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Mr Tart is an ordinary purple creature that struggles finding his destiny and making his way out of this trick platformer game. Travel across stages while running on and jumping off platforms, avoiding dreadful spikes, transporting shiny keys, making few friends and guiding them to push few red buttons that hopefully will grant you safely exit from this adventure. Find a way how to transport big keys and unlock all oversized locks that prevents you from reaching the exit door. Have fun trying to complete all 15 stages.

Find a way for Mr Tart to reach the exit. Control the characters with the ARROW Keys and WASD.

Enter A Dimension Of  Trickery With Mr. Tart

Coming across a game that has been created with a lot of thought and intelligence is like finding a hidden treasure. Mr. Tart is one such game that mixes innovation with the fundamental reason why players simply love to play all day long – outwitting the competition. Where there is a chance to utilize those lovely big brains of ours, there will a game such as Mr. Tart to employ graphics and mechanics to do so practically.

Expecting an adrenaline rush from this particular game would be pointless. Instead, players can hope for the chance to use strategy and brains to figure out how to solve the puzzles in front of them.


Mr. Tart is a simple and beloved pop tart that is stuck in a world where he must figure out what his destiny truly is. Standing between him and his dream are 15 whole levels of puzzles that require a quick mind and problem solving skills. Enemies are present on each corner, starting from sharp spikes to the edges of the game where players can just fall off. But help is always at hand in the form of friends, whose qualities work best when used in tandem with Mr. Tart.

The game has been constructed in a manner that provides platforms with a unique challenge. There are keys to be moved, locks to be opened and red buttons to be pushed in order to escape the world. However, not all of this is as easy as it sounds. It takes a keen eye to work out the smaller details and find a way out of the task.

One area that Mr. Tart will win over audiences is the graphic design. Created to look like a new universe, Mr. Tart does not quite copy the visual style of any classic or popular video games. With a minimalistic yet cartoonish touch, this game sounds as good as it plays. The only issue that comes up during the play is that the levels have to be restarted manually, making the players wait for the level to end or a new life to show up.


There is hardly any need of a convoluted design scheme over in Mr. Tart, and so the controls are basic and easy to handle. Although the game has been designed as a two-player game, the developers have put in a way to play it in the single player mode as well.

  • Player one can use the arrow key combination to move Mr. Tart about.
  • Player two can use the W-A-S-D key combination to move the friends seen in this universe.


Mr. Tart gets a wonderful four out of five stars because of many reasons.

The first star is for the graphic and sound design of the game.

The second star is for the proper incorporation of the single player mode.

The third star is for the innovative storyline and levels to challenge the brains.

The four and final star is for the quick learning curve.

If only the developers could fix the small glitch of not restarting the level, then the game would definitely have a five out of five review.

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