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G-Switch is a multi-player game that can accommodate up to six players. G-Switch is a racing game where you take on the part of a runner who needs to stay ahead of the screen while avoiding obstacles that are put in your path. At first glance this game seems incredibly simple, but just like Gold Miner Two Player, G-Switch’s simple appearance belies its complexity.

As you navigate through the course of the G-Switch game it gets harder and hard to make the right decisions of which path to jump over or jump on to and the edge of the screen gets ever closer. It may not seem like it but this game will quickly having you sitting on the edge of your seat and holding your breath then letting out a frustrated growl as you realize you have made a mistake and the game will soon be over.


How To Play

To Play G-Switch you load up the game then select one of the options. If you are a single player you can choose either the standard play option or the endless option. If you have more than one person playing select the number of players you will be playing with. Once the number of players has been picked, each player is given a certain key on the keyboard in order to cause the runner to jump (player one get the X key, player 2 gets the M key etc.)

Once everyone is situated, someone hits the enter key and you are off and running to try and pick the safest route possible in order to stay ahead of the end of the screen. As you go further along the course not only do you have to avoid walls that block your progress, but you also have to be wary of gaps in the course that will send you off the screen and end the game for you.


The Good

The first thing you notice about G-Switch is the way it looks. While it’s obvious that the graphics are simple, they are done in a fantastic way that really does draw your eyes into the game. Where a lot of similar games tend to be kind of ugly because they use simple graphics, G-Switch uses the simplicity of its graphics to great effect.

The color scheme and structural design of the game are really excellently done and this is one game that will make you wonder why anyone needs overpriced graphically driven games on a console. However, G-Switch is more than just a fun game to look at, it’s a lot of fun to play.

At first look this may seem like a simple game but just like Gold Miner Two Player and Fireboy and Watergirl, the simple appearance masks the true complexity of the game. You will find that even if you have naturally quick reflexes this game will be a mental challenge as well as a challenge of your skill.

The main thing that makes this game so fun and also so challenging is the speed at which it goes. G-Switch is a very fast game and it doesn’t leave you a lot of time to make decisions which is what keeps you on the edge of your seat. If you are playing with other people, it won’t be long before everyone is perched over the keyboard starting intently at the scream then letting out a defeated shout when they die and the game is over for them.

The winner of the game is simply whoever can make it the longest on the course. While there might be an end to the course, it would take nearly perfect play to have any chance of ever making it. You will find that while this game starts out simple it gets very hard very quickly, which makes G-Switch surprisingly addictive.

The only real knock against G-Switch is that if you get more than two players space around the keyboard it can get pretty intense and it can be hard for people to not get in each other’s way. However, this problem is easily overcome by simply choosing to play the two payer game then taking turns with each other as you guide the runner through the course of the G-Switch game.



If you are looking for a fast paced game that is easy to learn but will keep you working to master it then you will absolutely love G-Switch. The game offers a pleasing appearance that combines with simple but exciting game mechanics that give the gamer in all of us a feeling of heart-racing intensity.

If you like to be on the edge of your seat and maybe even holding your breath as you try to make it just that much further in a game, then G-Switch will fill that need very well. While there are times that G-Switch can be very frustrating, overall the game is brilliantly designed and provides hours of entertainment for multiple people. Next time you have friends over and are looking for something to ease the boredom, play G-Switch and soon everyone will be laughing and yelling and having a very good time.

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