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  • Diamonds Matching report Diamonds Matching No description available. Y8 11 months ago
  • Sam & Max: Hit The Road report Sam & Max: Hit The Road Join private detectives Sam and Max in their fight against evil! The frozen yeti that was part of the circus in town has disappeared with a strange trace.Collect items, review your clues and solve puzzles as you put your detective skills to test. Manage to solve this crazy classic case by Lucas Arts! MiniPlay 1 month ago
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time report The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Join our young hero, Link, who will start a journey around the Kingdom of Hyrule looking for a way to stop Ganondorf, the Gerudo king, before he finds the Triforce, a sacred relic that can grant any wish. Travel in time, explore different temples looking for the sages you need to wake up and find a way to clear your mission. Can you bring peace back? MiniPlay 6 months ago
  • Jewel Jungle report Jewel Jungle Jewel Jungle is a new variation on the well known jewel themed games. Swap jewels... CrazyGames 1 year ago
  • Yatzy Classic report Yatzy Classic Dice duel incoming! What is gonna be your game plan? What is gonna be your winning strategy? Crush the popular dice game Yatzy, and try to score as many points as possible within 13 rounds! Select your preferred mode: single player, against the AI or play against a friend on the same device. Roll the dice up to 3 times and select one of the categories on the score sheet. You'll need a good strategy and luck to complete the whole sheet and get a Yatzy, a five-of-a-kind combination which gives the most points! Have fun. PacoGames 1 year ago
  • Pin Pong report Pin Pong Enjoy a pinball classic and try not to lose a single ball. Pay attention, follow its moves and hit it right in time in order to make it ricochet and get the highest score. Good luck! MiniPlay 2 years ago
  • 10x10! Classic report 10x10! Classic Classic and fun! Enjoy 10x10! with simple but addicting gameplay! WordGames 1 year ago
  • Free Kick Classic report Free Kick Classic Free Kick Classic is the totally immersive free kick simulation game in which you... CrazyGames 10 months ago
  • Diamond Mine report Diamond Mine Diamond mine is a classic match-three title with retro graphics and fun match three... CrazyGames 9 months ago
  • Mahjong Connect report Mahjong Connect Combine matching tiles to clear the board in the puzzle game Mah Jong Connect. Tiles shift downwards when a space is cleared beneath them. Work fast, because the clock is ticking! Can you complete all 12 levels of this free online game before you run out of time? For each new combination you make, time will be added to the clock. FunnyGames 9 months ago
  • Classic Solitaire report Classic Solitaire Move cards from one stack to another, you are only allowed to stack cards that alternate in color. Stay zen and enjoy this classic card game! WordGames 10 months ago
  • Air War 3D Classic report Air War 3D Classic Do you love military games? Well, this classic air combat simulator takes you right into the battle! There are many many enemies and your goal is destroy them. Enjoy air battles of man against man in the free sky. Have fun. PacoGames 1 year ago
  • Universal Crossword report Universal Crossword The original hit puzzle that sets the standard for all daily crosswords.Clues and themes are served up fresh daily in this classic word game! WordGames 1 year ago
  • Doom 3 report Doom 3 Doom 3 is amazing First-Person-Shooter where you battle against aliens on facility on Mars. Destroy all monsters coming from the gateway from hell and close the gate before it is too late. MiniPlay 2 months ago
  • Classic Galaxy Defender report Classic Galaxy Defender Defend our galaxy from aliens. Y8 1 year ago
  • Top Hunter: Roddy & Cathy report Top Hunter: Roddy & Cathy Rediscover this side-scroller developed by SNK on Neo Geo in 1994! The best bounty hunters in the galaxy, Roddy and Cathy, were sent to stop a galactic pirate gang called The Klaptons, who are looting the skies. Their four biggest bosses have taken over the four elemental planets, so now there's a huge "wanted" poster with their faces on it! Manage to stop the bad guys and retrieve the money! MiniPlay 2 years ago
  • Frogger Classic report Frogger Classic Excellent remake of the classic arcade game. Y8 1 year ago
  • Duel of Tanks report Duel of Tanks Duel of Tanks is a multiplayer turn-based strategy game where you'll have to get rid of players from all over the world using all kinds of weapons on many different battlefields. The rules depend on the environment, and the difficulty increases. Earn experience, level up and unlock new weapons to defeat them all! MiniPlay 6 months ago
  • Fall Fashion Classics report Fall Fashion Classics This is Fall, and that means you have to choose a new look for a new season! Y8 1 year ago
  • Classic Bowling report Classic Bowling Throw the ball and hit as many pins as you can! How many strikes will you have??? Enjoy Classic Bowling. Y8 1 year ago
  • Classic Domino report Classic Domino Classic Domino is a classic partnership domino game. Try to play your tiles on the table before your opponent does.The rules of the game are simple that match tiles with the same number of dots. Play all your tiles before the others, with the least possible moves. Who first reaches goal points wins the game. Have fun! 4J 1 year ago
  • Solitaire 1 report Solitaire 1 Try to remove all the cards by putting them in the correct order (from ace to king). FunnyGames 9 months ago
  • Bubble Shooter Classic report Bubble Shooter Classic Enjoy playing the new classic, Bubble Shooter - a marvelous arcade puzzle that has millions of fans all over the world! MiniPlay 2 years ago
  • Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets 2 report Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets 2 Enjoy this second installment! This is the sequel to "The Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets," a wonderful game that was released in Japan only. Here's your chance to discover it on Miniplay!This adventure takes place in Kakariko. Our protagonist wakes up at Sahasrahla's and is trusted with a very important mission: finding two new stone tables that will save humans from their dark future. Have fun! MiniPlay 2 years ago
  • Mahjong Connect Classic report Mahjong Connect Classic Mahjong Connect Classic is a mahjong match casual puzzle game. Find two mahjong matches and eliminate them. Note that the path of two tiles should not exceed three lines or two 90-degree angles. Pass as many levels as possible and get high scores. Have fun. 4J 8 months ago
  • Doctor Robotnik's Plan B report Doctor Robotnik's Plan B In this unique version of 'Sonic' you'll have to fight Dr. Robotnik immediately instead of clearing stages! Meet the final bosses right from the start! MiniPlay 6 months ago
  • Flower Action Puzzle report Flower Action Puzzle No description available. Y8 11 months ago
  • Spider Solitaire Classic report Spider Solitaire Classic A classic card game ! The purpose of the spider card is to stack all the cards in order from the king ACE and the clear field. Only card sequences of the same suit can be moved between columns. Choose three difficulties and rack your brain to solve this problem! 4J 2 years ago
  • Chess Classic report Chess Classic Exercise your brain and immerse yourself in one of the world's most popular board games! Play Chess Classic against the computer or your friends on the same device. Select between 6 difficulty levels for beginners and pros, customize your board and try to improve your skills! Are you up for the challenge? WordGames 1 year ago
  • Tim Ball Pinball report Tim Ball Pinball This pinball game looks like a tennis match. Get the highest score! MiniPlay 2 years ago
  • Friday the 13th report Friday the 13th Do you know what 'paraskevidekatriafobia' means? It's 'fear of Friday the 13th'!Enjoy this game based on the 1989 classic, Friday the 13th. Find and defeat evil serial killer Jason Voorhees. Along the way, you'll find cabins, a lake, caves and even a forest... But they are packed with zombies, crows and wolves. Upgrade your weapons and survive! Where is that guy? MiniPlay 6 months ago
  • Andro Dunos report Andro Dunos Enjoy this shoot 'em up arcade launched by Visco in 1992. Control a futuristic combat spaceship equipped with all kinds of weapons - obliterate your enemies, look for power-ups and take over the galaxy. Good luck! MiniPlay 2 years ago
  • Solitaire Classic report Solitaire Classic Not only fans of the original Windows Solitaire will love this minimalist version of the timeless classic! Objective of the game is to move all cards onto the four foundation piles, sorted by suit and rank in ascending order from Ace to King. On the field, cards can only be sorted in descending order alternating colors. Which score can you achieve? Time is your main enemy! Have fun. PacoGames 1 year ago
  • Classic Solitaire Deluxe report Classic Solitaire Deluxe Classic Solitaire Deluxe is a great card game with a clean design. Choose whether you want to play the game with a three-card draw or one-card draw, and whether you want the cards to run from left to right, or from right to left. Can you find the aces and begin stacking away all the cards from ace to king by suit in the four free cells at the top? FunnyGames 9 months ago
  • Classic Checkers report Classic Checkers Pay a game of checkers. Think before you move! FunnyGames 4 months ago
  • FreeCell Solitaire Classic report FreeCell Solitaire Classic Clear the board of all of the cards. 8iz 2 years ago
  • Ms. Pac-Man report Ms. Pac-Man Enjoy yet another MS-DOS classic, Ms. Pac-Man! It was a worldwide video-game phenomenon back in the 80s. Help Pac-Man's girl eat the spots on the screen while avoiding the dangerous ghosts. Have fun! MiniPlay 2 years ago
  • Bubble Shooter Classic report Bubble Shooter Classic A newly interpreted version of an instantly classic bubble shooter. Kizi 4 months ago
  • Prehistoric Isle 2 report Prehistoric Isle 2 Defend your city from waves of dangerous angry dinosaurs that come in all kinds and sizes! Control a combat chopper and shoot them! MiniPlay 2 years ago
  • Duck Hunt Reloaded 4-in-1 report Duck Hunt Reloaded 4-in-1 A new version of the favorite old timer Duck Hunt. Complete all levels as you use new weapons and engage new enemies. BGames 1 year ago
  • Pacman Classic report Pacman Classic Cool Right? I made It Myself Kongregate 1 year ago
  • Atari Breakout report Atari Breakout Bring back nostalgic memories with Atari Breakout! It still has the same gameplay and... CrazyGames 1 year ago
  • Mahjongg Alchemy report Mahjongg Alchemy Try to combine two of the same tiles to remove them from the field. FunnyGames 9 months ago
  • Double Dragon report Double Dragon No description available. CrazyGames 1 year ago
  • Big Head Boy report Big Head Boy Being big headed is awesome! It means you can enjoy this version of Arkanoid and break the bricks with your head. MiniPlay 2 years ago
  • Red Classic Solitaire report Red Classic Solitaire A fun game to pass the time and exercise patience. Y8 5 months ago
  • Guess Who report Guess Who Enjoy a classic game of "Guess Who" on your browser or phone! Choose your character and manage to guess your rival's. Are you ready? MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Air War 3D: Classic report Air War 3D: Classic Love classic are war games? Love 3D Shooting games? Well Air War 3D Classic combines the two. Get in your Jet and shoot all the other enemy Jets down! Become a real Air warrior and defend your country! Try to beat your own score and see exactly how many planes you can shoot down in this airplane fighter simulation. Y8 1 year ago
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time report The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Join our young hero, Link, who will start a journey around the Kingdom of Hyrule looking for a way to stop Ganondorf, the Gerudo king, before he finds the Triforce, a sacred relic that can grant any wish. Travel in time, explore different temples looking for the sages you need to wake up and find a way to clear your mission. Can you bring peace back? MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: SAGE 2010 report Sonic the Hedgehog: SAGE 2010 Enjoy this new "Sonic the Hedgehog" hack -- it includes revamped designs, stages and graphics. Jump, collect gold rings and face dangerous enemies! MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Bubble report Bubble Classic free online bubble shooter game for everyone to enjoy! Your goal is to clear all the bubbles from the board and score as many points as possible. WordGames 10 months ago
  • Checkers Classic report Checkers Classic This game is a classic chess game, which you can choose your opponent as an AI or play with your friends. The player who first removes all the opponent's chess will win. The game is divided into different difficulty levels for you to practice. Of course, you can change the style of the board and the color of the pieces. No matter how you like to play the game, Checkers Classic will satisfy you. Good luck and have a great fun! 4J 5 months ago
  • Doom I report Doom I An almost perfect port of the 1993 classic! Doom was voted by industry insiders to be the greatest game of all time in 2004. Take the role of a space marine, who has been deported to Mars as punishment for assaulting a senior officer when ordered to attack civilians.As Mars is being overrun by evil creatures you must fight through the moons of Mars, Phobos, Deimos, and then survive Hell! BubbleBox 2 years ago
  • Super Smash Flash report Super Smash Flash This game is based on Nintendo\'s Super Smash Bros, in which famous Nintendo characters are pitted against each other in battle. Play as 28 different characters in various game modes, including Multi-man Melee, Target Test, Adventure, Classic, All-Star and more! This game is over 8 Mb, so be prepared for a long loading time. BubbleBox 2 years ago
  • Billiards Bubble Shooter report Billiards Bubble Shooter No description available. Y8 11 months ago
Showing 56 - 110 of 1,858 for 'Classics'

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