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Street Fighter II Flash game review

The ultimate fighting game known as Street Fighter finally comes in flash version with 2 players ability. This time only Ken and Guile are allowed to fight in this mixed martial art and street fighting tactics, match.

The fighting genre is one of those work horses that has always been around. Since the original release of one of the first and the biggest franchises in the genre, Mortal Kombat, there have been a plethora of new titles popping up all the time. Few of them make it into major names, and even those can flop (much like the Dead or Alive series did).

Among the greats, however, there is the Street Fighter series, which has had four main installments since its days on the early Super Nintendo Entertainment System, but has also managed a veritable ton of releases.

From the original Street Fighter there have been all kinds of peripheral titles, such as Street Fighter II Turbo, or Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers, as well as third party attempts to add to this collection.

Games like Street Fighter II Flash, Street Fighter Alpha or even Mario Street Fight are flash games designed by independent developers trying to bring the same action packed fighting the series has become renowned for to the internet in the form of easily accessed and quick to learn flash games. Street Fighter II Flash manages to get the package right, albeit quite simple.

The concept behind Street Fighter II Flash is quite basic. The players can pick one of two characters famous in the series, Ken or Guile, and are put into an arena to fight one another. The lack of character select does dampen the experience a little, but it keeps the game small and compact, easy to pick up and easy to learn.

There isn’t a large roster of characters to pick from and learn, as most characters in the fighting genre have their own unique move sets and skills to learn while you play. With just the two characters the game is quick and easy, and the two of them were picked carefully because of their fame and the attention they get from their fans.

The Game Mechanics

Unlike in a game such as Dragon Fist 2 where you have to carefully time your attacks, the Street Fighter 2 Flash game is very simple to figure out, but more rewards can be reaped by paying more attention to the controls.

The buttons are fairly simple, with the first player using the arrow keys to move and the keys 1 through 6 on the number pad, along with the 0 button, to perform actions. The different keys do different things from high kicks to low punches, while the 0 button is the block.

Used in different combinations they can all have varying effects on the battle itself. However instead of trying to time attacks carefully the players can just mash on the buttons and eventually figure out the best order in which to do them.

It’s a very chaotic game like that. However taking the time to learn a combo or two can give a huge edge, especially since you can learn Ken’s infamous Hadouken and fire a ranged attack across the stage.

Street Fighter II Flash is very much like Political Duels, in that it’s meant to be played by two people. Unlike Political Duels, however, there is no single player mode available. The only gameplay option that is chosen automatically is the two player multiplayer mode which pits both players against one another.

The 2 player mode is completely local, meaning it’s done through a shared keyboard, with the second player using the slightly awkward key layout of QZSD in order to move and their action buttons mapped to FGVB respectively, with the spacebar used to block in place of the first player’s 0 button.

The layout for the second player is somewhat unfortunate as it can be awkward to use and get used to, but after a few matches it doesn’t seem to be an issue whatsoever and the action can resume as normal.

The two player mode can be very hectic as it comes down to two players beating on the keyboard, but the pay off can be very fun. The players also get special techniques built up as they take damage in order to help level the playing field should one player get too huge of a lead, so figuring out the special combos can be key to a killer comeback.



While Street Fighter is still a very strong series, with the most recent installment crossing over to take on Megaman characters, finding a neat little game like Street Fighter II Flash can give you the enjoyment of old school Street Fighter without forcing you to go buy an older system and the games themselves, or investing a lot of time into a console release.

It’s unfortunate it doesn’t have a single player mode, but when two people get together they can have a real blast.

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