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Bomb It 5 is a fairly simple and easy game to grasp, very easy to pick up and play casually or put a lot of focus into and attempt to make the high score. It is the successor in a series, following up Bomb It, Bomb It 2, Bomb It 3 and Bomb It 4 using similar design. With different game modes it can range from casually easy to hardcore as some players like it.

The game itself is easy to understand: you pick your avatar, set the controls as you see fit (default controls are arrow keys and space) and the play. Your character and up to three other computer controlled (unless you’re playing multiplayer) opponents spawn in a roughly square labyrinthine grid and your objective is to blow each other up.

But it’s not quite as simple as that, since there are many gameplay elements. Between yourself and your opponents there are destructible obstacles you must blow up with your bombs first. The trick is to be as efficient at blowing these up as possible without catching yourself in the blast.

Sometimes the obstacles even drop power-ups, though in Bomb It 5 some of the power ups almost seem a little detrimental. It’s all a matter of strategy. Once the obstacles are cleared out your goal is simple: trap your opponents in such a way that they get blown up by the bomb, using whatever means you are given. The last one standing is the winner.

At least that’s it at the most basic, much like you would get with Bomberman Flash. The game also has a few other game modes available aside from this standard arcade mode. There is a Battle Royale option, where there are ten players thrown into a level, a king of the hill mode where the objective is to hold a specific spot for as long as possible, and finally what they call a Pac-man mode, modeled after the game it’s named after, where the players have to gather as many coins as possible without being blown up. All of this combines to create a very versatile and entertaining little game.


The Mechanics

   The game is fairly simple to pick up. By default the game uses the arrow keys on the keyboard and spacebar as the action button, but everything can be remapped if you want it to be. The big draw is that the game can be played with two players locally, meaning they can both play on the same keyboard.

This adds a slight readjustment to the keys when selected. Player one uses the arrow keys and enter as their action key by default, while player two uses a standard WASD layout along with the spacebar. Again these can all be remapped, but this default layout gives the players each their own space and real estate on the keyboard, making it more comfortable to play.

The multiplayer is identical to the single player in terms of what to do. The screen is presented from an angled top-down perspective and the up to four characters start in the corners of the square grid. It shows the entire map at once, meaning there is no readjustment for other players and making it easy for those used to playing it single player to get used to another person playing with them.

Much like in Fire and Bombs 2 there is a highly competitive play style in the 2 player mode as the players each try to outwit one another and try to trap them in a corner. With fewer obstacles in the way each movement becomes important, and in the Bomb It 5 game you have to decide whether to play offensively and try to get them or defensively and lure them into a trap. The choices can make a huge difference on the outcome.


Bomb It 5 is a great arcade style game that can be enjoyed casually or competitively. Because of the freedom to add other players to the mix it can make for some great time killing activities with friends and family, or remain a fun little challenge for yourself. It requires quick and precise thinking and decision making, as well as a good mind for strategy and tactics.

Because each movement can be crucial to whether or not you can capture your opponent in a trap, it requires a lot more thought than one would think from the cutesy appearance it gives off, and is definitely worth checking out. Easy mode can be great fun while hard mode can be a challenge, there’s plenty to do for everyone. And to top it all off the more you play the more clothing options and avatar customization you can unlock, giving you a little extra drive to play the game and get a better score each time.


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