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Gold Miner Two Players game review

Gold Miner Two Player is a two player game that pits you and a friend against one another to collect as much gold as possible before time runs out. Each stage has a target amount of gold value that you and the other player are trying to get to.

You play the part of a miner who stands above the ground with his mining claw swinging back and forth, when the claw lines up with a particular piece of gold you press the button and it sends the claw shooting out. If your claw comes across the piece of gold it grabs it and you get credit for getting it.


How To Play

Gold Miner Two Player is a very simple game to play. Two players using the same keyboard each take on the part of one of the miners. The miners hold swinging claws that when release will shoot out and try to grab chunks of gold that are “buried” beneath the ground.

In Gold Minder Two Player the person who is player number one uses the D button to shoot the claw out while player number 2 uses the down arrow key on the right hand side of the keyboard. While this may sound easy, Gold Miner Two Player is actually quite challenging.

While the concept behind Gold Miner Two Player is pretty simple, but don’t let its looks fool you. At first appearance this game seems to merely be about shooting out the claw to grab gold and earn money. While this is indeed the focus of the game, the truth is that actually succeeding in getting enough gold to win can be very challenging.

The reason that the Gold Miner Two Player game is so challenging is because it requires a lot of timing and skill to play effectively. If you shoot out your claw too soon you will either completely miss the gold chunk you are after or potentially grab the wrong one. Because the goal of each level is to be the first to earn a certain amount of money, you want to make sure you get the biggest gold chunks first then work on the smaller ones.

While it may seem easy enough, when someone else is playing against you and stealing your gold chunks you will find that Gold Miner Two Player is not as simple as it seems.


The Good

What makes the Gold Miner Two Player game so good is that while it is incredibly simple on the surface, it offers a great deal of complexity. It may not seem like watching a swinging claw and shooting it at the right time would really be difficult but it really can be.

Once you add in the aspect of having to play against a second player in this two player game you find the complexity multiplied as you both try to get the biggest gold chunks before the other person does.

You might think that because Gold Miner Two Player is so simple on the surface it would be boring, but nothing could be further from the truth. Whether it is the game itself or the addition of adding another person Gold Miner Two Player is a very fun game to play. You can easily spend hours at the keyboard playing against someone without realizing just how quickly the time has passed.

Some people might be turned off by the rather simplistic graphics that are a part of Gold Miner Two Player. However, those people are just being silly because honestly, the graphics while simple are still pleasing to the eye.

Not only are the graphics actually well done, but they add to the overall deception of the game. From the very first moment you are convinced that you are playing a simple game of timing and skill, but as you begin to play you realize that this game is anything but simple.



Gold Miner Two Player is quite simply one of the best simple games you will ever find to play. Its combination of complex simplicity (and yes that is a real term) and the competitive aspect of adding a second player makes this game truly unique in the gaming world.

While it may not have the fancy graphics and loud noises of console games, Gold Miner Two Player does offer a very challenging game experience. Some people may frown at the simple graphics of Gold Miner Two Player but honestly if you like games that seem simple but then offer a very complex and challenging game experience then you will simply fall in love with this game.

In the end, the only way to really discover just how good this game is is to sit down with a friend and play it. You will be amazed at how quickly the competitive juices get flowing and how much fun this game is. If you have a friend and are looking for something to do, there are definitely worse ways to spend your time than playing the Gold Miner Two Player game.

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Gold Miner Two PlayersGold Miner Two PlayersGold Miner Two Players

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