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  • Baby Hazel Preschool Picnic report Baby Hazel Preschool Picnic Baby Hazel is excited for the school picnic to water park. Help Baby Hazel in packing her picnic bag with essential stuff and some eatables also. Join Hazel to play games and pranks on the way to water park. Spend great time with little princess while trilling with water slides. Mafa 6 months ago
  • Baby Hazel Birthday Party report Baby Hazel Birthday Party It is Baby Hazel 4J 1 year ago
  • Baby Hazel Halloween Night report Baby Hazel Halloween Night This Halloween season, join Baby Hazel and friends to enjoy a spooktastic Halloween night ever! Play a lot of fun-filled Halloween games and activities with kids. Give a Halloween makeover to kids and go trick-or-treating around the town. Feast on yummy Halloween treats and have fun partying with kids at Halloween Food Hub. Happy Halloween! 4J 1 year ago
  • Baby Hazel Flower Girl 2 report Baby Hazel Flower Girl 2 Hurray! It's time to give an awesome Flower Girl makeover to Baby Hazel and attend her Aunt, Lisa's wedding. Dress up Hazel in stylish outfits and accessories and give her a nice hairstyle. Also enjoy giving a gorgeous bridal makeover to Aunt Lisa by dressing her up in wedding gown and accessories. Have fun! Mafa 6 months ago
  • Snow White Pregnancy report Snow White Pregnancy Good news! Snow White is having a new baby! Help her search for items she needs from the local shop, drive the ambulance to the hospital. Take care of her baby. What's important is to choose a fashion dress for her. Enjoy Snow White Pregnancy! 4J 1 month ago
  • Baby Barbie Playtime Accident report Baby Barbie Playtime Accident Like all children, baby Barbie loves spending time at the playground. She goes on the slide and swing, jumps on the trampoline, rides the rocking horse and plays in the sandbox. She is a cute little girl and she makes lots of new friends each time. Her parents keep a keen eye on her lest anything bad should happen. Baby Barbie just suffered a playtime accident falling off the swing and now she needs your medical attention to recover. As the hospital doctor, you must examine and treat your pretty patient. Use your amazing doctor skills to check her body for any broken bones with an x ray exam. Clean her playtime accident wounds with sterilizer lotion to prevent any infection. Barbie has bruises and scratches on her face, arms, hands and legs. Continue the medical care applying an antiseptic cream on the injured areas to help the healing process. Bandage the wounds and make sure your patient is in good health before sending her home. The adorable baby girl needs a few bed rest days to get well completely from the ugly accident, so let's cheer her up drawing a colorful Get Well Soon card for her. She looks forward to her next playground playtime, so how about dressing her up in girly and super fashionable outfits? Have a fabulous time playing our newest baby game! 4J 1 year ago
  • Take Care Of My Sister Anna report Take Care Of My Sister Anna Elsa's parents are too busy to take care of her sister Anna and they hope Elsa can do this. But Elsa has no experience of taking care a baby, can you help her finish her job? Mafa 6 months ago
  • Sofys Baby Shoppe report Sofys Baby Shoppe Ms Sofy has opened a baby shoppe in your city. Sofy is new in the city and she needs someone from the city itself to look after her shoppe and make it profitable. Help Sofy to run her new shoppe and make it popular. You need to work hard for sure. So, help her to serve impatient customers with the baby products as they need. Be it a toy, baby clothes, diapers or a baby lotion, serve and make them happy. Also new items are added to shoppe everyday. Note that your target of per day has to be achieved to move to next day. Faster you serve more money you can earn as tips. 4J 1 year ago
  • Lisi New Born Brother report Lisi New Born Brother Baby Fun Lisi Brother is here. She is very surprised how cute baby is he. She can't wait to come home. Lisi is waiting with her friends for her brother. She will be very kind and helpful girl because she wants to help her mother about the baby. Hooray the baby is at home and everyone enjoyed in his stay. Mafa 6 months ago
  • Baby Hazel Lighthouse Adventure report Baby Hazel Lighthouse Adventure Baby Hazel is curious to explore spooky Lighthouse. Want to know what happens in the adventure? Then play this game and join her adventurous voyage. Be with her and ensure she is contented throughout the journey. Mafa 6 months ago
  • Baby Hazel Sibling Surprise report Baby Hazel Sibling Surprise Baby Hazel is anxious to take care of her little brother, Matt. As she is too young, can you help her in attending to all his needs? Engage with him and keep him happy all the time. Assist Hazel in changing Matts nappy and feeding him on time. Purchase colorful and beautiful items to decorate Matts room and assist Hazel in the decoration. Enjoy a fabulous time with the siblings in this unique baby care game! Mafa 6 months ago
  • Baby Hazel African Safari report Baby Hazel African Safari Baby Hazel and her parents along with Bruno have gone on holiday to South Africa. After experiencing the beautiful scenic of Cape Town, they have decided to spend a night in the jungle safari tent. Isn't that exciting? Do you want to be part of this jungle adventure? Join Baby Hazel and her family and taste the wilderness of the Jungle. You need to be careful as jungles are a bit risky for young girls like Baby Hazel. Be with the little one and help in her needs. Make sure she does not get lost in the wilds. 4J 1 year ago
  • Baby Hazel Puppy Care report Baby Hazel Puppy Care Let's join Hazel to bathe messy Bruno and then feed him tasty food. Then accompany Hazel and Bruno to pet shop and help them to buy supplies required for kennel. Finally, assist Hazel in building and painting a beautiful doghouse for Bruno. Mafa 6 months ago
  • Baby Daisy Cooking Time report Baby Daisy Cooking Time Baby Daisy wants to learn how to cook today, so she needs a good teacher to help her. Enjoy your cooking time with baby Daisy! 4J 1 year ago
  • My Pet Doctor - Baby Piggy report My Pet Doctor - Baby Piggy Oh, no! Poor little baby piggy! She is really sick and needs to go to the doctor! Take her to the pet doctor and give a helping hand on treating the cute piggy. Make the piggy healthy and happy again, then take her into the bathroom and prepare her for a relaxing bubbly bath. After washing your special pet, get ready for a cool animal dress up session. Enjoy our new game for girls! Mafa 6 months ago
  • Baby Hazel Fashion Party report Baby Hazel Fashion Party It's time to go glamorous and enjoy Fashion Birthday Party with Baby Hazel and baby Matt. Siblings are invited for their friend's birthday party. Dress up little siblings in trendy outfits and accessories. Create a hairstyle that perfectly suits darling Hazel. Mix and match makeup to give stunning looks to her. Finally, go along with Hazel and Matt to the party and enjoy a lot of fun-filled activities. Have fun!!! 4J 1 year ago
  • Baby Lisi Fashion Show report Baby Lisi Fashion Show Take the opportunity to travel around the world together with Baby Lisi, her mother and little baby brother Jo. Baby Lisi is participating in Fashion show and when she visits America, China, Egypt and India, you have to choose clothes for her. When the show is over, visit the great landmarks of these amazing countries. Enjoy! Mafa 6 months ago
  • Baby Lisi Newborn Puppies report Baby Lisi Newborn Puppies Adopt puppies from the Adoption Center together with Baby Lisi and her father and have the best time ever! Go to the Shopping Mall and buy puppy supplies so after you can build dog house, dress the puppies in cute clothes and cook food for them with Baby Lisi so Lisi can feed them. Have fun! Mafa 6 months ago
  • Baby Hazel Pet Hospital report Baby Hazel Pet Hospital Get ready to roll up your sleeves and take up some pet care challenges!! Baby Hazel and her friends need your help to take their injured pets to the hospital. Help the kids to convince their pets to go through medical checkup and keep them relaxed during the treatment. 4J 1 year ago
  • Baby Hazel Mothers Day report Baby Hazel Mothers Day Today is Mothers Day, and Baby Hazel wants to surprise her Mom with a great celebration. Help the little girl to shopping, prepare a cake and decorate the room in the game. Mafa 6 months ago
  • Fairytale Baby Belle Caring report Fairytale Baby Belle Caring Hey, darling! Welcome into this wonderful fairy tale world! In our story, princess Belle is a little baby now and she needs a nice girl to take care of her. Sounds great, isn't it? Get ready for a new magical baby care challenge and have fun with cute little Belle! Wash the baby, dry her, change her diaper, dress her up and more! Taking care of baby Belle is going to be an amazing experience for you! Enjoy it! 4J 1 year ago
  • Baby Daisy Summer Time report Baby Daisy Summer Time Baby Daisy Summer Time is very interesting game for little kids. Baby Daisy decides to spend a beautiful day on the beach. You are here to help Baby Daisy get ready for the beach. Help her pack her things that she will need on the beach. Try to pack the right things in the right luggage. After Baby Daisy gets ready, she can go on the beach. On the beach you have to give Baby Daisy every item she asks for so she will be happy. Here she can play in the sand, swim in the sea, play with her toys and many other things. Play this awesome game and have fun on the beach together with Baby Daisy. Enjoy the summer time! Mafa 6 months ago
  • Messy Baby Zoe report Messy Baby Zoe Baby zoe fell down in the garden while playing with her friends. She is in pain and her dress is full of dirt. Could you help her to clean the dirt and recover from the wounds? Help her!! Mafa 6 months ago
  • Baby Barbie Crazy Haircuts report Baby Barbie Crazy Haircuts Crazy colorful haircuts are the new must have trend of the season, girls! Baby Barbie wants to be the first one to try it on. Be her hair stylist and impress her with your skills. Begin the crazy haircuts makeover by washing the cute baby girl's hair with Hello Kitty shampoo and conditioner. Rinse off the extra foam, dry and brush the hair properly. Use a hydrating mask for a smooth, silky and shiny effect. Cutting and styling are the next hair salon steps. Keep the length as it is, trimming the split ends only or dare to adopt a shorter haircut. Will baby Barbie look as pretty with a short hairstyle as with her gorgeous long hair? Create lots of crazy haircuts for Barbie and accessorize each hairdo with a chic hat, headband or hair pin. How about a funky hipster clip, a lovely flower band or a sassy octopus or panda bear hat? Put to work the straightener and curling iron tools making trendy princess curls and fancy wavy or straight hairstyles. Dye the pretty girl's hair in crazy colorful locks going from pink and blonde to green, blue, red and purple hues of color. Turn her into a stunning fairytale princess or a fab colorful fashionista. How about some great hair styling and dress up ideas for Halloween? Have a wonderful time playing our hot new baby game! 4J 1 year ago
  • Baby Madison Camping report Baby Madison Camping Enjoy Baby Madison Camping today and enjoy the action packed scenes as you try to beat all of the levels. 8iz 5 months ago
  • Baby Emma in the Zoo report Baby Emma in the Zoo Baby Emma is going to the zoo today! She will be helping out Carol. First you must do some preparations: dressup Emma with a lovely zookeeper outfit and help her to get all the material and food into the zoo jeep. Then you will head out to the hippo. He is dirty and you must help Emma to clean him. After that, you will go to the monkeys and feed them with banana because they are very hungry. Finally you must help Emma to assist in the dolphin show. Y8 8 months ago
  • Elsa After Surgery report Elsa After Surgery Elsa hasn't been feeling well lately. She went to the hospital and after little Olaf examines her, he has decided that was appendicitis and she needed a surgery immediately. You can color a book while you are waiting for Elsa's operation. Just be with her all the time and take care of her by doing the necessary treatment. After she is fully recovered, give her new clothes and discharge her from the hospital. Mafa 6 months ago
  • Baby Bathing Games For Little Kids report Baby Bathing Games For Little Kids Lovely babies always love bathing after the busy days. But it's really not easy to bath babies for their parents. Now please help the cute baby bathing!You should also have make the baby happy with all kinds of toys and baby bathing supplies,such as bubbles,shampoo,flowers,and so on during this bath time. Well,let's start!Enjoy! Y8 8 months ago
  • Baby Eggs With Bacon report Baby Eggs With Bacon Cook this fantastic meal eggs with bacon. Fry eggs and bacon then garnish it with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. Serve it up with freshly squeezed orange juice. Y8 8 months ago
  • Baby Daisy Camping report Baby Daisy Camping Baby Daisy Camping is very interesting game with Baby Daisy and her family. Baby Daisy and her family plan to go for a family camping. In the first level you have to help them to purchase the things they need for camping. After the purchase the family went to the camping site. You have to help them to set up the things at the camping site. In the third level the family needs to take their lunch. Help the family to set up the food on the table. In the fourth level the family is very hungry, so help the family to serve the food. Play this awesome game and have a lot of fun! Mafa 6 months ago
  • Princess Carol Fairy Tale report Princess Carol Fairy Tale Princess Carol has to visit her friend's home but her carriage is wrecked and horse is wounded. Can you help her? Here you get a chance to build, decorate, paint and furnish Princess Carol's carriage. Also treat the wounded horse and decorate him with colorful accessories just the way you want. Be quick in building the broken carriage as Princess Carol has to reach her friend's palace before the sunset. 4J 1 year ago
  • Baby Boy in the Kitchen report Baby Boy in the Kitchen It's baby boy Leo's bath time. Since he doesn't love to take baths, it's important to make this as fun as possible. Today's original idea is to clean him up in the kitchen sink. He just forgets that he's covered up with soap while he watches her mom cook and do the dishes. So prepare the bubbles and get Leo all cleaned up! Y8 8 months ago
  • Babysitting Fun report Babysitting Fun Anthony's father is an adventurer who has travelled the world as an explorer.... CrazyGames 1 year ago
  • Sofys Summer Camp report Sofys Summer Camp Sofy is a pretty young girl. She loves kids so much that she always finds some way to spend time with them.So, Sofy has started Kids Camp. In her camp, kids can learn swimming, gardening, painting, crafting and much more. There are so many activities to take care of. Help Sofy in her camp to take care of the kids. Help kids in completing different activities.You must attend the kids before they lose patience. Otherwise they start crying and you lose game. Your bonus points depend on the kids. 4J 1 year ago
  • Baby Hazel Spa Bath report Baby Hazel Spa Bath Relax and enjoy a rejuvenating Spa time with darling Baby Hazel! Join her in preparing different flavored bath mixtures by picking up various ingredients from her kitchen. Mafa 6 months ago
  • Jasmine Pregnant And Baby Care report Jasmine Pregnant And Baby Care Beautiful princess Jasmine is pregnant and almost ready to deliver her very first baby boy. She's enjoying the very last days of her pregnancy in the company of her hubby, handsome Aladdin who's trying his best to keep her happy and very well spoiled with all sorts of delicious treats. He's prepared the meal for his beautiful princess and he just needs you precious helping hand to carefully pick the goodies and feed the beautiful princess, so hurry up to join them in getting the 'Jasmine Pregnant And Baby Care' game started to help him spoil the future mom-to-be. Go to the next page of the game and check out princess Jasmine's health condition by checking her temperature and blood pressure in order to make sure she's perfectly fine to deliver her baby boy. Now that the baby boy is out, you'll have to help Aladdin with the baby caring process and give him the first bubbly bath. Use a delicate soap and warm water to wash his tiny body and then go to the next page of the game and dress the sweet baby boy in a cute baby outfit, making sure to accesorize your selection with a cute hat and a bran-new hairstyle. Have a great time playing the 'Jasmine Pregnant And Baby Care' game for girls! Y8 8 months ago
  • Cute Baby Dress Up report Cute Baby Dress Up This is yet another dress-up game, but this is quite a good one as you will not be choosing clothes for any movie star, singer or famous person, but you will dress this cute baby girl in the most funny outfit. She must feel comfortable so she can enjoy her playtime, until she has to go for a nap. Try to match the clothes together and she will be a hip and fashionable baby even at this young age. There are lots to choose from and you can even change her hair for a more complete look. 4J 1 year ago
  • Pou Birthday Party report Pou Birthday Party Pou is hosting a fabulous party to celebrate his birthday and is looking for some great ideas to decorate his room. Use your imagination, choose beautiful and cozy furniture, a big fancy table, colored curtains, and create one-of-a-kind party with funny party decorations, such as balloons, hats, garlands, whistles. Pou and his guests will have a fantastic party thanks to you. Mafa 6 months ago
  • Baby Tom And Angela Washing Toys report Baby Tom And Angela Washing Toys Baby Tom and Baby Angela decided to help their parents with the spring cleaning. They gathered all their toys and now they want to wash it. Help the two kittens separate the plastic toys from the stuffed animals and put them in the washing machine with the right detergent. When the toys are clean put them to dry. Have fun! 4J 1 year ago
  • Monster High Baby Birth report Monster High Baby Birth Time goes by, Monster High students are becoming adults... Ten years have passed since Clawdeen Wolf graduated from Monster High School. She is a successful grown-up woman now, she runs a famous design studio in Scaris and is married to a handsome werewolf. They have a pretty five year old daughter Fangelina. Today you are going to join Clawdeen at one of the most important moments of her life: Clawdeen is going to give birth to her second child! A cute little cub has been growing inside her for nine months and now he is about to come out and meet his family at last! Clawdeen already knows how it feels, but she is nervous and a bit afraid anyway. Help a young monster mommy pack her things and go to the hospital. Be her doctor there and make sure that the delivery goes well. After that you are to take care of the newborn werewolf: suck the liquid out the baby's nose, cut off the umbilical cord, vaccinate the baby and check his heartbeat. Don't forget to weigh the newborn! Finally, swaddle him and handle to his happy parents! 4J 1 year ago
  • Tooth Fairy Baby Care report Tooth Fairy Baby Care Do you know Tooth Fairy? Babay Bonnie lost her first Baby tooth. The Tooth Fairy know the thing. She decides to care baby Bonnie. How does Tooth Fairy take care of Babay Bonnie? Play the game to learn it. Have fun in the game Tooth Fairy Baby Care. 4J 6 months ago
  • Baby Elena Study Room Cleaning report Baby Elena Study Room Cleaning Baby Elena's room is in a mess now. Can you help her clean and tidy the room. Put the litters in the trash can, the clothes into the basin and the useful objects in the right place. Clean the floor or the swop. So many things to do. You can get the score if you do the right things. Start now. 4J 1 month ago
  • Elsa Mommy Fashion report Elsa Mommy Fashion Elsa will have a baby recently, but today she will join a mom party to communicate their experience about being a mommy, help her make over and dress up to make her a fashion mommy, thank you! Mafa 6 months ago
  • Baby Elsa Birthday Party Cleaning report Baby Elsa Birthday Party Cleaning Just now the birthday party of Elsa got over. The family members of the princess are busy conversing with the relatives. Clean the place neat and tidy. Pick up the waste things in the garbage. You will be appreciated if you complete cleaning the place before the time runs out. Baby Elsa will be very much obliged to you. Have a good time with the royal family. Only after you clean the place, Anna will go to bed. Now you can start cleaning the place. Mafa 6 months ago
  • Labonita Nurse and Baby Care report Labonita Nurse and Baby Care After that, dress her up so that she will be the cutest! Enjoy!. Play Labonita Nurse and Baby Care anytime and enjoy the craziness as you try to attempt to win. 8iz 10 months ago
  • Baby Elsa Arm Surgery report Baby Elsa Arm Surgery The arm of baby Elsa was hurt when she was skiing. She needs a surgery right now. Come on play as a surgeon to operate on her arm. Baby Elsa feels sad after the surgery, do not forget help her dress up to refresh her. Enjoy the game! 4J 10 months ago
  • Little Elsa Clean Christmas Carriage report Little Elsa Clean Christmas Carriage Christmas Day is coming! The little Elsa wants to help Santa clean the Christmas carriage. Can you help her? Firstly, clean the horse and the carriage. Then decorate them with nice accessories. Have a good time! Mafa 6 months ago
  • Baby Breakfast Rush report Baby Breakfast Rush Prepare all grocery to make the delicious baby breakfast. Y8 8 months ago
  • Baby Clothes Laundry report Baby Clothes Laundry Kate is the sister of your classmate Samuel; Samuel and his family members are going for a tour. Everyone in the family is going except the kid 'Kate'. In their absence you are supposed to take care of the kid. Do the daily chores of the house. The girl has so many clothes to be washed. Be with her throughout the day and help her washing the clothes. Put white clothes and colour clothes separately. Put the clothes in the washing machine. After some time remove the clothes and dry them. Keep the house neat and tidy while they are absent. Play with Kate in the evening. Cook delicious meals for the kid. In the process, do not forget to take clothes. Once they dry, fold them and keep them where they are supposed to be. Take care of the girl. Teach good manners to the girl. Y8 8 months ago
  • Baby Merida And Angus Care report Baby Merida And Angus Care Baby Merida with her pony Angus was going for a birthday party. But, Angus hit against a stone and both of them had a great fall. Baby Merida noticed some problem at her pony and she wants to take care of him. Now, they need your clean up Angus and Baby Merida.Thank you so much. God bless you. 4J 1 year ago
  • Baby Painting Room report Baby Painting Room Baby Painting Room is a cute decorating game that lets the player be creative enough to decorate this baby's room. The player will surely have fun playing this game. Not only that, the player can also get an idea for his/her future room. Y8 8 months ago
  • Baby Daisy Got Sick report Baby Daisy Got Sick Baby Daisy Got Sick and she really needs your help now. Can you take care of her and give her some checks to make sure she is ok? She all depends on you, please try your best to help her! 4J 1 year ago
  • Baby Hazel Easter Fun report Baby Hazel Easter Fun Baby Hazel is playing in the backyard with all the animals. Find out what young baby Hazel wants and interact with the garden and the animals outside. This is shaping up to be a perfect Easterday. FunnyGames 2 months ago
  • Baby Beach Vacation report Baby Beach Vacation Dress up this cute little baby to be prepared for beach vacation.. Keep busy with Baby Beach Vacation now and enjoy the enjoyment as you try to clear the stages. 8iz 10 months ago
  • Baby Bubbles report Baby Bubbles Baby gets what baby wants! . Take on Baby Bubbles anytime and enjoy the craziness as you strive to attempt to win. 8iz 10 months ago
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