DragonBall Fighting 3

DragonBall Fighting 3 game review

The new installment of Dragon Ball Fighting series with a new hero this time the ultimate level Son Goku Super S 3 1p: WASD keys to control movement and jumping,, JKLUIO key for the attack; 2p keyboard arrow keys
to control movement jump, figure 1-6 for the attack.

Knock Out With DragonBall Fighting 3

With a franchise as successful as DragonBall Z, there are definitely a number of games that will spawn out of it. One of these happens to be DragonBall Fighting 3! In a change from the first two installments, the third one brings out a new hero for the cause – Goku’s Son.

Modeled on the arcade fighting games that were popular back in the days of the video game parlors, DragonBall Fighting 3 packs in quite a punch. It harks back to the time when attacks had to be understood, practiced and ultimately learnt by heart in order to use them effectively. The feel of a retro arcade is heavy in this game and will be sure to appeal to a number of nostalgic gamers out there.


No game can be absolutely perfect and DragonBall Fighting 3 too suffers from one main flaw. The instructions are all in Chinese and unless the player is proficient in Mandarin, they are of no use. However, the good part is that the game can be understood with trial and error. After a few rounds, players will have been able to master the controls without much hesitation.

There are two modes enabled in the game – the single player mode and the two-player mode. Ideally, players should have practiced in the single player mode for a fair amount of time before attempting it with a friend.


DragonBall Fighting 3 features basic combinations and controls for the two players and single player mode.

• Player one can use the W-A-S-D combination to jump up, down, left and right.

• Player two can use the Arrow keys for the same.

• Player one can use the J-K-L-U-I-O keys for the attacks.

• Player two can use keys 1 – 6 for the same.

• The aim of DragonBall Fighting 3 is to knock out the other player or computer while reserving as much energy as possible.


DragonBall Fighting 3 could have been one of the more wonderful games that came out of the series, but it does have a few issues that need to be sorted out. It does score three out of four stars, though.

• The first star is awarded to the overall design and feel of the game, which is in tandem with the TV series it was inspired from.

• The mechanics of the game earn it yet another star.

• Star number three is awarded because it takes a fair amount of practice and diligent gaming to become proficient at DragonBall Fighting 3.

• It misses out on two stars because of the language and the music of the game.

Players that want to start a game that can be played for many hours and requires perfection will definitely love DragonBall Fighting 3. That is more than enough of a reason to start playing today.

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