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For anyone who grew up in the early era of video gaming, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or SNES, was perhaps the king of its era. Compared to all other systems at the time, the SNES had the best graphics, the best gameplay, the best support, it simply was one of the best systems.

Even now there are people who prefer the SNES over modern consoles, let alone computer games. Fortunately there are people always catering to this audience, producing games that almost flawlessly recreate that special feel the SNES had.

Games like Nitrome Must Die or Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting are created with this particular feel in mind. Straight from the beginning Nitrome Must Die feels like a game that could’ve been on the SNES; the graphics are pixelated and 32 bit like the SNES, and the sound effects are all simplified and practically .midi files like the old video games used to use.

Even the controls manage to recreate that feel, packing everything into a simple five button (with four of those being directional buttons) interface. Simply put Nitrome Must Die is among some of the best flash games on the internet for that SNES feel.

But unlike, for example, Ultraman 6, Nitrome Must Die also comes with its own little cinematic. The game starts out with two kids playing the latest Nitrome game and finding it really bad. Fed up with the game company extorting the market, the two kids decide that the head of the company must die, and so they embark on scaling the massive headquarters of Nitrome in order to put a stop to their production of really bad games.

It’s ironic, too, because the game itself is produced by Nitrome, adding a little fourth wall breaking to the effect and having some fun while they’re at it. But Nitrome puts minions made out of paint or goo in their way, and the kids have to shoot their way to the top of the headquarters, clearing out each floor of goo monsters before proceeding upward.


The Game Mechanics

Nitrome Must Die is a very simple game to play. The controls are very basic, coming down to the WASD keyboard layout that is present in most platformers, such as Fireboy and Watergirl 3, with the added bonus of a gun. Pressing the Q button allows the first player to shoot their gun.

Of course this could get a little awkward as having to shoot your gun means taking your finger off of one of the directions, limiting your movement, but the game offers you the player the ability to map out your controls as you see fit, which is an added bonus. The controls are pretty basic and standard for a platformer or side-scrolling action game, making them easy to pick up and play without having a long and complex learning curve behind them.

The gameplay itself is very simple as well. The player starts out on the ground floor of Nitrome headquarters and must clear each floor of monsters before proceeding, much like the player in Bubble Struggle 3 has to clear each arena style area of the various bubbles. It’s normal platformer stuff, with the added bonus of giving the players power-ups as they play.

The player starts off with a pistol with limited ammo and can pick up different weapons as they play, including shotguns, machine guns and more. There are also challenge levels where the gun instead throws forward a fist that blows up enemies, giving the player a chance to rack up their score.

The intention of Nitrome Must Die is the multiplayer gameplay. A second player can join in at any time and start playing the second kid. Their controls, by default, use the arrow keys to move and the slash key (/) in order to fire. This, again, can be remapped to a more comfortable position, depending on each of the two players preference.

The players compete as they go through the floors, then, to get the highest score and the complete the game together. Each enemy drops a bunch of coins which can be collected, and the coins are worth more. Furthermore between each level the player has the chance to gamble for score modifiers, to increase their score and give them an advantage on their friend.



Nitrome Must Die is a very compact little game and a complete package, providing entertaining gameplay, easy to master controls and a competitive edge with your friends.

Each level of the headquarters gets more and more difficult so having your friend as an ally might help, while beating them as an enemy is all the better. How you play is totally up to you, so long as the two of you get to the top together and make sure that Nitrome dies.

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