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Tank Trouble game review

Tank trouble is every wannabe tank commander’s dream. The game puts you behind the wheel of a massive, super-destructive tank, even if the models are small and cramped into an equally tiny maze.

While navigating all the dead ends and corners you will be trying to shoot at and hoping to avoid fire from another tank. The premise of this game is pretty easy to figure out; this is war and if you don’t blow up the other guy, you will be destroyed. This means Tank Trouble is really simple compared to some other flash games like Tank Wars or Tank Commander.

You don’t even need much experience to get into it, just a rudimentary knowledge of geometry so you can kind of guess how your shots will bounce. In this instance, playing Billiards or 2 Billiards 2 Play could actually make you better at another game.

With nearly 100,000 unique players on 2PG.com alone, Tank Trouble is a highly popular, free flash game. When hundreds or even thousands of other games don’t quite manage to get 1,000 people to try them, this is a noteworthy feat.

Maybe it is the lack of any deep, involved story and the progression straight into tank battling action which makes Tank Trouble so much fun to play. There are only three different tanks, so you’re either going to be playing red, blue or green. This is opposed to Bombit where 4 players are possible to choose from or Territory War which only supports up to 2 players.

As mentioned before, bullets fired will ricochet off walls to devastating effect. Be careful; while those bouncing shells can slug your opponent well, you might just destroy yourself if you aren’t careful.

This is a straightforward and simple top-down tank simulator. Unlike other tank simulators, Tank Trouble lets you see the whole game all the time instead of showing you only the land and tanks directly in front of you.

This is something which really sets this free game apart from many which you must pay actual money to get, paid games which don’t offer you as great a view of the entire battlefield. If you’re okay with that, great; if you’re like the rest of us, going with the better, free game is a pretty obvious choice. Games like Micro Tanks or Battle City Tank are also good, free alternatives.


The Game Mechanics

This is a good picture of 3 player gameplay going on in Tank Trouble. That’s right; up to 3 people can simultaneously play this game, though if you go with this multiplayer option you must actually have 3 people.

Alternatively, you may play against a single, computer-controlled opponent at any time. As can be seen here, some of the level designs get pretty tricky with lots of boxed in “safe” corners and lots of wide open spaces in which players are sure to get killed. Until you learn how to best utilize these spaces, you should be prepared to get blown up over and over again.

The 2 Player option is best for practicing before you try taking on other people. World of Tanks and Too Many Tanks are similar enough that playing them would help you with this game too.

It isn’t just tanks fighting tanks with bouncy bullets though. There are power-ups which add some flavor to the game and give the necessary, occasional change of pace needed to keep things interesting.

Each of the little bonuses is easy to see and the icons are clearly defined, so you know what you’re picking up before you (or someone else) gets it. There is a chaingun mod which will significantly increase your rate of fire.   There are rockets as well which fly in straight lines and explode on impact with a wall.

There is even a large, highly explosive and slow-moving cannonball for massive damage and blast radius. The variety of power-ups here really makes the game stand out from Tank in Action and Thanks Tanks.

Perhaps the fast pace of Tank Trouble is another reason why the game is so much fun. No round is going to last more than a minute or two and each time it’s the same fun gameplay as last time. Even when a game ends, the next one doesn’t take but a few short seconds to start. Then it’s back to blowing each other up again for you and up to two friends.

Two people may play using the keyboard and standard movement keys but the third will need to use the mouse which promises jerky movement at best. Raging Steel and Tanks V2 can’t give you that 3 player support.



If you’re looking for battles and explosions like in Tank Commander or Tank Wars, Tank Trouble is a great fit for that unique niche. It has fast-paced action which most flash games promise but ultimately fail to deliver. It has three player support, something few other flash games can also boast.

Besides these two great points, the game is also absolutely free. If you’re out of other ideas and you don’t want to spend any money to game for an hour or two, Tank Trouble could be just the right kind of video game for you.

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