Bubble Struggle 2: Rebubbled

Bubble Struggle 2: Rebubbled game review

The world of gaming has become diluted with games carrying serious and imposing tones. Console games especially, but this also carries over the computer games, seek to spread a message and tell a very dark story. They often get so caught up in their narrative they forget the very roots of video games, and no longer connect with where it all came from.

Before video games were serious storytelling mediums they were simple things to be enjoyed by people of all walks of life, all ages and all demeanors. They were arcade-y and enjoyable, and didn’t get too caught up in what made sense and what didn’t.

Then there are the games found online that recreate this old arcade feel. They may have their own premise, but they’re less about a story, a world or a message and more about simple, enjoyable gameplay.

These games, such as Bomb It 5 or Bubble Struggle 2: Rebubbled, provide and easy to pick up and play atmosphere with simple controls that even the most casual of players can quickly come to understand, while at the same time providing compelling gameplay that rewards those who take the time to master it.

Bubble Struggle 2: Rebubbled is a re-approach to the Bubble Trouble series, featuring the same gameplay and the same sort of premise. You, the player, get to play a pig-like agent looking to take out all of the bubbles in each stage. The idea is to shoot each of the bubbles until there are none left, all within the span of time that is provided.

Power-ups are occasionally, randomly dropped to help make this easier, whether it be additional time to be used or weapon upgrades. Finally each level is a puzzle to be completed, as sometimes the bubbles are not easily accessed and something has to be done to reach them. All in all it’s a very compact and enjoyable arcade experience; a simple and entertaining premise, fun gameplay and high risk, high reward mechanics.


The Game Mechanics

Much like the previous installment in the series, Bubble Struggle 2, the flash game Bubble Struggle 2: Rebubbled has very simple gameplay mechanics to it. The controls are very basic. The player uses the keyboard to control their agent. The arrow keys can move them side to side as well as up and down ladders throughout the different levels, while the spacebar remains their action button.

The primary function of this button is to shoot. When the player fires a shot it goes straight upward from their position until it reaches and obstacle, trailing a line behind it. If a bubble touches the shot or the line it pops.

Larger bubbles will pop into two smaller ones, which may then pop again, so it’s important to consider positioning when firing off those arrows. More points are available for those who score combos, hitting as many bubbles as possible one after another very quickly.

The game is also multiplayer, featuring many different types to be enjoyed. Taking a page from the arcade cooperative multiplayer gameplay of Fireboy and Watergirl 3, Bubble Struggle 2: Rebubbled allows players to work together in order to beat a level. The first player takes the WASD keys in an arrow key layout and uses the Q button to fire.

The second player takes over the arrow keys themselves and fires using the 0 key, normally found on the number pad right next to it. Aside from cooperative gameplay there is a battle mode, where players compete to get the most points out of the game by killing more bubbles and scoring higher combos.

And finally there is a two player version of the Stay Alive mode also available in single player. This mode basically puts the players into an empty level and continuously drops bubbles in on them. It’s an endurance match to see how long they can last, and the longer it goes the more bubbles that will be dropped at a faster rate. It’s a real challenge for one or two players, perfect for those who beat the single player or two player modes and look to test their abilities and see just how far they can get.



Bubble Struggle 2: Rebubbled is a perfect little arcade platform that includes all forms of gameplay. Players can take the levels on alone, or with a friend in cooperative play. They can compete to get the highest score together or just see who can last the longer of the two of them.

It involves lots of challenges, quick thinking and puzzle solving under a time limit, really serving to challenge the players while remaining easy to pick up, not requiring a large time investment and not taking a long time to learn the controls. It’s a nice and simple game perfect for everyone.

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Bubble Struggle 2: RebubbledBubble Struggle 2: RebubbledBubble Struggle 2: Rebubbled

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