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Dragon Fist 3 game review

Dragon Fist 3 is a side scroller fighting game with an oriental flavor. In the Dragon Fist 3 game you take on the part of one of several different fighters and battle your way through opponents until you reach the final match.

Dragon Fist 3 can be played by one or two players and what makes Dragon Fist 3 games really neat is that two people can play against each other on the same keyboard. The game graphics are simple but well done and they give the game a unique feel.


How to Play

Playing the Dragon Fist 3 is a lot like playing Dragon Fist 1 or Dragon Fist 2. You take on the part of one of many different fighters. Each fighter in Dragon Fist 3 has a punch and a kick then a unique weapon that they can pull out and use. Because the game can be played by two players on the same keyboard the keys you press are different for each player.

In Dragon fist 3 games player 1 uses the A and D keys to move left and right across the screen and uses the W key to jump. When it comes to fighting you punch with the T key, kick with the Y key and block with the S Key. Aside from basic attacks you also have a weapon which you draw with the U key.

Once you have the weapon drawn you can throw it and then pick it up when it has fallen on the ground.. Along with these normal attacks certain key combinations can be used to perform special moves when playing Dragon Fist 3 matches. You can sweep, use a special attack and even grab your opponent when you use the special key combinations.

What makes this game great is that while you can play a lot of different characters, you don’t have to memorize special key combinations for each of them which makes playing different characters a lot easier.

Player 2 uses the right side of the keyboard to play Dragon Fist 3 games. To move forward and backward across the screen they use the left and right arrow keys. The up key lets you jump, the down key lets you block.

For attacks you use the number pad. You press 4 to punch 5 to kick, and 6 will draw and use your weapon. As with the player 1 keyboard controls using different keys in combination will perform special attacks or moves that can help you overcome your foe.


What Makes This Game Good

What makes Dragon Fist 3 good is that it is a fun game to play. While it may not have the most advanced graphics in the world, it uses what it has to make a very eye pleasing martial arts fighting game. Along with the pleasant graphics playing Dragon Fist 3 games can be very easy to learn because you don’t have to learn new moves for each character.

While you use the same keyboard commands for every character, each of the characters has different weapons that make them unique. Another great thing about Dragon Fist 3 is that two people can play together on the same keyboard which means you don’t have to have two computers for people to play together. Overall the Dragon Fist 3 game is a great two player game.



If you like martial arts fighting games like Mario Street Fighter or Street Fighter II flash, then you will have a great time playing Dragon Fist 3. While this game may not have the same advanced controls of the other two titles, Dragon Fist 3 offers solid game play. The graphics of this game will not stun you but they are good enough that the game is fun to look at.

Because the controls are simple and easy to figure out you don’t have to spend hours learning the game but there are enough levels that you can stay involved for a long time with each new opponent offering a special challenge. Dragon Fist 3   is a fast paced game that will have your fingers moving as fast as they can go and can definitely help pass time on a rainy day.

If you are looking for a game that is of the same quality of graphics as a console then you will not like Dragon Fist 3, but if you put the lack of over the top graphics aside and appreciate the game for the fact it offers simple multiplayer game play and a solid combat system then you will more than likely enjoy Dragon Fist 3 game a lot and may find yourself trying out other games such as Street Fighter Flash and the other Dragon Fist titles. Really what do you have to lose by giving this game a try anyway?

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