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Ultraman vs Monsters game review

Finally, an Ultraman game more people can actually read! If you’ve ever played any earlier Ultraman titles like Ultraman 5 or Ultraman 2 then you know what a pain it is to see all the text in a game is Japanese. That is of course unless you’re able to read the language.

Well most people looking for flash games aren’t able and so this is a pretty big deal. Ultraman vs Monsters is so much more than just the text though. It’s a game about beating up big, bad monsters nobody has any business trying to take on and winning. The look, feel and yes even the sound of the game all work well to make a nice total package.

At almost 16 MB, there are enough unique images, monsters, cityscapes and more to make one visually appealing flash game.

Getting several musical tracks throughout a game is much better than the same, boring song which drones on and on until you want to turn off the sound. Unfortunately, you’re going to be hit with the same 10 seconds of music looping infinitely.

This is an unwelcome departure from older Ultraman games like Ultraman 06 and Ultraman 3, in which different songs were included. The same two Ultramen are back though this time their masks seem to have mouths etched into them.

The duo looked a little better without the goofy plastic-face thing going on, but it’s still not enough to detract from all the fun to be had playing Ultraman vs Monsters. This isn’t some sort of little girl’s dress up game, this is about two heroes taking on impossible odds to save a city in danger of being destroyed.

Though there are some changes between Ultraman vs Monsters and the older Ultraman games, some things did thankfully remain the same. The ease with which new players can learn the controls and gameplay is still present.

This very lenient learning curve is great for newbies but also nice for experienced players who are used to doing things a certain way when playing Ultraman. Though the controls are mostly the same, they did change up a little bit. It’s nothing worth any shock, nor something worth getting worked up over, not when it is but a single key which was moved.

All in all, you get the same feel from Ultraman vs Monsters which you get from Ultraman, Ultraman 2, Ultraman 3 and all the other Ultraman games. That is a feeling of greatness as you clash with the titans and defeat them!


The Game Mechanics

This is more or less the same Ultraman experience with which most players are already familiar. As mentioned above though, there are some differences, notable ones which will be mentioned here.

You still get to play with one or two players, which means Ultraman vs Monsters is a multiplayer game. You and a 2 nd player can beat up monsters, or you can go it alone.

While the combat is still pretty much the same, you do have access to a running, burning jump kick which is not present in other Ultraman titles. Not even Ultraman 5 has this move, let alone anything close to running.

After hitting enough bad guys in the face, you get the chance to really lay on the hurt with a vicious laser beam. In the past, Ultraman would need to fully charge before firing the weapon, a move which would deplete all the stored energy.

Now, you get three or four good shots on a full energy bar and there’s no need to wait until it’s full to fire. This is actually a big improvement over Ultraman 2, 3 or 4 and also something which wasn’t present in Ultraman 5.

Hearing that the controls were moved might have spooked you, but things are very nearly the same for Ultraman vs Monsters. A and D move the player left and right as always; J attacks and K unleashes the laser, again a standard for Ultraman games.

Unlike Ultraman 5, 4 or earlier games, you don’t jump with W in Ultraman vs Monsters. Instead, the L key does this job. The game is made slightly more difficult by putting more work on your right hand but it’s nothing a patient player can’t conquer.



There’s nothing like letting all your stress go and wailing on something to really get back to feeling normal,   a fact the producers behind the Ultraman series know very well.

If you’re looking for a violent time and some serious stress relief but you’d rather not pay for it, you’re in luck! Much better than many Godzilla games and more entertaining than earlier entries in the Ultraman stable of games, Ultraman vs Monsters is a must play. Even if you just like to beat up monsters, that’s the core of this game.

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