don\'t forget to give some attention to her boyfriend. Drag and drop visitors to the table, take orders, bring food, remove dirty dishes to the trash bin. When her boyfriend comes to the restaurant - put him on the table and flirt while nobody from the personnel is looking at them. There are 5 levels in this game. You have limited time for each level. Don’t flirt with boyfriend when the manager or the chief are staring you, because you have only 5 lives (hearts). You lose life when somebody notices you while flirting or the boyfriend cannot wait for Jenny any longer and leaves. There are different decorations in the restaurant and new tables on each level, so you can serve more visitors. You get scores for serving and bonuses for flirting with boyfriend. GameKos 2 years ago
  • Kiss Kiss Kiss report Kiss Kiss Kiss <p>You and your boyfriend are trying to get as much privacy in your home as possible. Try to sneak in as many kisses as possible before you mum comes around with her cleaning. Be warned because if she catches sneaking in kisses more than 3 times she may just kick your boyfriend out of the house.&nbsp; Your dad and brother are just as pesky!</p> GameGox 2 years ago
  • Caramel Muffins report Caramel Muffins If you love to cook and want to learn even more you arrive in a good culinary place, in Caramel Muffins you can learn to cook easily. Use your talent in the kitchen to create the most delicious cakes and meals. GameKos 2 years ago
  • Child of a Witch 2 report Child of a Witch 2 The story continues… Find out a secret of the old witch. GameKos 2 years ago
  • Dating in gym report Dating in gym The girl will go for a dating with her boyfriend in gym. She needs to be look good and for that she have to collect all the things she need. See the hint and Help her to collect all the things before the time runs out and make her happy. GameKos 2 years ago
  • Lovely Mermaid report Lovely Mermaid Dive into the details of this underwater love story! GameKos 2 years ago
  • Kiss Your Bride report Kiss Your Bride Sheryl is marrying her long time boyfriend Adam. She is very excited and wants to kiss Adam but feels shy about kissing in front of others. Help her steal a quick kiss with Adam before anyone catches her kissing. Watch out for the people surrounding them. If they catch Sheryl kissing, she will feel embarrassed. Come on, help the poor girl. GameKos 2 years ago
  • In Couples report In Couples Move smelly sausage and guide the separated animals to reach... 5Games 3 years ago
  • Kiss-mat report Kiss-mat There's no description available 8Fairy 1 year ago
  • Dream Boy report Dream Boy There's no description available 8Fairy 1 year ago
  • Rapunzel And Flynn Happy Family report Rapunzel And Flynn Happy Family Rapunzel and Flynn have a beautiful family. The lovely couple have a baby boy and Rapunzel is expecting her second child. Lets spend our day with this happy family and help Rapunzel decide what to wear for today. We also need to help the parents decorate the baby s room and choose lovely furniture and decorative items. You will do a wonderful jab and Rapunzel and Flynn will be very happy. Enjoy 7Age 7 months ago
  • Fashion Love Story Part 1 report Fashion Love Story Part 1 Handsome Mr. Edward Wood has asked you out on a romantic date Dress your best to make him fall for you Dont keep him waiting 7Age 1 year ago
  • Ladybug Miraculous Kiss report Ladybug Miraculous Kiss Fighting crime in the city of love often creates magical moments for Ladybug and Cat Noir but someone always gets in the way of that miraculous kiss. Our favorite superhero duo cant get rid of Chloe Bourgeois or Volpina so its up to you to make them kiss. Good luck 7Age 7 months ago
  • Barn Yarn report Barn Yarn Help Farmer Joe fix an old barn for his friend Tom will arrive in a few short days challenging you to repair the broken barn to house his farming tools. Host a sale of goods for local buyers. Search and find items that people need 7Age 1 year ago
  • Fashion Love Story Part 2 report Fashion Love Story Part 2 Can you convince Edward he cant live without you Get him to propose by dazzling him with your fabulous looks in this romantic dress up game. 7Age 1 year ago
  • Kiss during office hours report Kiss during office hours Little boy with big ideas is heading towards the classroom. Today he will come forward with his love for a classmate. He has to kiss her on the cheek whenever he gets a chance without the teacher noticing.cilck to kiss bank colleague 7Age 1 year ago
  • Bride's Kiss Of Love report Bride's Kiss Of Love There's no description available 8Fairy 1 year ago
  • Barbie Maternity Deco report Barbie Maternity Deco Get ready for a pink adventure and help pregnant Barbie decorate the room for the baby. There are lots of furniture and elements you can choose from to achieve the perfect design. Change the crib pick up a cute curtain that you love and match everything together for Barbie and her baby. 7Age 1 year ago
  • The Breakup Dress Up report The Breakup Dress Up There's no description available 8Fairy 1 year ago
  • Public Shopping Mall Kiss report Public Shopping Mall Kiss There's no description available 8Fairy 1 year ago
  • Kiss For A Hero report Kiss For A Hero Stand out from the crowd as a superhero from the Golden Age When you have the power to do whatever you want you have the power to date whomever you please. Find your perfect match in this utopia of super powered super chic superheroes Use your mouse to click on and through the floating hair clothing and accessory options. 7Age 1 year ago
  • Jack Cheats Elsa report Jack Cheats Elsa It seems that Jack has a crush on Rapunzel and he needs your help to steel a few kisses from her. Jack took Rapunzel to the restaurant but Elsa and Anna are there too. You need to help Jack kiss Rapunzel without being caught by Elsa. Will he succeed It is only up to you if he gets to kiss Rapunzel. Have fun 7Age 8 months ago
  • Valentine Pizza: Sara's Cooking Class report Valentine Pizza: Sara's Cooking Class There's no description available 8Fairy 1 year ago
Showing 166 - 220 of 9,050 for 'Love'

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