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  • Piggy Bank Adventure report Piggy Bank Adventure Cut the rope in the right moment and manage to make the coin fall into the piggy bank! Get a high score and manage to collect the stars in each stage. MiniPlay 3 hours ago
  • Infinity - To The Top report Infinity - To The Top Take the commands of the Infinity spaceship and explore the endless empty space Watch out your journey will not be easy a horde of aliens and droid spaceships will do their best to stop your odyssey. Actually its a suicide mission show your bravery by reaching the Top of the Hall of Fame. Like a Gamer 12 hours ago
  • Rocky Rescue report Rocky Rescue Youre the pilot of a rescue craft thats been selected to enter an asteroid field where another spacecraft has ejected all of its escape pods in a crash. You must enter the field and avoid or blast rocks out of the way while collecting these pods. Like a Gamer 12 hours ago
  • Sebba 3 report Sebba 3 Guide Sebba through a crazy level along the beautiful riverside. This game is full of secrets and hidden goodies so be sure to explore thoroughly Like a Gamer 12 hours ago
  • Save Shrimp! report Save Shrimp! Hurry Use your mouse to help poor Shrimp escape the hungry fish Like a Gamer 12 hours ago
  • Naturyon report Naturyon You are going to recreate life using a colorful source of energy. You want to put 3 blocks in a row or next to each other to produce a new element. Sometimes it does not work the way it should because it is just alchemy. As you are provoking chain reactions you can get bonuses. Your score depends on the value of the elements you have created. Oh and you lose once your pile goes past the top line. Like a Gamer 12 hours ago
  • Spinner Astro - The Floor Is Lava report Spinner Astro - The Floor Is Lava Collect all fidget spinners and avoid getting caught by the lava. Try to beat your own highscore. Like a Gamer 12 hours ago
  • Food Bizaar! report Food Bizaar! Bounce your strawberry against various types of food for points. Like a Gamer 12 hours ago
  • Candy Sparks report Candy Sparks Move and rotate the falling tiles and match 3 or more. Like a Gamer 12 hours ago
  • TypingBubble report TypingBubble This game improves touchtyping skills and typing accuracy. Like a Gamer 12 hours ago
  • Billys Quest report Billys Quest Talk to characters to gain new quests. Kill enemies with your sword as you progress further. Like a Gamer 12 hours ago
  • Princess Fidget Spinners report Princess Fidget Spinners Fidget Spinner is very hot recently and our princesses want to try it. First, dress up our princesses and help them choose their own spinner! Don't wait, come here and have a good day! 4J 12 hours ago
  • Frozen Sister Summer Vacation report Frozen Sister Summer Vacation What way do you spend your summer vacation? If you have no idea, how about traveling with frozen princesses Elsa and Anna? Choose a wonderful place, so lucky you will live in a private room in the hotel in your own way. Decorate the new house, which you will live in all summer. Dress up the two princesses in summer fashion style. May you enjoy yourselves in the summer, ladies. 4J 12 hours ago
  • Sword Cave report Sword Cave In this game, you need to find the sword to kill the evil king. The only way to find the sword to find the hidden clues. Find useful objects around the cave and solve puzzles. Good Luck and have fun. 4J 12 hours ago
  • Set Free Your Friend report Set Free Your Friend In Mission Lifeline, you need to rescue the man was locked in a house. The only way to rescue the man is to the hidden clues. Find the hidden objects and solve some puzzles, you will see it. Have fun! 4J 12 hours ago
  • Snake 3310 report Snake 3310 Do you remember the game for Nokia 3310? Snake 3310 is a tribute to the original Snake for Nokia 3310, which is a fun simple pixel snake game. Maybe you have ever played it, maybe not. Now you can play it on your computer, or your phone. Go on spending hours to play it. Enjoy the classic Snake game in HTML5! 4J 12 hours ago
  • Nsr Cave Treasure report Nsr Cave Treasure In this game, you need to find the Treasure from the Cave. The only way to find the Treasure to find the hidden clues. Find useful objects around the cave and solve puzzles. Good Luck and have fun. 4J 12 hours ago
  • Sakura Festival Escape report Sakura Festival Escape In this game, you join the cherry blossom festival find the treasure. The only way to find the treasure is to find the hidden clues. Find useful objects around this festiva and solve puzzles. Good Luck and have fun. 4J 12 hours ago
  • Escape Game Rolling 17 report Escape Game Rolling 17 In this game, you need to pick up objects like the skull and escape from this place. The only way to break codes to find the hidden clues. Find useful objects around the cave and solve puzzles. Good Luck! 4J 12 hours ago
  • Soldiers In War Difference report Soldiers In War Difference Find all differences between two pictures with Soldiers In War. Your job is to find five differences at each picture for 2 minutes. If you wrong five times the game will over for you. On T button on your screen, you can turn off the time meter. Try to pass all five levels fastest as you can. Enjoy. 4J 12 hours ago
  • Grace QWOP report Grace QWOP Help Gracey run along with the weird walking mechanics. 8iz 14 hours ago
  • Make Chocolate Muffins report Make Chocolate Muffins Follow the recipe so you can bake up some yummy Chocolate Chip Muffins for your family. 8iz 14 hours ago
  • Halloween Mayhem report Halloween Mayhem Beat up the other trick or treaters so that you can steal their candy. 8iz 14 hours ago
  • The Rings report The Rings Stack up the rings to remove them from play. Match sure to match them up by size, not color. 8iz 14 hours ago
  • Madness Shooting report Madness Shooting Shoot the cartoon madness characters as they fly onto the screen. 8iz 14 hours ago
  • Frozen Rush Game report Frozen Rush Game Help the funny and goofy cartoon characters from the movie Frozen run along collecting all of the magical jewels in each level. 8iz 14 hours ago
  • Armchair Shooter report Armchair Shooter Take aim and fire as objects fly onto the screen. Try not to miss any of the house hold objects. 8iz 14 hours ago
  • Cf Dragon Artillery report Cf Dragon Artillery Play as an army officer who has his targets and needs to take them out as fast as possible. 8iz 14 hours ago
  • Stickman Sam 4 report Stickman Sam 4 A classic flash game where you need to shoot down the other stickmen in war time fashion. 8iz 14 hours ago
  • Trip To Italy report Trip To Italy Help the couple dress up in sporty clothes so they look nice during their vacation to Italy. 8iz 14 hours ago
  • Regular Show Xgame report Regular Show Xgame No description available. Yomza 21 hours ago
  • SpongeBob Dinner report SpongeBob Dinner Set clients on seats and serve them food they will require. Like a Gamer 1 day ago
  • Madness Shooting report Madness Shooting No description available. Like a Gamer 1 day ago
  • Mexican Train Dominoes report Mexican Train Dominoes In this version of dominoes everyone contributes to their own train as well as the Mexican Train Try to get rid of all your dominoes Like a Gamer 1 day ago
  • Chaotris report Chaotris A new twist on an old game. Like a Gamer 1 day ago
  • Chameleon Run report Chameleon Run Enjoy this unique racing game! Jump and switch colors as you clear all sorts of thrilling stages. Try to match the floor patterns, collect power-ups and avoid falling! It's not as easy as it sounds! MiniPlay 1 day ago
  • Pirates Slay report Pirates Slay Help our hero kill dozens of zombie pirates. With the help of some bombs and a sword, try to get rid of every creature! They're fragile but strong, so you'd better be careful... MiniPlay 1 day ago
  • Vital Bloodshed report Vital Bloodshed Discover this amazing shooter -- control a brave stickman who can use all sorts of weapons and has been chosen to protect the city. Grab your bombs and ammo and get rid of as many enemies as you can! MiniPlay 1 day ago
  • Road Rush Racer report Road Rush Racer Step on the gas and dodge the obstacles in your way! Collect coins and spend them on new, faster cars! MiniPlay 1 day ago
  • Abduckted report Abduckted This unlucky ducky was abducted by aliens and is now in their spaceship! Try to find a way out and back to planet Earth. Start controlling an egg and use the alien rays to make it grow and evolve! MiniPlay 1 day ago
  • Anna Skin Care report Anna Skin Care Princess Anna needs some help with her skincare! Get rid of the germs and clean her face so that her skin can be as soft as a baby's again! MiniPlay 1 day ago
  • Math Smashers report Math Smashers Discover this challenging game for your brain! Control a soldier and use your math skills to make the numbers match -- make the right combinations, beware of the balls on the game screen and stay focused. Are you the smart kid? MiniPlay 1 day ago
  • Strawberry Hazelnut Tart Cooking report Strawberry Hazelnut Tart Cooking No description available. Yomza 1 day ago
  • The Rings report The Rings Clever puzzle game involving stacking rings. The pressure mounts as the levels progress. Like a Gamer 1 day ago
  • Blast Bricks report Blast Bricks In this game you must destroy all bricks to win. Like a Gamer 1 day ago
  • Halloween Mayhem report Halloween Mayhem Beat up kids and take their candy on Halloween Night. Like a Gamer 1 day ago
  • Sexxes report Sexxes Beat your opponent by shooting his checkers out of the board 3 levels included Like a Gamer 1 day ago
  • Chock Chock report Chock Chock The classic computer game in which you have to form whole lines of bricks by moving groups of bricks left or right or by rotating them. You can control the groups of bricks by means of the keyboard arrows the upper arrow will rotate the group of bricks. Like a Gamer 1 day ago
  • Flag Football report Flag Football This is a topdown 7 on 7 football game. Pick from 10 unique plays and click to throw the ball in the exact spot you want it. The offensive and defensive AI is very intuitive and they will throw the ball to the open receiver. You can also punt and kick field goals Like a Gamer 1 day ago
  • Spin Swim report Spin Swim Fourth of the spin series. Like a Gamer 1 day ago
  • Space Spaz report Space Spaz Simple Space Shooter. Try to get a perfect score Like a Gamer 1 day ago
  • Face Invaders report Face Invaders Shoot down as many faces as you can. Be careful they progressively get trickier. Good Luck Like a Gamer 1 day ago
  • Color Girls Homemade report Color Girls Homemade Bake your favorite cupcakes and top it with these yummy toppings Like a Gamer 1 day ago
  • Hit the Jackpot report Hit the Jackpot Aim your bow, adjusted for the wind, and hope you hit the bullseye on target! 8iz 1 day ago
  • Ice Fishing Simulator report Ice Fishing Simulator Toss in the bait and hope you get a bite! Very realistic ice fishing simulator. 8iz 1 day ago
Showing 1 - 55 of 365,921 for 'Newest'

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