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DragonBall Fighting 2 game review

For anyone who grew up in the late 20th century, particularly during the 1990s the show Dragonball and its subsequent continuations, Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT, should be very familiar concepts. They’re Japanese style ‘anime’ cartoon shows based very heavily around fighting and were hugely popular in their time.

Even now in this modern era, the show still has a lot of influence behind its name, especially with remakes and video games still coming out constantly, keeping the series alive. But as with anything that achieves a certain amount of fan base, the following online will be huge.

Dragonball Fighting 2, the sequel to Dragon Ball: Fierce Fighting, puts you, the player, in the reins of some of these fights in a classic beat-‘ em-up style game with an added twist. The player takes control of either Krillin or Goku from the show and leads them through several levels of beating on various enemies that are recognizable to the fans of the show, from Yamcha to Piccolo, and many of the famous villains in a campaign style arena based fighting game.

With very intuitive controls and an easy to understand interface, Dragonball Fighting 2 really helps to put the player into the experience and make everything they do seem like something from the show, much like other show-based games such as One Piece Ultimate Battle, Family Guy Fighting Game or Mario Street Fighter.

There are more characters to be unlocked, as well, depending on how far you get, including Super Saiyan Goku and Master Rochi. Each character comes to the battlefield with their own unique set of moves and abilities, so the gameplay is constantly refreshed as you play through a rough parallel to the Dragonball series, each mission seeming to reflect one of the many episodes released to create even more immersion and familiarity. The gameplay is fluid, the controls are responsive and everything is very intuitive and easily accessible. The only problem the game may face is the fact that it has not been translated from the original Japanese.


The Game Mechanics

Dragonball Fighting 2 has some very streamlined and easy to comprehend gameplay. As a beat-‘ em-up style game it’s designed entirely around responsive controls and high octane action, and Dragon ball Fighting 2 manages to make it work. The normal controls for player one are WASD for movements, and then UIO and JKL as the various sets of actions. This is a fairly unique keyboard layout and takes a bit of getting used to, but really helps to emulate the arcade feel of this genre of video game, as it becomes about combining closely arranged buttons for the best combos.

Some of the actions can be confusing, but for the most part the buttons are easy to figure out. The J button is the general attack key, the K button allows you to jump and the L button charges up. UIO are the various special attacks that are unique to each character, so trying them out combined with the other buttons can lead to interesting effects and desirable combos. Learning which button does what and how they link together is a great Dragonball Fighting 2 strategy that can make everything much easier.

The game also supports local multiplayer, which allows two players to play using the same keyboard and monitor. Player one maintains the same controls while player two is able to use the arrow keys and number buttons 1 through 6, typically on the number pad, to mirror the first player controls.

With the game’s smaller resolution, however, the camera work can get a bit shaky when doing this, but playing with a friend is often less about the action itself and more about the times to be had, so take it casually and enjoy. The 2 player aspects of this game are hardly intensive, strenuous or anything more than simple online game, so there’s nothing to take too seriously and it can be enjoyed very easily.



Dragonball Fighting 2 is a great example of a prime beat-‘ em-up style game and a must play for any fan of the Dragonball series. Much like Avatar Fortress Fight 2 it puts you, the player, into the shoes of some of your favorite anime characters and you then go to battle against opponents of varying types with all or nothing stakes on the line.

With intuitive controls and an easy to understand system the only excuse for dying in this game is your own lack of skill, meaning you have plenty of motivation to become the best, to learn the nuances of the keys and take on all of the enemies to perfect your play style. Because of the style of game it is there is endless fun to be had and a unique experience every time you play.

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