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Stealth Hunter 2 game review

Flash games are constantly evolving with time and as time passes we are coming across more and more flash games that not only are entertaining to play but also have quite a lot of depth added into them in terms of gameplay and graphics. A prime example of a brilliantly in depth game that makes you waste hours of your time is Stealth Hunter 2.

Sequel to Stealth Hunter, the game offers players the chance to be a spy. Unlike those shoot ‘em games, Stealth Hunter 2 requires you to depend on your sneaking skills rather than brute force. Even when faced with a decision to kill a guard, you must do so quietly as to not alert others of your presence.


The plot of the game isn’t something that is very original. You are a secret agent who has to infiltrate a warehouse in search of some stolen uranium containers. The game starts with a brilliant cut scene of a chopper flying to the warehouse and you silently entering the warehouse district in your boat. From there the story keeps on building as you progress through the game. Anyhow, as you inspect the containers you soon find out that they contain uranium that terrorists might use to serve their evil purpose. From there, your path is simple. You must foil the plot of the terrorists by any means necessary.


The gameplay of Stealth Hunter 2 is unlike most flash games you usually come across on the internet. The basic purpose of the game is to sneak around a warehouse, avoiding detection from guards and cameras at all time and completing your objectives. To do so, you have a huge variety of sneaking techniques that you can utilize. These techniques include tip toeing, clinging to walls, taking cover, turning off the lights, using a fiber optic camera to look into a room before entering it etc. You also have to pick locks and hack into computers to proceed further in to the game.

You have to plan each of your moves carefully, as one wrong step can raise the alarm and alert the guards. If detected, the guards will open fire and as you have no guns with you most of the time, it pretty much means that you have to replay the whole level. Like mentioned before, you have a variety of sneaking techniques you can utilize to make sure you pass through undetected.

The game is very expertly designed and the AI of the game is exquisite for a flash game. The guards respond to wall taps or your foot prints and always investigate the source of the noise. Apart from that, you have security cameras that raise the alarm if you’re unlucky to be spotted by them.

The game has a total of 18 levels and a further of 7 bonus levels that you can play. Each level jump happens in continuation of the game as the story progresses further. You can unlock bonus levels of the game by getting different achievements throughout the game. These achievements range from killing a specific number of guards to picking locks to hacking computers.

1Game Mechanics

The controls of the game are the only thing that the developers could have had spent a little more time on. They can get pretty annoying and confusing at some points of the game. The game however does provide you with the option to completely customize all the controls. By default you have to use the arrow keys or the mouse to move your character, you can perform various actions by pressing the spacebar or the C key. You can access your inventory by pressing the X key and go into sneak mode by pressing the shift key. These are only some of the most used controls of the game, rest assured there are a lot more.

The game has great graphics for a flash game and almost makes you think that you’re playing a PC game rather than a flash one. The game even manages to synchronize all sounds within the game quite eloquently with different actions, making the game that much more mesmerizing.


If you’re a fan of games in which you have to sneak around like an international spy and save the world in the process, then I suggest you leave everything as of this moment and try the game out. The game is sure to have you spend hours in front of the computer screen in an attempt to complete it.

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