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Bomb It is the first in a long line of Bomberman-style games where the player blows up just about everything he or she can see. Because it was followed by successors for 4 more games now, maybe you’re wondering what the original Bomb It is like. If you’ve ever played Bomb It 2 through 5, you already have a good idea what the first Bomb It game is going to be like.

Considering other video game franchises, it is safe to say there are less features in the original Bomb It when comparing it to the more modern releases. It’s still a great time with lots of explosions, fine sound effects to go with them and music that isn’t instantly annoying. For a free flash game, that’s a pretty good start.

Agames’ Bomb It is fun to play; it’s as simple as that. There are many other games you could be playing, some of which cost money to purchase. If you needed the extra little bit of motivation to check it out, Bomb It is thankfully free to play and share with other people. The concept is easy to understand.

Players pick from one of four slightly similar robots and then start exploding one another. While the game does support up to two players, there is no 4 player mode or anything like that; there just isn’t enough room on a single keyboard for that many people to play Bomb It online together.

If you’ve played the later titles, you will notice some immediate differences between Bombit and Bombit 5, even as far back as Bombit 2. First and foremost, the movement speed is fantastic. Instead of crawling at the beginning of the game as you do in the later entries, the first Bomb It has you moving really fast, right away.

The bombs also explode bigger, which means you need to be much more careful at the beginning of the game if you want to survive. There are no modes to choose from, just a simple 4-way free for all multiplayer game here.


The Game Mechanics

There’s not much to learn if you’ve played the more recent Bomb It titles, but in case you haven’t here’s all the information you need to know. You start off in a corner of the screen and explode whatever is standing between you and the other players, ultimately trying to explode them, too. If you get blown up, it is game over, right there on the spot.

Bomb It 2 and Bomb It 3 aren’t so unforgiving. It’s unfortunate but then you can start over right away and playing Bomb It doesn’t cost you a quarter like other arcade style games.

Even a bad player can win by blowing up another player’s bombs, which will then make those bombs explode in that player’s face. It’s a little tricky, but if you can time your bomb to blow up after another player places a bomb in an adjacent space, that first explosion will set them all off. This works on Bombit 2, 3, 4 and 5 as well.

Though you choose the difficulty before beginning the game, later levels will have computer players trying much harder to kill you, even if the game is set to easy. So, if you’re looking for a real challenge, playing Bomb It on hard is guaranteed to be a good time. Just be sure you have long enough to play Bomb It through as you’re going to die. A lot. Each time you do, you’ll have to start over too.

Because Bomb It is so easy to learn, you and a friend could be going at it in just a couple minutes, even if that person has never played the game before. Just explain the usual WASD and space controls for first player and the arrows keys along with Enter for the second player and everything will be fine.

These are the same controls used in Bomb It 2 through Bomb It 5 so you should know them well. The game is indeed multiplayer and if you have a little brother or sister, 2-player mode might be especially fun for you. It sure beats playing the same old Bomberman games all the time.



All in all, Bomb It offers a lot of fun for a very small price tag. It’s free to play Bomb It online. If you love games like Bomberman but you wish you could play them online with other people, you should absolutely try out Bomb It.

If it all seems a little too violent with the cartoon flamethrowers, grenades and other nasty devices, you might be better off playing Bad Ice Cream. Even if you only try it for a few minutes’ time, you should give Bomb It a shot. You could spend 5 minutes of your life in far worse ways.

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