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Bubble Struggle 3 game review

Bubble Struggle 3 is the latest installment in the Bubble Struggle saga, a series of flash games that are slowly advancing on an entertaining and simple gameplay concept. Starting with Bubble Trouble, and then Bubble Struggle 2 (as well as Bubble Struggle 2: Rebubbled) the series has come to this most recent edition, for better or for worse.

The game still has the same premise behind it and the same exciting yet casual arcade style gameplay. You, the player, are a pig-like agent who is tasked with the job of getting rid of the bubbles level by level.

Each level in the game presents a new challenge and you’re forced to adapt or lose. And you need to adapt fast. The Bubble Struggle 3 flash game has gotten much more unforgiving than the previous ones, and the timer is often hardly enough time for the level to be completed unless you’re quick and capable.

With a lot of trial and error it’s easy enough to figure out how it’s all done, but it can get a little frustrating to try and race a clock that has a massive head start, especially with the way the bubbles move. Sometimes there’s nothing you can even do while waiting for a bubble to bounce back, making the losses frustrating and frequent.

Furthermore Bubble Struggle 3 removes a lot of features that were released with Bubble Struggle 2: Rebubbled, including the Stay Alive mode. Now it’s just a single player campaign.

The gameplay and graphics have been tightened up, but at the cost of features that made some of the earlier installments more fun and provided plenty of replay capability and endless entertainment. Whether or not it was worthwhile is for you, the player, to decide, but for the most part taking out features does not go over well.


The Game Mechanics

Bubble Struggle 3 manages to keep the same arcade feel in its controls as all of the previous installments have. It’s comparable to games such as Fireboy and Watergirl 3 in terms of how simple it is to pick up and play, which remains one of the most solid and accessible features about the game, that keep it on a casual level.

There are no complicated maneuvers to master, merely arrow keys and the spacebar to do things. The arrow keys move your agent back and forth on the level with fairly responsive moves—there is no momentum to carry in this game—while the spacebar fires off a hook toward the ceiling, trailing a line behind it.

If the hook or the line come in contact with one of the bubbles in the level then the bubble pops. If it’s large enough it’ll pop into two smaller bubbles, while if it’s at its smallest it’ll simply disappear. This remains the same as all other Bubble Struggle games.

The player’s objective is to pop every bubble in the level, including the smaller ones that form from popping larger ones. The faster this is done the greater the combo a player can get going, but with the timer being so tight it can often be difficult to manage reaching and maintaining a combo, usually just scrambling to do whatever you can to take out the bubbles.

Much like with Bomb It 5 and games of that series the gameplay is made extremely hectic by these things, while maintaining that arcade feel that they were going for in designing this game.

The game is multiplayer, as well, allowing two players to play locally at the same keyboard. The first player’s controls get moved to WASD and the Q button, while the second player’s controls are the arrow keys and the 0 button of the number pad. They took out the competitive modes and now the players simply work together toward the same end.

The levels are the same, so playing with two people can be both easier and harder than with just one. It helps you coordinate better attacks and working with the limited timer, but if one person ends up dying then both players lose the level, so you need to have faith in your partner and have someone who knows how to play in order to get far.



Bubble Struggle 3 is the latest installment in the series, but it limited itself with its features. The features that are available are very tight, accessible and fun to play. They can be quite challenging, and really test the coordination and teamwork of the players, especially in the multiplayer formats.

One or two players can work together to take out the bubbled menace and work their way through the various levels to get to the very end. If you’re looking for a nice arcade game to play with a friend, something casual but no easy, then Bubble Struggle 3 is perfect.

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