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Restaurant games may seem childish to many but trust me when I tell you this; they can get really hard to play. Sure, you may counter this argument by stating: how hard can running a virtual restaurant really be? Well, I think you should really try to find the answer to that question by playing Papa’s Wingeria. The game is a sequel to the famous Papa’s Burgeria and Papa’s Freezeria.

As the name of the game suggests, you have to run a successful wings restaurant. Each day old and new customers walk in those doors, demanding different types of wings. It’s up to you to make their orders to perfection and to also make sure they don’t have to wait long. If you do manage to please the customers, rest assured they will leave you a healthy tip which adds nicely to your weekly pay check.


The game starts with a cut scene in which your pre-made or custom made character is sitting at home watching T.V. when the doorbell rings. You answer the door only to find out that you’ve won an all-expense paid trip to Starlite city. Naturally, you take the trip. Upon your arrival you find yourself in front of a big slots machine. You being the good sport you are, pull the lever only to win the grand prize. The prize is Papa’s Wingeria restaurant. Yes, I know it can only happen in a game but still at least the game developers did try their hardest to give some kind of a background.


The gameplay of the game like every other restaurant game is to make orders and serve customers in the most efficient way possible. Every pleased customer leaves you a tip. You also earn up to three Game tickets throughout the day that you can use to play different mini games that are offered at the end of each day.

Each day, different customers walk in from the restaurant doors and you must cook their food to perfection by first grilling the wings, adding the right amount of sauce to them and then serving them up nicely in a plate. As always, Papa’s Wingeria restaurant is divided into four sections. In one section you take the customer order, in the second you grill the wings, in the third you add the correct sauce to those wings and in the last section you decorate the plate and serve the order. After you are done serving the order, the customer rates you in all those four sections and leaves you a tip accordingly.

2You unlock new menu items and customers as days progress. With each customer, the orders get harder to make. Oh and you also have to deal with the closer customers that walk in your restaurant every now and then as well. Closer customers are those customers who are very hard to please and even the slightest screw up in their order makes them rate you poorly.

As mentioned before, at the end of the day you can spend your hard earned Game tickets to play different mini games. Each day a different mini game is offered to keep the players interested. These mini games usually range from stacking burgers or shooting bad guys etc. If you manage to win a mini game, you unlock different content for your restaurant and your character. You can also choose to buy these things as well from the decoration store. That is done by spending the tip money and your paycheck. These decorations include posters, furniture and different utilities as well to make your and your customers life a little easier.

Like so many other point and click games like Papa’s Freezeria etc. all you have to do to play the game is use your mouse. You just have to point, click and drag your mouse at the right time to make an order.


Sure, in paper this sounds really easy to play but trust me Papa’s Wingeria is not a game that can be taken lightly. If you’re not paying attention you will manage to screw up orders as soon as the second day, which in laymen terms can be dubbed as the second stage of the game. However, all in all the game is pretty fun to play so if you’re in the mood to run a successful restaurant and take the tensions that come with running one, Papa’s Wingeria is the game for you. Oh and if you get bored while playing the game, you can always watch the parade outside your restaurant by clicking the parade button.


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