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Ultraman 2 is the sequel to a very popular game, Ultraman. Both games come from Japan which means there’s very little reading to do unless you understand the language. For most players, that means lots of big boxes composed of squiggly lines. While that’s not too appealing, you don’t really need to know another language just to play Ultraman 2.

Right from the start, you’ll see there are plenty of excellent musical tracks. Perhaps the music really makes this game, like that Eternal Sonata game about Mozart on the PS3. It’s more likely the big battles against brutal monsters are behind the greatness in Ultraman 2. If you watched Godzilla growing up and love that kind of thing, this is definitely a game you should investigate further.

Each of the two heroes has his own costume so you can tell them apart when playing alone or with a second player. This is nice because with the Japanese text it would be pretty much impossible to discern one from another, otherwise.

All the action happens on a single screen which doesn’t move with the player; you have a very limited region to move, fight and play in but that doesn’t do much to hinder the fun. Instead, it almost makes the game harder.

Even though you can’t move off screen, the monsters can and sometimes they will, only to reappear at inopportune times or jump out to surprise you with a wicked punch. Ultraman 2 is a lot like King of the Monsters or Mechwarrior games but also its own, unique thing.

This game is ridiculously easy to learn; even a little kid could pick it up and start playing well within minutes. It supports up to two players and they use opposite ends of the keyboard to move and fight so the interaction is almost flawless.

Players can move left or right and jump into the air but not duck in any sense, so don’t expect to dodge under flying fists or projectiles. There’s no detailed story to learn or other canon information you need to know to fully enjoy Ultramen 2, which is another thing that sets this title apart from Comic Stars Fighting 2 and Berzerker Stick.


The Game Mechanics

As seen above, if you’re playing alone, you get to pick between the red Ultraman and the blue Ultraman. They don’t really differ in terms of playability or attacks so the choice is really cosmetic.

If you manage to land enough blows with those attacks, you will slowly build up a meter which once full will allow you to pull off your Ultraman’s special move. The first few times you fire the big laser and zap opponents to dust are going to be an awful lot of fun. Unlike Comic Stars Fighting or King of the Monsters, you only need to use 5 different buttons to access everything Ultraman 2 is offering.

Movement is flawless and very responsive, almost a little too responsive as you can change direction in the middle of a jump. Some people really like this feature which seems like a throwback to old Megaman games. Being able to just throw all your momentum behind you sure looks awkward but it will help you save yourself from incoming enemy strikes.

When you press the input keys, Ultraman moves, jumps or punches just like you want. It’s all really clean and you won’t find yourself moving without input or jumping further than you meant to. This is good because even a little misstep can mean the end of you in Ultraman 2.

Every couple of levels, the big boss monster and its underlings will change. Initially you fight some kind of dinosaur-looking monster but as the game progresses, so will the enemies.

They get more difficult and start to shoot rather than just trying to punch you as time goes by. Getting to those late game levels is nothing; if you want a real accomplishment you’ve got to actually beat them once you arrive. The controls won’t make this a difficult task.



If you’re into monster movies or love the feel of giant monsters crushing towns, this is pretty close to what you want. Ultraman 2 does leave some things to be desired, like an English translation, but even if you can’t read the language there’s no reason you can’t enjoy this Japanese flash game.

If you find you like Ultraman 2, there are plenty more games in the Ultraman stable which you would also enjoy. Ultraman vs Robots, Ultraman vs Aliens and more games all pit the heroic duo up against man-made menaces and invaders from outer space, respectively. Ultraman 2 gives you all the big, nasty battles between giants you could possibly want. On top of everything else, it doesn’t cost a cent to play.

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