Dragon Ball: Fierce Fighting

Dragon Ball: Fierce Fighting game review

If you grew up around the ‘90s then you may have heard of a show called Dragonball, and its subsequent sequels, Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT. Even if you didn’t grow up then there’s an entire reboot of the series happening in this modern era, making it accessible to an entirely new generation.

There was, and still is, a huge fan following for these shows, and because of the market there are a wide variety of games available to play. One such game is Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting, a simple flash game that comes with a great arcade feel and almost seems like something that should’ve been available on the SNES.

This simple game takes place during the Dragonball show, when the main character of the series, Goku, was just a child. Goku is an alien, a Saiyan, from the planet Vegeta, who was sent to Earth. He has great powers at his disposal, and uses them throughout his adventures.

This premise may seem a lot like Superman, but Dragonball not only has different delivery but an entirely different theme to it as well. In the flash game Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting you take up the mantle of Goku as a child and fight waves of bad guys using every technique at your disposal.

The gameplay and the game’s layout was later readapted in the game Dragon Ball Fighting 2, however Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting has that certain things that the sequel does not. It puts you into the shoes of the main character of one of the most renowned anime style shows to ever come out and lets you battle away in arena style against wave upon wave of pig-like bad guy, even going so far as to include Goku’s famous Kamehameha technique.

It’s a neat little package, much like One Piece Ultimate Battle, that puts you momentarily into the anime with very little learning curve and a lot of entertainment value to be had.


The Game Mechanics

The game is very easy to pick up and play. The controls are very simplified in a classic beat-‘em-up style gameplay. For the first player the movement keys are WASD and the main action buttons are JKL. The game likes to claim that UIO are also used, but they effectively do nothing when pressed.

The J button is the basic attack button, which can be used in conjunction with the various direction buttons to perform combos and do special attacks. The K button is the jump button which allows the player to get out of sticky situations and move on a vertical plane. Unlike the show, however, the characters are incapable of flight. Finally the L key charges up energy which can be used to perform special attacks.

The energy bar has two different stages, the yellow background and the red energy levels. The yellow is the maximum you can charge to at any one time, which gradually goes up with combos, while the red is how much energy you have stored. Charging it all the way to full allows Goku to unleash the most powerful form of his Kamehameha technique.

At two thirds it’s a weaker but still very effective form, and the single bar blast is a projectile that hits only a single enemy. If juggled right you can easily fire off a full power blast and then build it up from there instead of wasting all of your energy on others.

The game is also multiplayer, allowing two players to work together to defeat the waves of enemies instead of going single player. The controls work basically the same, with the first player taking up the same control layout and the second player using the arrow keys in conjunction with buttons 1-3 on the number pad.

Much like in Ultraman 6 or arcade games like Fireboy and Watergirl 3 the two players must work together from a cooperative standpoint rather than fight one another, adding a whole new dynamic to the game.

The only problem the game has is with hit detection, and should be noted for all prospective players, as the bad guys can very easily start juggling Goku in a corner. He doesn’t recover until he hits ground so a lot of health can be lost this way if not carefully watched out for.



Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting is a great little arcade piece that has the same feel and graphics as a console game, allowing players to jump into the shoes of Goku from the show and beat down wave after wave of enemies.

With a few unrefined elements to the game it can be much harder than it sounds, but combined with a friend it can turn into a real blast and something to be enjoyed for hours on end.

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Dragon Ball: Fierce FightingDragon Ball: Fierce FightingDragon Ball: Fierce Fighting

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