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Gum Drop Hop 2 game review

Platform games are always a nice way to relax when you get tired of playing games with senseless violence inserted into them. This in no way reflects that platform games just can’t be as senseless as shoot ‘em up games.

One of the most senseless platform games that I have ever played has to be Gum Drop Hop 2. I mean sure I can appreciate a good side scrolling platform game just as much as the next guy but this game just feels like it was concocted by a 7 year old girl high on sugar. Before you dub me as a feminist, you must play the game first in order to know what I really mean by my earlier remark. Quite honestly, even games like Pet Soccer or Cupid’s Challenge were far better than this game.

The game has no storyline what so ever. You are a God knows what creature that must jump from platform to platform collecting coins and random candies that grant a bonus to your final score. Like every amazing platform jumper there is, the screen keeps moving towards the right at all times and if you’re slow, you first vanish from the screen and after 5 seconds die. I mean what was the point of making your character vanish and then giving a 5 second delay? You can’t really expect a player to jump out once their character vanishes from the screen because more than 80% chances are that the player will find themselves jumping to their death anyways.


1The gameplay as told above is to just walk around from platform to platform collecting coins and random candies. The points awarded by these candies differ from candy to candy with the heart shaped candy giving you the maximum points i.e. 100 points. Oh and while you’re jumping around, every now and then, a ray of stars will be shot at your character from the sky, making him jump high. Yes, apparently even God hates your character and wants him to die. If that wasn’t enough, sometimes there are flowers that just explode for no reason at all to make your character jump. Oh and your character can also break some specific block platforms by spinning on them like the Tasmanian devil from Looney Toons.

Anyhow, there are a few things other than the exploding star beam and mad flowers that you should be aware of before playing the game. Often there are two ways to jump to different platforms but almost 50% of the times only one way is correct while the other one will take you to a dead end. Most often it happens when there are platforms that are connected by utility poles. You must activate the first pole in order for the gate at the second pole to open up. It’s like the game takes fun in watching you scream in agony over every bad decision you take. Also while jumping from platform to platform; always be wary of platforms that are colored purple. These platforms vanish after a few seconds of you touching them.

Game Mechanics and Controls

2Now I know I am coming down on this game pretty hard but trust me when I tell you that the one player mode of the game is really that bad. The only redemptive feature that the game offers is the two player mode. In this mode, there are two “ghost” like things that you and your friend can control. The great thing about this mode is that if one player dies the other can revive him by just pressing R.

The controls of the game are the standard WASD keys for single player with the W or Space key being used for jumping. The S key can be used to spin your character that enables it to break different block platforms. The second player can move his or her character by using the arrow keys.

Final Verdict

I must say I’m not really a fan of the game as even the graphics and the sound track of the game managed to be quite annoying to me apart from the gameplay. Anyhow, if you’re in mood to go to candy land and have fun by screaming in frustration, be my guest and try this game out. Otherwise, just do yourself a favor and play some other platformer like Snail Bob or its sequel Snail Bob 2 or even Mario Flash Forever.



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