Sports Heads Football Championship

Sports Heads Football Championship game review

If you posses some football playing skills and you might have heard about the super-cool Sports Heads 2 players games, then today is your lucky day, cause the Football Championship has just started! Bunch of Sports Heads pro players are here for a serious football game. Pick your favorite Sports Head player, arrange the team you want to represent, choose whether you play against the CPU opponent or maybe one of your buddies, and have fun competing at the annual Sports Heads Football Championship! Player 1: WASD to move and jump, Space bar to kick. Player 2: Arrow keys to move and hump, P to kick.

Sports Heads Football Championship game review

If you have ever been a fan of football, you are going to enjoy this instalment of the super cool Sports heads football championship game. It is a 2 player game so you can enjoy this with your cool friends and start a match. Just pick your player, arrange the team and get started to win the title of a championship. You can play against the computer as well if you don’t have a friend who is willing to accept the daunting challenge! You are sure to enjoy this game with or without a playing buddy.

Game Play

You are competing in a world cup championship in this version of popular sports head football championship. You are now playing the football version after successfully completing the previous versions of Sports heads football soccer game and Sports heads tennis. You have to bounce the ball in such a way that it lands into the soccer net of your opponent. You have to score as many goals as possible to win this game. There are a total of 10 matches and you get power-ups, unlock achievements and have more fun.

The matches in this series happen on a small pitch with a side view perspective goal at both the ends. You have to score as many goals as possibly can into the opponent’s net within the stipulated time frame or you have to outdo your opponent in the number goals within the specific time frame. You navigate your players across the screen with the direction keys and you can jump using the space bar key. When the ball lands on the ground, use your head or feet to kick it in the direction you want it to go in.


This game is fun, quirky and good challenge to a buddy. But the only flipside to this awesome game is that it is very short. There are only 10 opponents to fight against and once that is achieved, the game is over. However, the good thing is that the opposition will make it really difficult for you to reach the 10th level as the difficulty keeps increasing as the player progresses in the game. So don’t think you can just finish the game at the drop of a hat, it won’t really be such a joy ride either.

The graphics are commendable for a flash game standard and they are indeed a far cry from a crappy game play. Like any other sports heads game, the sports heads football game is just as entertaining and fun and you will surely have a great time playing this one.

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So you are a fan of sports 2 player games, 2PG will not disappoint you as it has a lot to offer to that gaming streak in you. Try the sports head tennis for a feel of the sports heads game and you will definitely look forward to playing the football version of this game. So have fun and get started.

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Sports Heads Football ChampionshipSports Heads Football ChampionshipSports Heads Football Championship

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