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Flash games can usually be divided into two types. One category is of the happy go lucky games that just make you feel all warm and happy inside while the second category falls on the games filled to the brim with senseless violence and cartoonish gore. Most games that have graphical violence or gore usually belong to the genre of shoot ‘em up games but every now and then you do get launcher and stunt racing games that remind you that you don’t really need guns to see a lot of blood being spilled.

Happy Wheels is a stunt racing game that in many ways is similar to Uphill Rush 5, only with a lot more gore and a Physics engine that just makes you go “wow”. The game really can color your screen red as you try to finish the race you started while clinging on to the few breaths you have in your body.


1The gameplay of the game is simple; you must reach the finish line alive. Yes, unlike other racing games, there aren’t really any people you’re racing against, stunts to perform or a clock that you have to beat. The only challenge you do face is to pass the finish line alive by passing through different hazards. Sure, it may sound really easy but trust me, some of the paths are so sadistic that it takes a lot of patience and nothing short of a miracle to reach the finish line.

You start each race perfectly healthy but as you face different accidents such as falling off of great heights, running head first into a wall etc. along your path, your character not only gets injured but also sometimes loses his limbs or dies in the process as well.

Game Modes

The great thing about the game is that it has quite a few levels that you can try out. Since most of the stages in the game are designed by users, you can find a lot of different types of levels you can try your hands at. These levels not only differ from each other in difficulty but in variety as well. For example, one level has you race to the finish line with a gun in your hand shooting zombies that stand in your path while the other would have you race to the finish line on top a broken roller coaster track.

For each level, you can choose from a variety of racers but that is only possible if the person who designed that particular level has given permission for the player to do so. As these levels are mostly designed by users from around the web, you can’t really offer any particular details about them.

Players can make their very own custom levels in the level editor mode of the game. This mode has quite a few options embedded into it which you can use to design your very own death track. Apart from the track, the mode also provides you with a huge variety of interactive objects and obstacles that you can place in the path to make things, well, more bloody. Quite honestly, one can really see the amount of time that has been spent in making this game by just seeing the amount of effort that has been put into making the physics engine of the game.


2The controls of the game vary from level to level as some levels only require you to race forward while others require your character to perform different actions to pass the level. Generally, the arrow keys move your racer. Up arrow accelerates your racer, down arrow stops or reverses him while the right and left arrow keys make him lean in that specific direction. You can press Z key to eject your racer from his ride. Space bar is used for performing primary actions and Ctrl or Shift is used for secondary actions. Usually, the controls for a specific level are explained in the level description of each level by the developer.


Even though the game contains a lot of graphical violence and may not really be suitable for small children, I still can’t deny the beauty and the realism of the Physics engine used for the game. Also, as the game relies on user generated levels, you have endless stages that you can race in. Oh and at any time if you get bored of doing that you can always design your very own level in the custom level maker. In short, it’s pretty safe to say that this game will keep you entertained for a very long time.

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