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  • Mad Shark report Mad Shark No description available. Y8 6 months ago
  • Pearl Diver report Pearl Diver Take a deep breath and dive! Collect as many oysters as you can and dodge the biggest fishes to avoid running out of air. MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Cliff Diving report Cliff Diving Diving is a very interesting sport. You can enjoy diving by playing this game. When you jump into the water, you can collect gold COINS to unlock new levels. The more straight you jump into the water, the higher your score will be. Have fun with Cliff Diving. Mafa 3 months ago
  • Flip Diving report Flip Diving Enjoy doing the most amazing jumps! Put your diving skills to test with all kinds of flips and tricks from platforms, trees, springboards and even castles. Choose one of the characters, unlock new tricks and moves and get the perfect plunge! Try not to hit the rocks, though... MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Balcony Diving report Balcony Diving It's summer coming! time to fly to the pool and have a party, but walk to the pool didn't seem so cool, how about jump from the balcony! it's convenience and makes extra fun, DON'T do this in a real life, but enjoy the jumping fun in this game, click and drag the mouse to decide the angle and force that you jump, your goal is to jump right into the pool, hitting stuff like the crocodile or ball in the pool can get you a higher score, there is also a hidden bonus if you can trigger hidden conditions. Have fun! 4J 5 months ago
  • Summer Sports: Diving report Summer Sports: Diving Rio Olympics are almost here! Time to train like a pro for the gold medal! Try to focus and complete a perfect springboard jump. Press the right arrows in order to break the record! MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Flip Diving report Flip Diving Jump from the rock, collect coins during your jump and make sure you have a great landing. One wrong move can cause you to start all over again. FunnyGames 4 months ago
  • Qlympics Diving report Qlympics Diving Jump off of the diving board and try to complete a perfect dive so you can win the gold medal. 8iz 2 years ago
  • Flip Diving report Flip Diving Flip Diving is a brand new 3D diving game. Perform different tricks such as front... CrazyGames 1 year ago
  • Submolok report Submolok You are sitting in a little submarine. Your goal? To reach the bottom of the ocean. How deep is the ocean you ask? We have no clue. That's for you to find out. So get diving and discover the secrets that lurk beneath the water. FunnyGames 4 months ago
  • Treasure Diver report Treasure Diver Accompany a friendly scuba diver to search for sunken treasure. Explore the bottom of the ocean, collecting the oxygen tanks to survive in such a difficult atmosphere and dodging sea enemies. Y8 10 months ago
  • Diving Dennis report Diving Dennis It takes money to pursue the woman of your dreams, especially if shes a mermaid. Y8 10 months ago
  • Treasure Dive report Treasure Dive Type carefully and you will collect all of the treasure buried at sea. Y8 10 months ago
  • Flip Diving report Flip Diving dive into this splashing new sports game! Do the most awesome flips and make the water splash higher than the mountains when diving! Yepi 6 months ago
  • Puppy Diving report Puppy Diving Go for gold in the Puppy Diving Championships! Name your puppy, train like a pro, and collect those bones! Perform amazing tricks, jump through hoops and land the perfect dive to impress the judges! Unlock different breeds of dogs and compete in four events to become the Puppy Diving champ! Y8 10 months ago
  • God Save the King report God Save the King Save the deep sea diver king from the clutches of Neptune. He's been chained to an underwater mine and has to be broken free. Aim your harpoon and try to break the chain. Click and drag to fire your harpoon gun. Don't hit the bomb - it'll trigger and the explosion will kill the king. And don't hit the king himself either! Y8 10 months ago
  • Daffy Duck Sky Dive report Daffy Duck Sky Dive Fly with Daffy! Make sure the parachute opens in time. Help Daffy land on the red circle! FunnyGames 4 months ago
  • Penguin Plunge report Penguin Plunge The snow has begun to melt, and it s time for Penguin to go fishing. Help Penguin through the waters and land a good catch! Y8 10 months ago
  • Cat-Diver report Cat-Diver Eat all fish while running away from all dangers in the sea. Y8 10 months ago
  • Fisher Diver report Fisher Diver Use your special diving robot and get all the fishing task-list done. Earn money and upgrade your abilities. BGames 9 months ago
  • Deep Diver 2 report Deep Diver 2 Dive deep into the oceans of the world in search of treasure and rare specimens, but make sure you've got enough oxygen! New features include various enemies such as sharks and jellyfish as well as achievements and other goodies! Y8 10 months ago
  • Treasure Diving report Treasure Diving Searching for hidden treasure while fighting against angry sea creatures for your life. Of course real-life treasure hunters need a good gear luckily you can buy several upgrades and items with your collected treasure money. Y8 10 months ago
  • Fisher Diver report Fisher Diver Fisher Diver is a cool deep sea adventure game. You are a fisherman and your job is to catch as much fish as possible. Dive into the deep sea, use your speargun to kill fish and pickup dead fish to earn money. Have fun! 4J 1 year ago
  • Plasticine Diver report Plasticine Diver Kick the diver off the screen. Y8 10 months ago
  • Plasticine Diver report Plasticine Diver Help the fishes kick the diver away - pierce him with a hook, blow him up with a mine or just pull him off the screen with a given amount of shots. MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Deep Diver report Deep Diver Deep Diver is an interesting collecting diving game. Show your diving abilities, gather chests and unusual fish and discover the treasures in the deep ocean! 4J 1 year ago
  • George the Unlucky Fish report George the Unlucky Fish Boy oh boy, George is one unlucky fish. You want to know how unlucky George is? Go and find out. You will see for yourself. FunnyGames 4 months ago
  • Candy Dive report Candy Dive Help Finn and Jake from Adventure Time collect as much candy as they possible can. Avoid obstacles and fly through the air until you have had your fill. Y8 10 months ago
  • Finn and Jakes Candy Dive report Finn and Jakes Candy Dive Help Finn and Jake from Adventure Time collect as much candy as they possible can. Avoid obstacles and fly through the air until you have had your fill. 8iz 2 years ago
  • Animal Olympics Diving report Animal Olympics Diving Showcase your flawless jumps and spectacular movements to become an Olympic champion! Y8 10 months ago
  • Octopost report Octopost Deliver the letters with an octopus mailman.The goal is to deliver 7 underwater letters with Octopus-postman. You can upgrade your hero (18 different upgrades including accelerators, surfboards, slime, aerodynamic staff and more), use bonuses, change your color to get special acceleration. Y8 10 months ago
  • Pearl Diver report Pearl Diver Dive for pearls off the sun drenched beaches of a tropical island! Collect pearls as much as you can! Y8 10 months ago
  • Stunt Dive report Stunt Dive Jump into the water, but do some kick ass stunts before doing so. 8iz 3 years ago
  • Pearl Dive report Pearl Dive Collect pearls and resurface before you drown. 20 levels!Watch out for rocks, kelp, and sharks! Catch your breath at an air pocket. Y8 10 months ago
  • The Dive Challenger report The Dive Challenger The dive challenger is a strategy based sports game. You are supposed to dive in to the pool. Get score by rotating and doing other action with out geting hurt. Gain minimum score to move on to next level. Y8 10 months ago
  • Diver Duck report Diver Duck Help the duck dive and collect as much money as possible! Y8 10 months ago
  • Sky Diving Man report Sky Diving Man Grab the treats in the air, but dodge the birds. Grab as many goodies as possible. Y8 10 months ago
  • Fisher-Diver report Fisher-Diver A contemplative deep sea adventure about career paths and the thrill of the hunt. Kongregate 8 months ago
  • Bomb Diver report Bomb Diver Jetpack through the air as you avoid bombs, & grab balloons for ammo. Land & shoot the bombs. Y8 10 months ago
  • Deep Sea Dive report Deep Sea Dive Swap two adjacent ocean creatures to make horizontal or vertical matches! Make sure to make enough matches to make it to the next level before your oxygen runs out! Y8 10 months ago
  • Steep Dive Airmail report Steep Dive Airmail Change the path of the airplane to collect all of the tickets. 8iz 3 years ago
  • Sealab 2021 - Time for Trouble report Sealab 2021 - Time for Trouble The aim of the game is to race out into waters to stop stormy before it's too late. Y8 10 months ago
  • Flip Diving Online report Flip Diving Online Free dive into the water after completing multiple flips. 8iz 2 years ago
  • Airmail Steep Dive report Airmail Steep Dive Try to suggest the way for an aircraft that delivers mail. You need to collect all your flight leaves and reach the end of the game. If you manage to collect all the letters, then you can easily move to the next level. Y8 10 months ago
  • Dive Another Day report Dive Another Day Push your stregth, flexibility and fingers over the edge. Dive your way to terrorlympic glory while performing ground breaking stunts. Y8 10 months ago
  • Fancy Diver report Fancy Diver Help these divers to get through the colorful blocks. In order to do this, player needs to match the colored blocks to remove such and be able to let the divers pass. There are also some bonuses for the player to explore. Y8 10 months ago
  • Monkey Cliff Diving report Monkey Cliff Diving Dive from the cliff, into the water. Every monkey has some kind of problem you should take into account, because it may have some influence upon the dive. The wind may also interfere. Save your score by clicking Submit Score after finishing the game. FunnyGames 4 months ago
  • Super Diver report Super Diver Judy has just discovered her grandfather's treasure map in the attic when she was doing some cleaning. This is the perfect chance for Judy to go on a summer adventure and find some beautiful pearls! Get your scuba diving gear ready. Use your mouse to go left or right. Be careful of the walls, they really hurt when you bump into them! So, lets go and swim with the fishes! Y8 10 months ago
  • Dolphin Dive report Dolphin Dive Use mouse to move the Dolphin. Click mouse to dive. Hit the bubble to dive more deeper and increase score. Hit the Dolphin to get extra lives. Collect chest for bonus score. Y8 10 months ago
  • Barbie Back Flip Dive report Barbie Back Flip Dive It's a great sunny day. Barbie is having a great time on the beach. She loves to swim and dive into the sea. Her favourite diving style is backflip. When she jumped she wants to look perfect. She needs your help to make the perfect dress up choice. Have a fantastic time playing new Barbie Backflip Dive dress up game. Mafa 8 months ago
  • Deep Diver report Deep Diver explore the depths of the ocean looking for treasure, rare species and secret maps. The money you earn can be used to upgrade your sub. Y8 10 months ago
  • Fishy Game report Fishy Game Save the diver! Y8 10 months ago
  • Treasure Diving report Treasure Diving Dive up the treasures but watch out for fish, squid and whirlpools. FunnyGames 4 months ago
  • Scuba Racer report Scuba Racer Race underwater against other divers! Y8 10 months ago
  • Snorkeling report Snorkeling Dive into the great big blue and collect all the pearls and bring it back to your boat. Be careful and avoid those angry fish, electric eel and sea urchins. Collect stars and hearts and air bubbles to help you in your task! Y8 10 months ago
Showing 1 - 55 of 173 for 'Diving'

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