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  • Anna cooking Chicken Salad Anna cooking Chicken Salad Summer is right around the corner and we need to look good and feel good so in this Anna cooking chicken salad, you will be the one trying to switch up some of your diet by following the recipe that Anna uses to trim down the fat and get in shape. You will have the recipe right beside you and Anna is a great chef as well so you cannot go wrong with the ingredients as they are fresh and organic. The plating is very important on a diet especially because if you eat a bit less, it has to look and smell amazing. Share this one with your friends so you can look great and feel awesome at the same time when you are playing beach volleyball. Y8 1 year ago
  • Bubble Chicky Bubble Chicky The hen is decided to save her chickens, but all of these vegetables are on her way. In this wild puzzle Html5 games, help she took them from the tomatoes to the fireworks all shattered into pieces. Tap, aim and release to shoot free all chicks to win. 4J 2 years ago
  • Fried Chicken Fried Chicken Are you looking to make a simple dish with a lot of taste? Prepare some fried chicken for a fabulously tasty fried chicken recipe that's both crunchy and tangy! CookingGames 8 months ago
  • Chicken Invaders Chicken Invaders Chicken Invaders is space shooter war game. Fight for the freedom of the galaxy! Save the earth from alien invaders in shooting games. Yepi 11 months ago
  • Spicy Pecan Popcorn Chicken Spicy Pecan Popcorn Chicken These spicy chicken nuggets have chopped and shredded almonds that make up the majority of the breading. And with the extra nuts inside the breading it gives it more crunch! GirlGames 8 months ago
  • Italian Skillet Chicken Italian Skillet Chicken Hey there, when the sun sets, and all of the food is finally put away with all of the clean dishes, but that's exactly when I want some more food! And that's when my hidden hunger finally explodes, but it shouldn't be too difficult to find some tasty little leftovers! GirlGames 8 months ago
  • Cooking Christmas Traditional Food Cooking Christmas Traditional Food Exciting Christmas can't lack delicious traditional food. If you are interested in how to make Christmas food, don't miss this game. Come and make roast turkey, salmon smoked ham, pudding, gingerbread, and make your Christmas table even richer! Have fun! 4J 11 months ago
  • Cooking Chicken Soup Cooking Chicken Soup You will get to live the experience of cooking a chicken recipe after a real recipe.Cook the chicken soup for your family and friend and then see what they think about it.Have fun! Y8 1 year ago
  • Chicken House Chicken House Chop the beams so the eggs and chickens will be crushed. Big beams needs to be chopped up in little pieces. FunnyGames 3 months ago
  • Boom Burger Boom Burger Are you ready for our most entertaining game in a while?! Up to 3 friends can join you -- put your soccer burger skills to test or try to pass the hot potato! Choose one of the four game modes and defeat your rivals by making them explode! MiniPlay 7 months ago
  • Tractors Power 2 Tractors Power 2 Feel the breathe of the village life and drive your tractor through hilly terrain. Choose one of three tractors and try to get the best score on each level. You can switch to kids version to stop knocking animals down. But score for them will not be counted. Have fun. Y8 1 year ago
  • Chicken Tikka Masala Chicken Tikka Masala Hey! What a coincidence! We're having Indian food for lunch today! And if you know anything about Indian food, you know that Chicken Tikka Masala is the spaghetti of Indian food, the Pad Thai of Indian food. Everyone knows this basic dish and how delicious it is! CookingGames 8 months ago
  • Chicken Jump Bloody Winter Edition Chicken Jump Bloody Winter Edition Try to survive by jumping. Y8 1 year ago
  • Domestic Animals Memory Domestic Animals Memory How good is your memory? Join in the memory puzzle of Domestic Animals Memory to have a test. The game has easy, medium and hard levels. Memorize the positions of different kinds of animals. The click the images of the same animal to match them. Finish the memory puzzle in as less as moves as you can. Challenge your moemory right now! 4J 1 year ago
  • Chef Chicken Ramen Chef Chicken Ramen Cook this asian delicacy and savor the delicious chicken broth. Be the master chef in cooking the famous chicken ramen. Y8 1 year ago
  • Super Bowl Chicken Wings Super Bowl Chicken Wings The Superbowl is next Sunday, so now is the perfect time to begin creating the menu you'll be serving at your Superbowl party. There are many different types of snacks you can make, but none are quite as delicious and easy to make as chicken wings. This delicious snack is the perfect bite to keep all of your guests satisfied, giving them the energy they need to cheer for their favorite team. Simply follow the instructions and stick to the recipe to concoct this fantastic appetizer in this fun online cooking game for girls. This tangy recipe is sure to keep your guests coming back for more, so be sure to make enough for everyone! CookingGames 8 months ago
  • Spicy Pecan Popcorn Chicken Spicy Pecan Popcorn Chicken These spicy pecan chicken nuggets are to be tasted with creamy ranch dip. Enjoy the cooking game! Y8 1 year ago
  • Idle Farm Tycoon Idle Farm Tycoon Who dont likes chickens? Lets be rich with this cute chickens and cows... Farming tycoon idle clicker game FreeOnlineGames 3 weeks ago
  • Weight Lifting Rooster Weight Lifting Rooster Dress up your Weight Lifting Rooster with your favorite costumes. Y8 1 year ago
  • Chicken Invaders Chicken Invaders Chicken Invaders is space shooter war game. Fight for the freedom of the galaxy! Save the earth from alien invaders in shooting games. Kizi 11 months ago
  • Cool Chicken Alfredo Cool Chicken Alfredo Help Matt make dinner for his girlfriendchicken Alfredo pasta! Peel, cut and cook the ingredients properly. It's gonna be a huge surprise for her! MiniPlay 2 years ago
  • GFG Billy Farmhouse Escape GFG Billy Farmhouse Escape Billy works in his Farmhouse, but the door was locked, you can find some interesting clues to solve the puzzle and finally escape from the farmhouse. Have fun and good luck. 4J 1 year ago
  • Chicken Cannon Chicken Cannon Fire your cannon & cause reactions that will end up pushing the little chicken into the proper spot. Y8 1 year ago
  • Chicken Shooter Chicken Shooter Chicken Shooter is a kind of interesting shooting simulation game. imagine that you are trapped on a farm. The only method you can survive is shooting the chickens with limited bullets. If you are interested in this kind of games, please join us and have fun! CarGames 4 months ago
  • Find A Way Find A Way In this game you need to build a path for a chicken. You have all pieces of the path, but some of them are not at their place. You can move pieces that have a free spot nearby to the free spot. Moving the pieces this way you must make sure your path will lead the chicken to its destination. Y8 1 year ago
  • Christmas Slacking Christmas Slacking Sarah's getting into the Christmas spirit! We all know that especially at this time of year it's super important to not be naughty, but can Sarah resist slacking? 4J 2 years ago
  • Fast Menu Game Fast Menu Game Fast Menu Game is known as an arcade matching game about cooking fast food in a restaurant on the beach. You are asked to be a cook to serve customers by combining different food materials into the food they want as fast as you can. I suggest you to known about the ingredient of every food product which is useful to gain more time for oprating. Good luck and have fun! 4J 2 months ago
  • Bake Chicken Spaghetti Bake Chicken Spaghetti Bake Chicken Spaghetti is a Other game 2 play online at GaHe.Com. You can play Bake Chicken Spaghetti in full-screen mode in your browser for free without any annoying AD. GaHe 2 months ago
  • Hidden Numbers - Surf's Up Hidden Numbers - Surf's Up Find all hidden numbers around the Surfs Up image. Y8 1 year ago
  • Healthy Chicken Nuggets Healthy Chicken Nuggets Help Sara bake up a delicious breaded chicken treat with a cereal twist, Corn flakes! Learn how to make this crunchy traditional fave using a unique new method! GirlGames 8 months ago
  • Salsa Chicken Rice Casserole Salsa Chicken Rice Casserole Today Sara will be teaching you how to make delicious Salsa Chicken Rice Casserole. At every step you will be provided with hints, on how to make the Salsa Chicken Rice Casserole. On early completion you will be given bonus points. Y8 1 year ago
  • Chicken Fajitas Chicken Fajitas Be careful! These chicken fajitas are very spicy! It's not the peppers. They make the unreal sweet and roasted taste of these fajitas really pop! It's that salsa that's the issue. You might think that it's refreshing with it's tomato paste, chopped onions, and pickled peppers, but there's some chili powder spice that's going to set your mouth on fire! CookingGames 8 months ago
  • Chicken Soup Chicken Soup Sasha ates canned food! Help her make a chicken soup from scratch! Be sure to pick out your food, ingredients, and spices from the local farmer's market for the absolute best taste! GirlGames 8 months ago
  • How To Make Chicken Teriyaki How To Make Chicken Teriyaki Time to learn how to cook the tastiest Chicken Teriyaki dish from Japan. This Asian style chicken is super tasty and melts in your mouth. Chop up your ingredients then start the cooking process. Do exactly what the game tells you to do to cook the Chicken Teriyaki to perfection. Y8 1 year ago
  • Spongebob Restaurant Spongebob Restaurant SpongeBob opened a restaurant and needs your help making dozens of delicious hamburgers and delivering the orders in time! Help him manage the business and earn big! MiniPlay 2 years ago
  • Funky Chicken Tower Defense Funky Chicken Tower Defense It's a chicken revolution! The Funky Chickens are coming to wreak havoc in your town. Defend yourself before it's too late! Mafa 1 year ago
  • Pregnant Rapunzel Cooking Chicken Soup Pregnant Rapunzel Cooking Chicken Soup A soon to be mommy is eager to get a meal in so start this pregnant Rapunzel chicken soup cooking game as she is hungrier than ever and does not know how to make it as good as you do. Mafa 1 year ago
  • Chicken House 2 Chicken House 2 Chicken House is coming back! Chicken House 2 is a fun physics-based puzzle game. Your goal in this game is to get rid of all poultry birds in every stage. Have a good time! 4J 2 years ago
  • Angel Chicken Pasta Angel Chicken Pasta Let's cook some delicious angel chicken pasta! Collect the ingredients, mix them and cook! SuperGames 8 months ago
  • Oti's Cooking Lesson: Spicy Broccoli Chicken Oti's Cooking Lesson: Spicy Broccoli Chicken Welcome back to another edition of Oti's Cooking Lessons! Today, Oti wants to teach you a delicious recipe which is sure to make even the most skeptical children enjoy their vegetables. It's time to start cooking, so grab your apron and stick to the recipe to prepare spicy broccoli chicken for a healthy summer meal in this fun cooking game for girls! CookingGames 8 months ago
  • Fantastic Chef: Chicken & Dumplings Fantastic Chef: Chicken & Dumplings Easy, creamy chicken with delicate dumplings made from refrigerator biscuits, slow cooked to comfort food perfection. Y8 1 year ago
  • Healthy Chicken Nuggets Healthy Chicken Nuggets Learn how to make a delicious and healthy chicken nuggets. Y8 1 year ago
  • Humbugger Humbugger Play as a chicken in this unusual platformer that defies the laws of reality. Explore a castle as you try to meet up with your owner, a thief by the name of Ziggy Fraud. The castle is filled with things that will kill you, so watch your step! Gain new abilities and think outside the box to overcome obstacles you face inside and outside the castle's walls. Y8 1 year ago
  • Classical Rabbit Hunting Classical Rabbit Hunting Classical Rabbit Hunting is an amazing rabbit hunting shooting simulation game. The players need to use the mouse to aim at the running rabbit and kill them with limited bullets. Hope you can join us to show off your shooting and sniper skills in Classical Rabbit Hunting. Good luck! 4J 2 months ago
  • Healthy Pizza! Healthy Pizza! A real pizza master is going to show you his secret pizza recipe. Put the steps down carefullyall your friends will be incredibly envious when they taste your next pizza! MiniPlay 2 years ago
  • Thanksgiving Day Turkey Escape Thanksgiving Day Turkey Escape In the game of Thanksgiving Day Turkey Escape, you need to recuse a turkey. As we know, turkey is a must to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. The turkey is trapped in a cage. Her master is busy preparing other necessities for Thanksgiving Day. So start the game right now. Collect all the hidden clues and solve puzzles to rescue the turkey. Good luck and have fun1 4J 1 year ago
  • Chicken House Chicken House Chicken House is a physics-based puzzle game. Break wooden and ice blocks with your axe to kill chickens and destroy their eggs. 4J 2 years ago
  • Egg Runner Egg Runner Help the little chicken grab all the eggs and beware of the cats...they are hungry and they want to eat the cute chicken. Y8 1 year ago
  • GfG Thanksgiving 2018 GfG Thanksgiving 2018 At the Thanksgiving party, the Thanksgiving Turkey is unfortunately locked by a bad guy. You have to help the turkeys get out of this place before the bad guys come back. You can find all the key items that can solve puzzles. Have fun and good luck. 4J 11 months ago
  • How to Make a Chicken Burger How to Make a Chicken Burger make a delicious Chicken Burger and find out how. Y8 1 year ago
  • Chicken Wings And Garlic Bread Chicken Wings And Garlic Bread Today we must prepare food for guests. You have been eavesdropping on what they have ready to eat chicken wings and garlic bread. You must use ingredients from the recipe to prepare a tasty dish. After the guests will eat a food that you prepare them they will give their opinion on how the meal was tasty, so you should give your best to cook as well. Y8 1 year ago
  • Animals Candy Zoo Animals Candy Zoo Animals Candy Zoo is a puzzle match 3 game. You have to match three or more of the same animals. You have to match more animals in limited time. The zoo will become bigger and bigger, and there will be many animals. Have a good time. 4J 1 year ago
  • Animaline Animaline Draw a connecting line between the cute animals and fill out the grid to complete each level. Connect animals and solve the puzzles in every level! CoolGames 8 months ago
  • Farm Valley Farm Valley Build your farm, cultivate and harvest crops. Raise poultry, animals and livestock in the most popular farming game. FreeOnlineGames 3 weeks ago
  • Egg Savior Egg Savior No description available. Y8 1 year ago
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