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  • Area Zero report Area Zero Somewhere in the near future high tech robots battle it out in the Area Zero arena. Grab your assault rifle and suit up for this intense fire fight. Blast away... Kongregate 10 months ago
  • SlapMan report SlapMan Enjoy all kinds of stages moving this hand and slapping left and right. Can you manage to survive? MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Momster report Momster Find a safe place to put the egg before the missile makes a bonfire of you. Die for your baby and rise again as a stronger Monster of a Mom. Y8 1 year ago
  • Cowboy vs Zombie report Cowboy vs Zombie Cowboy vs Zombie is retro shooter in the style of Wolfenstein. How far can you walk? Have fun. PacoGames 9 months ago
  • Counter Battle Strike SWAT report Counter Battle Strike SWAT No description available. PacoGames 4 months ago
  • Final Shootout report Final Shootout Final Shootout is great shooter game in a Tower Defense style with FPS elements. Your task is create impenetrable barrier of people and weapons. Moreover you can transform itself into a soldier and be a part of barrier. Can you stop all creatures? Because the game is very data-intensive, this game is only beta version in which is possible play only one map. Have fun. PacoGames 9 months ago
  • Colonial Kart World report Colonial Kart World Deep ocean, tidal waves, and a ship which appeared in the middle of a sea battle. As the captain of this ship, you will not be happy about following news. You are being attacked by the whole fleet. They are already firing from their cannons, prepare for counterattack! Turn right and shoot! Got them! Nice shot, captain. Bad news is that there are ten more... and all of them with one goal - to sink your boat. This day is gonna be one of the tougher ones for sure. Have fun. PacoGames 9 months ago
  • Wild West: Sheriff Rage report Wild West: Sheriff Rage No description available. PacoGames 9 months ago
  • Man Or Monster report Man Or Monster World's greatest cities are in trouble. There is a monstrum who destroying buildings in each of them. You have to decide, which side do you choose? Will you play as a Monster and destroy cities or rather you will play as man and these cities will protect? Choice is yours, have fun! PacoGames 9 months ago
  • Man or Monster report Man or Monster Are you human, or perhaps a terrible beast? Defend the biggest cities in the world from the monster invaders with your huge arsenal, or control a terrible monster and unleash your wrath in order to obliterate the cities! MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Pixel Wars of Hero report Pixel Wars of Hero No description available. PacoGames 9 months ago
  • BeGone: Last Stand report BeGone: Last Stand BeGone is browser based online multi-player first/third person shooter with a realistic theme. Note: Once loaded game will be in your cache and you wouldn#39t n... Kongregate 10 months ago
  • Blocky Combat Swat report Blocky Combat Swat Battling and killing other players on seven maps from Minecraft world sounds really promising to me. When you take into account that up to twenty players can play at once on one map, I am sure that you will agree with me that this game is fun, and you do not even have to be a Minecraft fanboy. So what side of the battle will you join? SWAT forces or mercenaries? The choice is yours. Help your team to conquer the battle and collect experience points, for which you can unlock more weapons, such as AWP, grenade launcher, or MPA1. Play the game and gain advantage over your opponents with more variable choice of weapons before the map loads up. Have fun. PacoGames 9 months ago
  • Combat Strike Multiplayer report Combat Strike Multiplayer Combat Strike Multiplayer is the 3D fps game with guns everywhere after a map. You don't play with only one gun, there you can choose guns as you like. Invite your friends and enjoy this great action multiplayer game which is full of guns. Have fun. PacoGames 9 months ago
  • Cow Defender report Cow Defender Owning a farm today is no fun at all. Like it was not enough that your animals and crops are being stolen you can not protect your land in any efficient way. Now, visitors from the universe have also joined these thieves. Yeah, right, UFO right on your farm! This unexpected guests can burn your farm pretty quickly. Their laser cannons are already working on destroying your barn, and the same fate for your granary is near... Unless you plan to hinder their plans... You still have your rocket launchers mounted on your car. Who would ever thought that they would come in handy... And here they are! Have fun. PacoGames 9 months ago
  • Zombie Miner report Zombie Miner No description available. PacoGames 9 months ago
  • Simpsons 3D Save Springfield report Simpsons 3D Save Springfield 3D First Person Shooter in Springfield Save Springfield from bullies! Complete missions from your favourite characters to unlock new parts of the town and kill all the bullies. Y8 1 year ago
  • Return to the West report Return to the West No description available. PacoGames 3 months ago
  • Good Guys vs Bad Boys report Good Guys vs Bad Boys There are two types of guys. The first one is good guys: these guys are trying to look nice in every situation and impress their environment with many good deeds. This approach may work in some cases, but not necessarily in others. On the other hand, bad guys are trying to show people who is the boss here. Agressive and straightforward behavior, often leading to success, but sometimes also in miserable failure. Which type is fitting your more? Or are you a mix of those two? Join one of these two sides in this multiplayer shooting action game, and help your team claim the match victory. You can fight on fifteen different maps using various guns and knives, each with its unique shooting patterns. The entertainment is guaranteed! Have fun. PacoGames 9 months ago
  • Zombie Hazard report Zombie Hazard When you woke up from a coma after six years, you absolutely could not catch your breath. The world you knew six years ago has turned out to be absolutely unrecognizable. Nothing is like it used to be. All people are gone. You wonder who actually stays on our planet? Nasty monsters of all sorts and especially a group of bloodthirsty zombies that already control over 90% of the mainland. It looks like the rescue of the world is in your hands again. You have no weapon, so expect even tougher conditions. But surely you can get some and start the judgment day! Have fun. PacoGames 9 months ago
  • Sector Defender report Sector Defender No description available. PacoGames 4 months ago
  • Combat Pixel Arena 3D: Fury Man report Combat Pixel Arena 3D: Fury Man The sun is over the horizon ... For a normal person, a new day full of expectations would begin, but the world of Minecraft is waiting for nothing but a battered fight! Characters from this virtual world have been in the war for years, and there is generally a very tight atmosphere. Everybody on the map is shooting continuously, and anyone who does not hold a gun in his hands is too easy target for others who want blood. So, before you enter the arena, choose your favorite primary and secondary weapon and get ready for the bloodiest of brutal duels where your life will be in great danger! You should start to shoot at the moment once you spot your enemy, if you do not, your life will end before you even realize it. Well, when you get into the arena next time, you'll know how it works and you will not make the same mistake again. Have fun. PacoGames 9 months ago
  • Final Night Zombie Street Fight report Final Night Zombie Street Fight Fight your way through the burnt out city in Final Night Zombie Street Fight. A virus has turned all the people into ravenous zombies. Help combat specialist Jill make her way through the streets and buildings swarming with the undead. Stomp and kick the zombies, and search for weapons. Shoot and beat the monsters until they stay dead! BGames 5 months ago
  • Combat Company Multiplayer FPS report Combat Company Multiplayer FPS A first person shooter multiplayer online game made in unity game engine. Combat Company brings a bunch of available weapons to play in a several maps. Enjoy t... Kongregate 10 months ago
  • Pixel Toonfare 3D report Pixel Toonfare 3D Battling on different maps against players from all over the world, zombies, S.W.A.T units, girls with handbags, AK47, AWP, we have already had all of this at We have had so many of these games, but Pixel 3D Toonfare differs from them at first sight - specially adjusted guns. Forget about classic AK47 or M4, these weapons are on a completely different level. You will be shooting cartoon animals instead of conventional ammo. If you find it strange, try it on your own and shoot, for example, zebra bullets, it is really funny, trust me. Before the game begins, you can select with what weapons will you go to the battle. Two of them are unlocked and you can gradually earn further by playing and collecting experience points. So, do you believe that you can succeed in this multiplayer game? Have fun. PacoGames 9 months ago
  • Combat Pixel SWAT & Zombies report Combat Pixel SWAT & Zombies Zombies, zombies once again. Ravaging our world is no longer enough for them, this time they want something more! They want to dominate the virtual world of Minecraft, and as a devoted gamer, you cannot let this happen! The whole gaming world would see that you are just a kid and you were just lying to your friends when you mentioned that you could do things in Minecraft that the others could not do. Well, you will have to show that you can cope with the zombies (if you do not want to join them ...). At least these weapons could help you a bit... It's not much, but better than nothing. Over time, however, you will surely save some money for better guns for more efficient dealing with nasty enemies. There are several single-player missions and a massive multiplayer where you will meet hundreds of other players! Have fun. PacoGames 9 months ago
  • Lego: Super Heroes report Lego: Super Heroes No description available. PacoGames 9 months ago
  • Coaster Racer 2 report Coaster Racer 2 This is a fun 3D racing action game. All of you guys will have fun! 4J 1 year ago
  • Air War 3D: Invasion report Air War 3D: Invasion Enjoy this action-packed flight simulator! Do you have what it takes to destroy your enemies and become the sky master? Put your skills to test in this Star Wars 3D simulator - the more enemies you put down, the more points you'll get. MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • XenoSquad report XenoSquad No description available. Y8 8 months ago
  • 3rd Person Shooter report 3rd Person Shooter 3d game where you must destroy alien Ufo. Pity that it is a demo. PacoGames 9 months ago
  • Alienware: Online report Alienware: Online Alienware: Online - an online multiplayer shooter game which at the first glance looks like all those tens of similar games. So similar, that they have the same maps, weapons, and even game modes. And just this is the difference between Alienware and all the other games. Here you have available 9 absolutely unique maps (They are only in this game currently) and five not quite common weapons out of 8. The aiming with them is a little different too. Many times you'll have surely trouble getting to certain places in maps, because the way to get there will not immediately visible always. That's not bug, but an intent. Over time, you will slowly uncover these ways and the game will become more interesting for you. Have fun. PacoGames 9 months ago
  • Insects: Alien Shooter report Insects: Alien Shooter Your last mission on an unknown planet did not go according to the plan. All your squad members left you alone! You are now alone on a dark planet, and you do not know whether this is your last day or not. It is dark, and you hear some weird noises. Oh crap, some alien insects spotted your position, and they are moving towards you. What to do, what to do? Do not panic, and try to get to the gun. It is your last chance to survive. Spray down incoming waves of alien insects, and you may find a way to live yet another day. But we all know what comes after all those waves of enemies - another, and even bigger wave... Good luck, and have fun. PacoGames 9 months ago
  • Fast Pixel Bullet report Fast Pixel Bullet Let me introduce todays contestants in our Minecraft battlefield arena! On the left, we have brave, handsome, strong, muscular, clever... should I continue, or just say: Boys! Yeah, this time no mercenaries or soldiers, but this war is beyond anything else, and you see why in a second. Because the time has come to introduce our second contestants. On the right side, please welcome beautiful, charming, smart, gorgeous... eh, ok, that is enough... Girls! Now you see, why we do not need any professionally trained army guys? Boys and girls have been battling each others since ever, and today, we are going to have one clear winner. Who is better at fighting, boys, or girls? Which team will you represent? Choose now, and the decide the outcome of the most epic battle ever! Have fun. PacoGames 9 months ago
  • Narusimu - Naruto Simulation Game report Narusimu - Naruto Simulation Game Register at Shinobi Life Online (formerly Narusimu) is a project with the goal of simulatin... Kongregate 10 months ago
  • Anti-Terror Strike report Anti-Terror Strike Enjoy this new FPS where you must rescue hostages and keep the neighborhood safe! Join the military forces and face your enemies directly -- there are 4 different missions available. Purchase upgrades for your armor and weapons, hide in dark spots and keep your eyes on your target! MiniPlay 3 months ago
  • Fat 'em Up report Fat 'em Up Flick junk food towards Jack to fatten him up so he gets too heavy for the giant to pull up the beanstalk. Y8 1 year ago
  • Pinball Soccer report Pinball Soccer No description available. Y8 8 months ago
  • Galaxy Slope report Galaxy Slope No description available. PacoGames 9 months ago
  • Block Craft 3D report Block Craft 3D No description available. PacoGames 5 months ago
  • Combat Reloaded report Combat Reloaded Year 2017, conflict in South America is starting to gain momentum, and countries from all over the world are sending there their best soldiers to get the control over the whole situation. However, nobody can end this battle. War casualties count several thousand dead men and these numbers are by no means final ones. Whole conflict twisted to the global warfare with no realistic solution. Well, but you are present on one of the main battlefields with no hope for any diplomatic conclusion. You have only one option left, join the rest of your team and try to eliminate all your enemies. Have fun. PacoGames 9 months ago
  • Zombie Diary report Zombie Diary The zombies have captured a military base, and this soldier is the last man who survived. He is armed with an assault rifle but he must finding ammo boxes. Ć¢EUR" so, if you will help him well, then will be enough to kill 'em all! PacoGames 9 months ago
  • Offworld report Offworld Offworld is a single-player third-person shooter where you pilot an airship and fight for the dominion of your clan! Choose a clan and fight against your rivals! Each faction features two unique airships which you can customize with primary and secondary weapons to go all out! PacoGames 9 months ago
  • Bullet Force Unity report Bullet Force Unity Bullet Force is a game full of pure action in which you will try to outlast your enemies and take them down. You barely settle your foot on the ground and enemy snipers are already targeting you and ground troops are approaching you faster and faster with every passed second. There is no time to lose. You and three other members of your squad have a clear objective: completely clear the area of all living enemies. It will not be easy. Some of the enemy soldiers are really tough nuts to crack. Especially those, who "randomly" carry a rocket launcher. On the other hand, some of them really do not want to fight, and they will try to escape and hide, only to save their own skin. Find them and end their miserable lives with no mercy. The game Bullet Force offers three difficulty levels taking place in five different areas including winter camp. Demonstrate your shooting skills and reflexes. Have fun. PacoGames 9 months ago
  • Mad Combat Marines report Mad Combat Marines Hunt down the online users you find! Choose a room, grab your weapon and use your stealth skills to catch them off guard! MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • CS Portable report CS Portable Counter Strike ( or shortly CS) is one of the most popular shooter games in the world. But... You don't need installing anything today because this game is in its version called Portable absolute free and online now. I hope you do not notice any difference between classic and online version of the Counter Strike because the difference is maximally in the graphics. All other is the same - There are two teams in the game - Terrorist and Counter Terrorist which fighting each other. Moreover you can play also other game modes, for example with zombies. And as always you get a money from each killed rival for buy new fighting equipment in a shop full of goods. Have fun. PacoGames 9 months ago
  • Paintball Wars report Paintball Wars It is a pleasure to introduce to you another multiplayer shooter game, but this time it is a little bit unusual. No soldiers, mercenaries, zombies or even aliens, but we are going to play paintball with a little bit spicier rules. Paintball is a sport or entertainment in which the objective is to knock out your opponent by hitting a ball with paint fired from a paintball gun. In Paintball Wars, you will be able to choose from two different characters. There are bad girls or good guys and eight brand-new and very destructive weapons that have been specially adjusted for games with color. It would not be the real fun without them. Also, a new feature is the "grenade" in the shape of a heart pierced by an arrow. Is that some kind of allusion to our two playable characters and their mutual teasing? Yeah, sometimes bad girls need just to be tamed and who else should take care of it than our "good" guys. A total of ten unique maps offers you great competition for games from two up to twenty players in two game modes: Team Deathmatch (guys versus girls) and classic deathmatch, where everybody plays against each other. Good-quality graphics and brilliant gameplay will certainly provide great moments you spend with this new game. Have fun. PacoGames 9 months ago
  • Grand Shift Auto report Grand Shift Auto No description available. PacoGames 7 months ago
  • Fox Family Simulator report Fox Family Simulator Hey, could you help us? On our farm, we have a lot carrots to harvest! We do not have time to collect it. Go to the field and collect all the carrots. Once you will be done, just come back and you will be given further directions. Oh, you are already here? Then, here is another way to become useful. Life on a farm can be sometimes tough, but with effort, your fox family will grow in no time! Just keep completing your quests, get some food to survive cold nights, and look around and explore huge world full of surprises and wild animals trying to get you down! Have fun. PacoGames 9 months ago
  • Nightmare Creatures report Nightmare Creatures No description available. PacoGames 4 months ago
  • Tiger Simulator 3D report Tiger Simulator 3D Play as a tiger in a nature reserve. Complete various tasks as you fight for survival. BubbleBox 7 months ago
  • Dead Zed report Dead Zed Shoot the zombies, organize search parties to look for survivors and new weapons, manage your group to defend and repair your safehouse. Kongregate 10 months ago
  • Space Lab Survival report Space Lab Survival No description available. PacoGames 4 months ago
  • Slenderman Must Die: Industrial Waste report Slenderman Must Die: Industrial Waste No description available. PacoGames 9 months ago
  • Air Wars report Air Wars A fighter aircraft is the most effective vehicle during a war. Fly across the sky and face your comrades in a quest to prove you're the bravest of all! MiniPlay 1 year ago
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