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Raise your army ofstickman warriors, sticky archers, skinny wizards and other types of stick people units, that will gladly follow you in the biggest and most epic Stick War that ever happen! Start your conquering campaign by picking your desired difficultly and bringing the entire world up to their knees! Raise your stickman empire by hiring simple units first, such as miners and lumberjacks, so you could earn enough resources to train and produce brave warriors and loyal soldiers that will spread your word and law everywhere around. Use the Mouse to play, Arrow keys to move camera view.
Pick Your Battles Well And Win The Stick War

It starts off simple, but the game of Stick War soon escalates to an experience of epic proportions. Stick figures are the go-to drawing for all of us with any artistic ability. Just as well, because it turns out that they are just a few mouse clicks away from starting a civilization of their own. For a flash game, Stick War combines the genres ofstrategy and action quite well.


In Stick War, a player starts off in a land known as Inamorta, which has been divided into many nations. Each nation worships a certain method of war as their God and is dedicated to waging battles against the other. Players are the leader of a nation known as Order, which worships peace and knowledge.

Everything that players need to know about the world at hand is explained in the Intro, so be sure to watch the whole sequence instead of just skipping forward. In terms of graphics, Stick Wars is fairly well done. The stick figures are basic but animated properly. It doesn’t match up to the top-notch strategy games (Age of Empires, Travian), but does well for an online flash game.


Like most strategy games, Stick War is more dependent on thinking than on the physical actions. This makes it far more interesting, since the fingers will not tire out after a few hours of gaming.

To survive the world of Inamorta, players must take over the other nations and adopt their methods of war.

The game is played by creating an army of warriors, all of which are meant to serve in a campaign to defeat and conquer.

To win over other nations, the armies must be strong. This can be done by piling up as many resources as possible.

Resources are collected with the help of miners and lumberjacks, all of which must be put into service before an army can be built.

Stick War is played by the mouse and the arrow keys can be used to change the view from the in-game camera.

Players interested in a long-term game can invest a couple of weeks in Stick War with ease and will not have to worry about getting bored. Although it is a single player game, friends can join in and compare the advance of the armies.


Stick War is a single player game with plenty of strategic thinking involved in it. there is an entire world that needs to conquered as quickly as possible. At the end of the day, Stick War is a straightforward strategy game that can keep players occupied for a fair amount of time.

The main objective is to create the strongest armies, so make sure that there are enough resources in place.

The graphics of Stick War can’t compete with other similar games, but are well done for their own purpose.

There is plenty of time to plan out a move, so players can take their time before rushing forward.


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