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  • Effing Worms 2 report Effing Worms 2 Video games are meant as a source of entertainment and can provide an excellent way of unleashing all those suppressed emotions inside of you. They offer you a world where anything can happen and you don’t always have to be the nice guy in order to... 2PG 4 years ago
  • Crazy Wheels report Crazy Wheels Race up to 11 different cars on 10 different tracks while upgrading your stats along the way Can you win the races in this crazy driving game Like a Gamer 1 year ago
  • Cursed Treasure: Don\'t Touch My Gems! report Cursed Treasure: Don\'t Touch My Gems! <p>The game is sold (primary license).</p>\r\n<p><img src=\"tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-cool.gif\" border=\"0\" alt=\"Cool\" title=\"Cool\" />Update 1.01: Preloader is fixed</p> GameKos 3 years ago
  • Ben 10 Upgrade Space Battle report Ben 10 Upgrade Space Battle Help Ben 10 fight off all of the flying aliens in this epic upgrading based fly and shoot game based on the popular Cartoon Network series. 8iz 1 year ago
  • Eisydian Saga report Eisydian Saga Join Alma the apostate in her seeminly-futile quest to thwart the machinations of a fanatical doomsday cult. Shoot bad guys, dodge bullets, collect powerups, upgrade your abilities, and earn achievements as you progress through the story.<br /><br />Controls can be fully customized in the options menu or via the pause screen. Default controls are:<br /><br />P: Pause<br />Mouse: Move and shoot<br />Left Click: Hold to enter focus mode<br />V: Cast Entropic Sphere<br />C: Eldritch Glyph (bomb attack, limited uses per level)<br />Z: Shoot (keyboard mode only)<br />X: Focus (keyboard mode only)<br />Arrows: Move (keyboard mode only) GameGox 2 years ago
  • Elventales: The Arcanery report Elventales: The Arcanery In a certain elf realm, there is an old belief. A great kingdom shall rise from a great army, and a great army emerged from the power of the chosen people.<br /><br />It has been a hereditary tradition, whoever wishes for joining the army shall pass the seclusion. They are exiled down into a dungeon full of wicked creatures and enigmatic maze.<br /><br />Any exiled warriors passed the seclusion, shall have the honor to join the army.<br /><br />YOU\'LL EXPERIENCE:<br />- challenging dungeon<br />- unique enemies<br />- deadly skills and buffs<br />- various weapons and combos<br /><br />HOW TO PLAY:<br />- movement using W,A,S,D or ARROW KEY<br />- attack using Mouse Click, R, or J<br />- grab item or access object using E or K<br /><br />PS: Any key can be modified easily in Setting Window. GameGox 2 years ago
  • Expendables 3 TD report Expendables 3 TD Help the Expendables defeat heavilyarmed invaders Barney Ross Lee Christmas and Trench are prepared to fight to the death. Build towers in strategic locations to defend your base. You can perform essential upgrades and repairs during battle. Take down every enemy trooper commando buggy and aircraft 7Age 1 year ago
  • Wright Brothers - Sky Machine report Wright Brothers - Sky Machine Fly as far as possible in 3 attempts. No upgrades just angle power. Grab gas as you fly. Like a Gamer 1 year ago
  • Mr Miner report Mr Miner Dig down deep in search of gold and diamonds. Make money, buy upgrades and repeat. 8iz 8 months ago
  • Hare Launch report Hare Launch Launch the hare and watch him fly! 8iz 1 year ago
  • Independent Miner report Independent Miner Spend the day hacking away at the earth in search of precious minerals. 8iz 1 year ago
  • Hand Killer Cash report Hand Killer Cash Grab cash and try to keep your hands. 8iz 1 year ago
  • Super Angel Wings report Super Angel Wings Blast away the goo creatures as you collect coins and upgrade your super skills. Play as a female angel who is on one hell of a mission. 8iz 1 year ago
  • Space Factory report Space Factory Take control of your Uncle\'s Space Factory and turn it in to a success. Discover crazy off-world raw materials and produce zany products on your factory floor. Hire and Fire employees, upgrade and buy your machines and storage space, trade with aliens and more. Can you discover all the products before your uncle eats you?rnrnThe game combines Doodle God with time Management and Trading. Combine products with your machines to create more exotic and valuable products which you can then sell in order to upgrade your factory and hire more staff.rnrnWatch out for Space Bandits! GameKos 3 years ago
  • Mystic Cards report Mystic Cards <p>Mystic Cards is a game of card collection and strategy, your goal is to collect cards to destroy your enemies. <br />Select one side (Human or Demon) and fight your opponent in epic battles. Use the power of your monsters to subdue his opponents and collect new monsters as you evolve in the game.</p><br /><p>Developed by: Vabolt - <a href=\'\' target=\'_blank\'>Free Games</a><br />How to evolve cards: <a href=\"\"><a href=\"\"></a></a></p> GameKos 2 years ago
  • Supreme Deer Hunting report Supreme Deer Hunting Shoot deer in the woods as a master hunter Put your marksmanship to the test in this outdoor adventure. You can spend points earned on new weapons scopes and other upgrades. Earn trophies for killing high amounts of doe and bucks Bofer 4 months ago
  • Moby Dick 2 report Moby Dick 2 Cause damage as the weighty wild white whale Your job is to destroy all ships and boats in the ocean. You can also eat every living creature. As you earn points you can upgrade your whale. Improve your skills to cause even more damage Bofer 4 months ago
  • Poseidon Shoot report Poseidon Shoot <p>Poseidon is king of sea,he can shoot dart and waves to beat enemies, earning more coins to upgrade his powers and defeat bosses!</p>rn<p>Instructions</p>rn<p>Mouse Move---- Poseidon Move</p>rn<p>No mouse Click Poseidon shoot the dart autolly!</p>rn<p>Left Mouse Click----shoot wave Power</p>rn<p>Right Mouse Click--- Shoot the Bomb</p>rn<p>Keyboard M-- Mute sound</p>rn<p>Keyboard P- pause the game</p>rn<p><strong><big>the coin Setting is 9999999999 for sponsor check!</big></strong></p>rn<p><strong><big>you can upgrade poseidon power on shop for easy check!</big></strong></p>rn<p></p>rn<p><strong><img src=\"\" alt=\"\" width=\"719\" height=\"479\" /></strong></p>rn<p><strong><img src=\"\" alt=\"\" width=\"719\" height=\"479\" /></strong></p>rn<p><strong><img src=\"\" alt=\"\" width=\"719\" height=\"479\" /></strong></p>rn<p><strong><img src=\"\" alt=\"\" width=\"719\" height=\"479\" /></strong></p>rn<p><strong><img src=\"\" alt=\"\" width=\"719\" height=\"479\" /></strong></p>rn<p><strong><img src=\"\" alt=\"\" width=\"719\" height=\"479\" /></strong></p>rn<p></p>rn<p></p>rn<p></p> GameGox 2 years ago
  • Piggy Bank Smash report Piggy Bank Smash Beat up the pig with your hammer to collect coins and purchase upgrades. This physics based game offers continuous fun all while harnessing explosives, mercenaries, mischievous gnomes, and the finest blunt weaponry available. The original piggy bank smashing game has arrived! GameGox 3 years ago
  • MineQuest Flash report MineQuest Flash An idleincremental game where you mine different minerals for gems. Use these gems to create new mining equipment and to purchase upgrades. Like a Gamer 1 year ago
  • BulletLAB report BulletLAB Avoid the turrets their firing at you. Avoid long enough to earn money to afford upgrades. Like a Gamer 1 year ago
  • From Sprout to Splendor report From Sprout to Splendor You are a plant trying to grow to the point of blooming. Growing will cost you sunlight which you can collect by clicking on falling rays and water which is collected automatically over time through your roots. You must defend yourself from caterpillars beetles and flies. To defend yourself you can purchase upgrades at the bottom of the screen. Like a Gamer 1 week ago
  • Iron Overlord report Iron Overlord Build structures to protect your city. Build barracks and other structures to train troops and let them fight enemy attacks or destroy the enemy castle. Earn stat points to upgrade and unlock features and troops. Like a Gamer 10 months ago
  • Crush the Castle report Crush the Castle A fun physics based game, launch projectiles at shakily built castles attempting to level them with the least amount of shots. The King has ordered you to crush all resistance in order for his kingdom to survive. Crush castle after castle by wiping out all of it's inhabitants with a powerful Trebuchet and an arsenal of 8 different projectiles. BubbleBox 7 months ago
  • Radical Fishing report Radical Fishing Fish, Fun, and Shotguns! Radical Fishing is a, well...radical departure from your average fishing game. Reach for the ocean depths with your fishing line. Reel in your catches along the way back. To finish, twenty-one gun salute your new friends in the face for the ultimate fishing finale! Fancy suits, upgrades, and chainsaws, round out this game from BubbleBox 7 months ago
  • Click Battle Madness report Click Battle Madness A dynamic, colorful strategy. Help the magician's, to repel all attacks Vikings for five months! Creetor 10 months ago
  • Bike Upgrade report Bike Upgrade Jump with your motorcycle and perform spectacular pirouettes by the air. GameItNow 1 week ago
  • Poke Clicker report Poke Clicker Master the world of Pokemon in this awesome incremental clicker game. 8iz 1 year ago
  • report No description available. FreeGames66 1 month ago
  • Billy The Pilot report Billy The Pilot No description available. 8Bob 2 years ago
  • report No description available. FreeGames66 1 month ago
  • report No description available. FreeGames66 1 month ago
  • Absotruckinlutely report Absotruckinlutely Jump over the ramp and smash some obstacles. Purchase upgrades for your auto mobile and keep the fun going all day long. 8iz 7 months ago
  • Bike Upgrade report Bike Upgrade No description available. 8Laps 2 years ago
  • CS Fighting Enhanced report CS Fighting Enhanced Fight in the ultimate battle of the comic stars You can choose from a variety of characters such as Goku Naruto and Ichigo. Use your fighting skills to defeat waves of opponents and reach the final boss. Spend money and skill points on important upgrades and special moves Bofer 4 months ago
  • Idle Farmer report Idle Farmer <p>With a single field and some seeds, you begin to plant and harvest potatoes to get some cash, then go to the village and buy more fields and some other seeds.</p>\r\n<p>Plant more fields and earn more money to get better tools that allows you to work faster, and better fertilizer for your crops to grow faster too (and so you can earn money at a higer rate)...</p>\r\n<p>Get married and your wife will help you at the farm, and buy some chickens to produce eggs... unlock higher upgrades and new characters and by rising the prosperity of the town.</p>\r\n<p>Good farming.</p> GameGox 3 years ago
  • Bicycle Drag report Bicycle Drag Cycle at top speeds to outrace your opponents for cash You will begin with 1000 for special upgrades and bike customization. At first you are challenged to pedal hard on your regular bicycle. Use the nitro boost for a burst of speed 7Age 1 year ago
  • The Dress Shop report The Dress Shop You are a topseller and best outfit shop in the town. You must satisfy the customers needs by bringing them the right clothes. Drag the required dress on the packing bag and then to serve them. Collect the money to upgrade your shop. Good Luck and Have Fun Like a Gamer 1 year ago
  • Santa Can Fly report Santa Can Fly Use cannons bombs and grenades to shoot Santa as far as possible Collect cash to upgrade your cannon and improve your skills. Like a Gamer 1 year ago
  • Canoniac Launcher Xmas report Canoniac Launcher Xmas Use cannons weapons upgrades and bombs to launch yourself as far as you can. Earn cash to upgrade your equipment. Like a Gamer 1 year ago
  • Chase Burger report Chase Burger Put your life in line to get back your burger Avoid obstacle upgrade your ability and defeat the Big boss submit your best score compete againts the world. Like a Gamer 1 year ago
  • Electrikill report Electrikill Upgrade your tank and blast massive amounts of planes out of the sky! In Electrikill, you must upgrade your tanks abilities for faster reload times and earn shotgun and scatter shots! You are a stationary target taking out massive amounts of aircraft; the key here is getting good at time your shots right! Do you have the skills to beat this challenging shooter? BubbleBox 7 months ago
  • Kingdom Rush report Kingdom Rush The kingdom is under attack! Defend your realm against hordes of orcs, trolls, evil wizards and other nasty fiends; armed with a mighty arsenal of warriors and mages of your own! Fight on forests, mountains, and wastelands. Upgrade your towers with special powers, rain fire upon your enemies, summon additional troops, recruit elven warriors and face legendary monsters. Earn +50 achievements and much more in this epic fantasy defense game by Ironhide Game Studio. Creetor 10 months ago
  • Adventure Time: Romance On Ice report Adventure Time: Romance On Ice In Adventure Time: Romance On Ice, join the Ice King as his try to impress the ladies with his ice power. Make ice path by moving your mouse cursor up and down. Collect gems on the way and use it to purchase upgrades at the shop.Enjoy it on Creetor! Creetor 10 months ago
  • Earn to Die 2012 Part 2 report Earn to Die 2012 Part 2 Steer your vehicle through endless hordes of zombies as you try to survive the apocalypse. Upgrade your vehicle and unlock new ones along the way. Earn to Die 2012: Part 2 is the follow-up and conclusion to last year\'s smash hit Earn to Die 2012. Will you be able to reach your destination alive, or will you succumb to the zombie apocalypse? Mankiz 3 years ago
  • Tower Defense report Tower Defense Defend the path in all three exciting an difficult levels. 8iz 1 year ago
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars Live Fire report Star Wars: The Clone Wars Live Fire Retrieve lost data packs on Christophsis and Teth In Star Wars The Clone Wars Live Fire you will battle against the Separatist Drone Army. Pick up hidden weapon upgrades on the battlefield and help your trooper unlock secret media files Bofer 4 months ago
  • Potty Racers III report Potty Racers III Jump your porta potty as far as possible as you earn money to upgrade it to go farther. Like a Gamer 1 year ago
  • Into Space 2 report Into Space 2 Upgrade your rocket, complete missions and achievements to unlock new equipment and reach new heights!rnSome advices:rn- Turn off the engine for maneuversrn- Speed affects damage, so if you see that you can’t avoid the obstacle, try to slow down at least.rn– Fins greatly improve steering and also reduce the air resistance don’t forget to buy them.rn– If you can’t or don’t want to complete a mission, you can allways pay to skip it ( $ button in the mission description window). It will be counted as completed, new items will be unlocked, though you will not recieve the mission bonus. But you can complete it later and recieve the bonus.rn– Speed gates give you two stackable speed buffs. One for several seconds and strong, other will last much longer, but it is weaker. GameGox 3 years ago
  • Steampunk Tower report Steampunk Tower Tower Defense Game has unique mechanics Build and upgrade your cannons on the one big growing tower Rebuild your tower on the way by moving cannons Test your ultimate tactical skills in challenge levels Like a Gamer 1 year ago
  • Earn to Die 1.5 report Earn to Die 1.5 This version includes the super wheel upgrade! Upgrade your vehicles and drive down hill as you smash zombies with your big fat tires. 8iz 1 year ago
  • Bad Ice Cream report Bad Ice Cream Bad Ice-Cream, Bad! BAD ice-cream!! In this funky pixelated ... 2PG 2 years ago
  • Mutant Fighting report Mutant Fighting Create your own unique animal and send it to battle with the likes of his creatures. Fight in the arena by combining the abilities of your fighter, Suck strength and protection. Defeat all opponents and become the king of the arena. Use the Mouse to play. Gamesud 2 years ago
  • Mini Market Tycoon report Mini Market Tycoon Manage your small market by keeping items in stock competitively priced. Upgrade the store too. Like a Gamer 1 year ago
  • Clash Of Kingdoms report Clash Of Kingdoms In the ancient kingdom come a disaster. Creepy creatures and forces of evil threaten maintain the integrity of the kingdom. Your task is to lead the uprising and prevent forces of enemies penetrate into your kingdom. To do this, you will need to prove himself as a great leader and strategist. Intelligently direct your army and lead it to victory. Gamesud 2 years ago
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