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Super fun, simple and competitive, but can you really Tug the Table and become a true Tug master? Compete against the skilled CPU tugster, or challenge your friend for a Tug the Table 2 players tournament! The player who will be able to pull the table, along with his opponent, back to his area, will gain a victory point, and the first who will gain 5 victories, will be awarded as winner. Sounds simple at start, but when later stages come, slippery floor, bowling and golf balls will step on stage and make your plans harder to achieve. Player 1: Up Arrow key to pull the table, Player 2: W to pull the table.

Eternal Friendship Till Tug The Table Do Us Apart

There was a time when the most interesting games came in the dullest of packages. There is hardly any better example of that than the wonderful game of Tug The Table. It can be called a number of things. Some might find the idea dumb, others think it looks boring. But players will tell you that it is one of the more intelligent and engaging games available in the market as of now.

The usual games of tug of war requires players to pull on a rope and get their opponent to either let go of the rope or come over to the other side. In Tug The Table, players must drag the entire table as well as their opponent to their side of the screen. At the face of it, it is a simple enough game. It when the going gets tough, that the tugging the table gets going.


Tug The Table is built on the premise of tug of war, but uses ragdoll physics instead of regular ones. This gives the game a quality that few others will have, and that is of humor. Players might find themselves laughing along as their characters get twisted and thrown about. Each match is different from the either. While one may have players grappling with an exceptionally slippery floor, the others will have tennis balls to deal with. At some point, the characters shrink in size and finally, they just end up losing their heads.

Players are sure to have a great time with Tug The Table. It has a single player mode, which has them competing with the AI. There is also a two-player mode, which should trigger a fierce competition. Every time a player wins, they are awarded one star and the final winner of the match is the one with five stars.

Tug The Table scores high on the graphics. They have been designed in a minimalist manner and look excellent. They complement the overall feel of the game, which is not an easy thing to do. It is based on the Unity web engine, so players will have to download that beforehand. Of course, there is definitely scope for improvement. But all of that can wait until a few rounds have been played.


  • Player one can use the Up arrow key to pull the table.
  • Player two can use the W key to do the same.


Tug The Table has managed to tug away four whole stars out of five. Considering that the game has no skill set to be developed or any kind of learning curve, it speaks volumes about the entertainment factor.

  • Star number of one is for the design and graphics, which are great.
  • Star number two is for the random modes at the start of each level.
  • Star number three is for the excellent use of rag-doll physics to enhance the game.
  • Star number four is for the overall gameplay.

Although Tug The Table could do with some additions such as Achievements and Leaderboards, but it works out well enough for now.

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