Battle Pong

Battle Pong game review

Your task in this addictive game is todestroy the opponent by hitting the shield behind himwhile protecting your shield.  It’s the same asclassic pong but with some extras. In this one you can earn weapons and increase your paddle speed and size.

Battle Pong Game Review

Battle pong is the latest addition to the classic pong with a new twist. A part of the actionterritory, It can be played both single and double player. They have added an element of hockey faceoff and many other features like game drops to give you an edge over your opponent. Your objective is to destroy the shield of the one you are playing against at the same time protecting yours. You get several extras like increase in the size or speed of the paddle toprotect your shield.

Game Play

The game play of battle pong is simple and so is the design of the game. One look at the screen and you will know what to do, without going through the instructions. You have to protect your shield while destroy that of your opponent to win the game. Paddle as fast as you can to bounce off the ball from your paddle so it does not hit your shield.

This game is available in single player mode where you are up against the computer or you can challenge your friend as well and you can both have a match and who destroys the shield first. You can receive power ups throughout the game by hitting the blue sides of the wall.

The controls are easy. Just control your paddle with the up and down arrow key, use left arrow to launch an attack on the opponent’s paddle and “J”, “K” & “L” keys to activate power ups. If you are playing in 2player mode, the other player can also access his paddle with the same keyboard.

Why should you play this game?

Battle pong is a very simple action game built on flash with easy controls and no strategy. All you need is a quick reaction to the ball coming towards your shield and you have to protect it before it hits it. There are exciting extras that can be used throughout the game for an added fun and definitely a competitive edge against the other player. Battle pong is fun, easy and very addictive. Once you get the hang of the controls, it is going to tough to not challenge one friend after another. So go on and try this game for fun and killing time!

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