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Bomb It 4 is one of the most recent entries in the Bomb It game franchise, second only to Bomb It 5 in the registry of games. All of the games operate on fairly simple principles though. You start out on one side of a field with a character customized to your liking. By using bombs, bonuses and other weapons, you explode your way to the other side of the screen.

If you’ve ever played Bomberman on the old Nintendo consoles or even newer versions of the game, then you already have a very good idea what to expect from Bomb It 4. One nifty thing worth mentioning here is the customizable controls which earlier Bomb It games do not offer. Go with the producer’s control scheme or create your own, whatever works best for you as the player.

Because the design is simple from start to finish, anyone can pick up Bomb It 4 and figure it out in a few minutes. In that respect, it’s just like Bomb It, Bomb It 2 and other games in the franchise. It’s so easy a little kid could learn how to play the game, so the potential for parents and their young ones to interact here is good.

The difficulty of the game does scale higher toward later levels but using the same techniques you learn in the first few minutes, you can trudge from the beginning of this game to the end in a couple hours.

There are multiple difficulty levels which means even the worst gamers in the world can learn how to play Bomb It 4 with relative ease. Once you learn how to play the game, you can turn the difficulty up as high as you want. The computer players will really respond to that too and there is a big difference between easy and hard mode players.

It is almost as good as Bomb It 5 and there’s really no reason to go back to Bomb It 1, 2 or 3 after playing 4 because it is truly better than those games. That’s not saying the earlier entries aren’t good on their own merits, but when there is a better product around, what good is just being good?


The Game Mechanics

There are multiple modes for this game where you can play against computer controlled players or other people sitting at the same computer with you. By scoring more points, you will unlock the other outfits and be able to further customize your character.

There is an arcade mode which is like classic Bomb It gameplay, a Battle Royale where you try to bash a set number of players before someone else does, a coin collector game where you pick up gold and tile tag where you must walk on more tiles than other players to win. That’s like four unique games, all packaged into one. Maybe that’s why the name is Bomb It 4?

Bomb It 4 is great fun for a single player but when you invite someone else to come play against you as a rival or on your side as a teammate you can double the fun here. The multiplayer aspect of this game is just like the 2 player mode in earlier versions of Bomb It. One player uses W to go up, A to go left, S to go down and D to go right, along with space to drop bombs or use power-ups.

Player 2 uses the arrow keys for movement and Enter to explode stuff. Both players can sit in front of the same screen, so both players know neither one is cheating. Not that it’s really possible to cheat at a flash game like this.

The only really unique feature about this entry in the Bomb It series is how you can change controls to suit your style. This feature was not available on Bomb It, Bomb It 2 or 3 but was thankfully reproduced in Bomb It 5. Most of the thrills here can be had elsewhere but they’re not going to come nearly so cheap when you must pay to play.



Bomb It 4 is a lot of fun to play. Even if you only have a few minutes to game, like on lunch break or something, you could get in a few rounds of this and have a good time. It’s simple, sweet and easy to master, not so easy to beat on the higher difficulties and harder gameplay modes.

Perhaps best of all though, it’s free.. There is an awful lot of content here for the cost so it’s worth a look whether you’re into games like Bomberman or if you’re just seeing the Bomb It game series for the first time. Either way, you’re guaranteed to have a blast.

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