Cave Chaos 2

Cave Chaos 2 game review

Silly looking pandas are awaiting for your journalistic guidance through this pixelated dark cave of chaos! Run as fast as you can, jump above all obstacles, collect as many shiny gems and try to avoid all enemies at all costs, otherwise they will kill you immediately!

Cave Chaos 2 – Game Review

Cave Chaos 2 is a 2 player adventure game that comes packed with greater action and even greater challenge. Your character has to find its way out of the dark pixilated caves b running fast and collecting as many gems as possible on the way. Steer clear from all the enemies as any contact with them will kill you immediately. Just run for your life and be sure to pick up gems while you are on the run!

Game Play

Guide your furry little characters through the dark caves full of explosives, mine carts, enemies and the unstable platforms. As you are moving down the trail, some platforms will be brought to you by the helpful bat caves to help you pass that stretch. As you move further, you can get game drops like you double jumps or power to crush your enemies with a single blow; you can also glide through the passage for quick movement. Be sure to keep running and never lose pace as the ground beneath you starts crumbling the moment you cross over. If you stood there a second too long, you will be plunged into the darkness of the caves.
Use the arrow keys to move your character across the cave and always be on your toes to avoid being killed by the crumbling ground. All the levels have a checkpoint, so if you die midway, you can pick up where you left off without having to do the same level all over again.


Cave Chaos 2, as the name suggests, is a game full of chaos. All the levels are packed with adrenaline rush of crossing over quickly and all the imaginable action to keep the interest in the game alive till the end to claim victory. The second version of Cave chaos comes with far more action and many levels of drama to keep to edged to your seat. Just watch out for platforms that seem to fall apart and don’t and some do fall apart even when they look steady. It can get a little frustrating but overall a very fast game that you will love to play with a friend.
The best feature needless to say is the checkpoint. While most flash games start over from the core beginning if you die mid level, this one gives you a sigh of relief by starting off at a checkpoint. But use it carefully; you only get 1 chance to activate a checkpoint.

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Even though Cave Chaos 2 is quite a handful, there are also other games that are just as much fun 2 player games. You can try Diamond Hollow 2 and begin another quest for diamonds underneath the earth. But as you start your effort, you find yourself stuck underground with lots and diamonds and the will to live. SO come out victorious, wealthy and rich. Simple controls and game play will have you and your buddy hooked onto the game for a long long time.

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