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Dino Meat Hunt game review

Cooperate with a fellow dinosaur and together find a way how to reach and claim some deliciously floating pieces of meat. Dino Meat Hunt calls upon the best dino predators that can easily overpower all prehistoric men, solve all physic challenges they encounter with, step onto fire and float above water, even climb and jump from on top of their heads, so they can hunt down and claim enough pieces of meat before the winter comes.
Big Dino: WASD to move and jump, Small Dino: Arrow keys to move and jump.

Storing Food For The Winters In Dino Meat Hunt

In the land of the dinosaurs, there are times when meat is hard to come by and some of the most ferocious of the dinosaurs must hunt it down. With the help of their friends, the dinosaurs have successfully located places where there is delicious meat to be found in large quantities. But standing in their way are plenty of obstacles and they will have to find a way around it to get their fair share at Dino Meat Hunt.

One of the new trends in online gaming is having cooperative two-player games instead of competitive ones. Dino Meat Hunt is yet another one of such games that rely on the two players working in tandem to get the optimum result rather than fighting against each other. This provides a chance for the players to utilize each other’s abilities in sync and is a great way to spend the time.


Dino Meat Hunt features two dinosaurs that are out on a mission to find as much meat as they can before the winter season arrives. Both of them have different abilities, which have to be used at the right moment in order to advance forward. The smaller dinosaur can jump higher and can float above the water. The bigger dinosaur can put out fires and let the smaller dinosaur jump up even higher from the top of his head.

As Dino Meat Hunt progresses, there will be a number of place where the two dinosaurs have to work in coordination to move across a series of obstacles. The game is mostly intuitive, so players should be able to understand what goes where after having played the tutorial. Beyond that, it is a matter of being in sync the entire time. It will have an appeal with players of all ages, but works the best with young children. The game can also be played in single player mode, but that requires another level of coordination altogether.

By way of graphics and design, Dino Meat Hunt scores favorably. The overall level design and game physics work quite well together and make the game function without any errors or bugs as such.


The control scheme of the game isn’t very complicated and hardly takes any time to master. In fact, it is simply the nature of the coordination that requires quick thinking and complete concentration during some parts of the game.

  • Player one can use the W-A-S-D key combination to move around and jump.
  • Player two can use the Arrow key combination to do the same.


Ultimately, the end game of Dino Meat Hunt is to collect as much meat as possible and makes for a satisfying bow on an overall pleasing package. This earns the game four stars out of five.

  • Star number one is for the use of cooperation mode instead of competition.
  • Star number two is for the design of the backgrounds and characters.
  • Star number three is for the growing difficulty curve and intuitive play.
  • Star number four is for the overall design and gameplay.

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