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Goodgame Big Farm is a spiritual follow up to the much simpler Goodgame Farmer. It’s a much more immersive game wherein you have obtained a new farm and must manage it accordingly. The game swaps out a lot of micromanaging, such as tending to several smaller plots in a single field, and instead focuses on the big picture, the big farm.

The player starts off with a fairly basic tutorial and the game helps to hold your hand throughout the first few levels as you expand your farm and construct more structures. It’s much less a simple farming simulator as an entire farming manager.

You are required not only to tend to crops but also to expand the farm’s land outward, decorate it, make fertilizer and feed and tend to the happiness of your workers. And then when you expand your farm you need to hire more workers, assign them to new duties and continue clearing the land around you.

The game has a lot packed into it and it is the entire farming experience rolled up into a nice browser game. While Goodgame Farmer was a simple and easy to pick up game, this one, Goodgame Big Farm, has immensely more immersion and ground breaking mechanics, no pun intended.

Tasks are regularly given to you as well to be completed for extra rewards. This gives a general guideline of what needs to be accomplished next and helps you grow as a player. Plus it’s nice getting the extra rewards to help your farm grow faster. They provide a basic introduction to your fellow farmers, as well, the various characters around your ranch who interact with you on a daily basis. They might only be nonplayer characters, but they’re still there to help you along your journey toward running a big farm.


The Game Mechanics

Goodgame Big Farm starts off by throwing you into the role of a farm manager. You’re taken through a brief tutorial that shows you how to harvest your first crops, sow some more and construct the first of your structures. The game’s basic mechanics are all covered here, helping you figure out just how to play the game and showing you want needs to be done.

After this is complete you are thrown to your own devices, however regular tasks are given to help provide direction, ranging from something as simple as planting some corn to exploring the game’s multiplayer functions.

Unlike Goodgame Farmer the scale is much larger, allowing for players to not tend to individual crops but rather to the overall farm itself, including expansion, construction and so on and so forth.

This game is multiplayer, however your interaction with the other players is somewhat limited. Instead of everyone playing the same game people play their own farms and can compare them to one another via the servers.

Furthermore things called ‘cooperatives’ are available for players to found or join, basically allowing them  to work together and make even more money from their farms because of this cooperation. These are basically like player guilds in most other games, and have a form of player interaction for people to enjoy, meeting other farmers from around the world.

Furthermore players can compete against each other for reputation points that basically count as score. This is done through missions that allow them to compare certain things, such as fertilizer production.

Processes around the farm can be managed and made quicker by expending gold, which will instantly skip a construction or production phase and allow you to carry on, but gold is limited and can be purchased with money to help improve your farm even more. This adds a competitive flair to the game and gives serious players something to invest into when they want to make things more efficient.

This is, of course, all standard material for the micromanagement genre of simulation games, which Goodgame seems to have dominated with their plethora of titles including Goodgame Café, Goodgame Gangster and so on and so forth.

When one company comes to put out so many they tend to perfect their game engines so they run much smoother, and can be considered a prime example of the genre, much like Zynga did with Farmville.



Goodgame Big Farm is one of the most immersive farm simulators on the internet, at least available in the form of a browser game. It has great graphics, intensive gameplay and intuitive controls allowing for all forms of players to step up and try their hands at running a farm.

It may seem like a trite task, but the fact is it’s not something that everyone can do. If you think you’re good enough to run a big farm and help it grow to the best it can possibly be, why not sign up today and start working?

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