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  • Saturday Night Makeover Saturday Night Makeover It's Saturday night and this girl wants to go out. Can you help her by finding a cute outfit for her? DressUp 6 months ago
  • Celebrity Facialist Celebrity Facialist She is constantly buying tickets to Venezuela because that's the one place where she can fly to get away from it all! Her mother-in-law is moving in soon, so she definitely needs to find some golden time just for herself. GirlGames 6 months ago
  • Frozen Anna Spellbinding Makeover Frozen Anna Spellbinding Makeover Frozen Anna Spellbinding Makeover is a facial beauty game in which Princess Anna is your client and you will have to perform various facial beauty tasks on her in order to get her ready for the ball tonight. Let everyone be captivated by Anna???s charm at the ball. Use creams and makeup items to achieve the makeover. Enjoy with this spa makeover game! GirlGames 6 months ago
  • Mom's Facial Time Mom's Facial Time Being a mom is not easy. Most of her time spend with kids and in household chores. Now mom is really tired of these daily chores, so she wants to relax with a spa treatment. In this game you are a spa specialist. Give mom a facial treatment by cleansing, scrubbing, deep peeling and by using many other advanced facial techniques and give an amazing makeover for mom. GirlGames 6 months ago
  • Skelita Calaveras Makeover Skelita Calaveras Makeover Skelita Calavares needs you to create a brand new style for this ancient skeleton! It's going to be a fantastic fun makeover time with Skelita! Take your time because she's not going to get any older! GirlGames 6 months ago
  • City Girl Makeover City Girl Makeover When you get a spa facial makeover treatment in a big city, you can expect the hotspot to have a fantastic view of the skyline. Take part in the cool inner city makeover contest and complete the spa session with this beautiful supermodel goddess. Guide her backstage to the wardrobe where you can dress her up in casual clothes or an elegant evening gown for her cat walk down the top model run way. GirlGames 6 months ago
  • Warp Jenna Jameson Warp Jenna Jameson Give facials to Jenna Jameson. GirlGames 6 months ago
  • Elsa Facial Skin Care Elsa Facial Skin Care All of a sudden Queen Elsa got a skin allergy and her face lost all the charm it had. There are boils, pimples and wounds on her face. She surely needs some skin care treatments to restore her old charm and beauty. Treat Elsa of her facial skin problems and make her look beautiful once again. Have fun! Mafa 1 year ago
  • Facial skin doctor Facial skin doctor Kim has some problems with her face and she wants to see a doctor. Bring her to the doctor to solve this facial problem! GirlGames 6 months ago
  • Marilyn Monroe Facial Spa Makeover Marilyn Monroe Facial Spa Makeover Here is a beauty spa that is visited by celebrity actors who want to change their makeup and makeover to suit the character they are playing in their current films. And one day guess who comes knocking at the door? It is none other than our ravishing beauty Marilyn Monroe whose fairness has no comparison. Come, take up the brushes and have a jolly nice time beautifying the beauty. Y8 1 year ago
  • Goldie Emo Makeup Goldie Emo Makeup Goldie loves to play with makeup and try out different styles. Today she wants to create a cute emo look and she needs a little help. Hop on this emo makeover journey and first, make sure her skin is clean and flawless. Apply different shapes of contouring on her face, choose a cute pair of lashes and a colorful eye makeup. Mix and match face paintings and the emo look will be complete! SisiGames 7 months ago
  • Do It Yourself Facial Makeover Do It Yourself Facial Makeover Staying beautiful and fashionable requires time spent in front of the mirror and in front of the closet, practicing the art of make up and dress up. If you, girls, can't be bothered going to a beauty salon for a facial treatment or a professional make up, you can start do it yourselves in the comfort of your own home and we have the best practical beauty and fashion guide for you in Do It Yourself Facial Makeover game! Turn your bathroom and your bedroom into your own fancy beauty salon and begin your fab beauty makeover practicing with lots of facial beauty masks that you can prepare yourselves, girls, playing our amazing Do It Yourself Facial Makeover make up game! Learn how to prepare lots of colorful facial masks using only healthy and natural ingredients like yogurt, olive oil, lemon juice, papaya, honey, sour cream or chamomile tea bags. Bring over your bffs and discover amazing beauty secrets which will transform you, girls, into professional beauticians and make up artists playing Do It Yourself Facial Makeover game! Beauty has never been easier to achieve than it is now and you can do it with your own hands at home having a great time as well. Prepare various facial masks for a smooth and shining skin complexion, then pluck your eyebrows, continue with make up, hairstyling and finish with dressing up in a fancy and trendy summer outfit, mixing and matching the fashionable summer dresses, tops and bottoms with the funky jewelries. Enjoy Do It Yourself Facial Makeover make up game! 4J 2 years ago
  • Yogurt Facial Makeover Yogurt Facial Makeover Yogurt is more than a nutritious food or a healthy dessert, it also has vast benefits when applied to the skin. For example, our super talented beautician here has recently discovered the magical powers hidden behind the famous yogurt mask and she plans to share them with you! She goes for a nutritious yogurt mask after a long party night to revive her dull skill, whenever she wants her complexion to look healthy and glowing, when the acne takes control or when she needs a flawless look for an important dinner. So, are you girls ready to discover what a delicious and creamy tub of yogurt can do when applied to the skin? Join beautiful and super talented beautician Jenny in her fancy girly-girl bathroom getting the 'Yogurt Facial Makeover' game started and learn how to prepare the best yogurt mask on your own and also how to apply it right to obtain the desired benefits! First of all, mix the creamy yogurt with some bits of flour and once the mixture is ready use a soft sponge to cover her face with this wonderful mask. Rinse well and then start preparing the second mask by mixing some yogurt with fresh carrots and orange juice. Then help Jenny prepare a nourishing face mask as well, mixing the creamy yogurt with sweet honey and some fresh strawberries and don't forget to also take care of her bushy eyebrows and give them a lovely shape. Continue with a fun make-up session in which you get to play the role of a super talented make-up artist, the person in charge to make her look flawless for tonight, then style up her gorgeous hair as well, choosing an elegant hairdo for her and finish of your task as Jenny's personal fashion adviser by selecting a chic outfit to dress her up with! Pick a sparkling pair of earrings and a matching chain to complete her stunning look! Have a great time playing the 'Yogurt Facial Makeover' game, girls! 4J 2 years ago
  • Ice Princess Mommy Real Makeover Ice Princess Mommy Real Makeover Anna and her cute little daughter are spending their day in the palace trying on different beauty products for the first time together, do you wanna join them? You can apply soothing facial masks, put colorful makeup on the princess and dress the duo in elegant gowns. Create new looks for Anna and her adorable girl to see what a makeover can do! GirlsPlay 2 years ago
  • Rainbow Fairy Facial Makeover Rainbow Fairy Facial Makeover There will be a grand party in the rainbow world. This cute rainbow fairy needs a complete facial treatment. Let's help her rinse off the dirt, clean up the pimples and then give her a mask. After the facial, give her a makeup and choose a cute outfit, too! Have fun! Y8 1 year ago
  • Beauty Facial Makeover Beauty Facial Makeover Give the lovely girl a full beauty facial makeover! Will you make her glamorous and beautiful? Yepi 1 year ago
  • Star Girl Beauty Spa Salon Star Girl Beauty Spa Salon Give this beautiful girl a makeover. Have fun! DressUp 6 months ago
  • Facial Skin Doctor Facial Skin Doctor Follow instruction to help her facial skin. 4J 2 years ago
  • Dotted Girl Halloween Makeup Dotted Girl Halloween Makeup Dotted Girl is getting ready for Halloween! Join her and discover the creepiest spa masks and treatments that will make Dotted Girl's skin flawless. Now it's time to play with makeup! Apply beautiful eye shadows, lipstick and find the coolest pair of lashes. Face painting is a must on Halloween so don't forget to match one of the designs or mix them. Let's see how creative you can be. SisiGames 1 year ago
  • Tropical Spa Day Tropical Spa Day If you want to get the full spa makeover treatment, the best way to do it is at a luxuriously beach resort with hundreds of other beautiful people walking along the pure white sandy beach coves, and looking to experience something magical like this decadent luxurious spa treatment! GirlGames 6 months ago
  • Winter Facial Beauty Winter Facial Beauty Winter is the best season to look magical! Handle yourself with care as you apply lotions and beauty products! BGames 1 year ago
  • Catrine DeMew Makeover Catrine DeMew Makeover Catrine DeMew is coming in for the makeover and hairdo special. Can you give her that fabulous look to make her naturally wild style flare out. Design her nails with a cute look, and makeover her face with beautiful rouge. GirlGames 6 months ago
  • Traditional Chinese Wedding Makeover Traditional Chinese Wedding Makeover Give this girl a traditional Chinese wedding makeover, she will be very happy! GirlGames 6 months ago
  • Selena Facial Makeover Selena Facial Makeover Selena has developed a close relationship with all of her friends and celebrity colleagues. Come on and join her for a fun day at the spa to relax the day away! GirlGames 6 months ago
  • Facial Yoga Style Facial Yoga Style Yoga is well known as a great lifestyle and with that game we decided to do 3 things. A fresh facial, a nice makeover and a dress up for this beautiful girl. Y8 1 year ago
  • Cute Barbie Fashion Cute Barbie Fashion Get made up and made over to take on the world as a new you! Facials, hair cuts, nails, whatever. It's all here and it's all for you. GirlGames 6 months ago
  • Zombie Princess Facial Makeover Zombie Princess Facial Makeover Putting together a zombie outfit for Halloween night is an easy thing to do, but the makeup for this costume requires some practice because it can make or break her Halloween costume. But Lina is willing to try anything just to get a successful Halloween costume. Once the facial treatment is complete, you get to dress her up in a special Halloween zombie princess costume! GirlGames 6 months ago
  • Princess Jasmine Flower Facial Makeover Princess Jasmine Flower Facial Makeover Help to give princess Jasmine a fabulous spa facial makeover, have fun! SuperGames 6 months ago
  • Barbie Fabulous Facial Makeover Barbie Fabulous Facial Makeover Barbie is the epitome of style and fashion and it would your privilege if you can be the stylist of Barbie. Here is an opportunity for you to test you makeover skills with Barbie and give her a fabulous makeover. For a makeover, you must start the facial treatment only then the desired look can be achieved. So, first apply facial creams on her face to prepare it for the makeup. Proper accessories and outfit go a long way in sporting a fashionable look. Therefore, choose makeup, accessories and the outfit accordingly. Have fun with this spa makeover game. 4J 2 years ago
  • Geek Facial Beauty Geek Facial Beauty Geek style is back in fashion this year, girls, and geek fake or real glasses should not miss from your wardrobe! Being in trend with the latest fashion clothes and accessories requires a bit of extra time spent in front of the mirror doing your make up, hair style, picking the right trendy clothes to wear and trying new facial beauty products. Try the hipster geek style, girls, playing Geek Facial Beauty game and get a laid back geek look which you can wear on the street, at school, at the mall, in the club or while hanging out with your BFFs. Wear red framed geek glasses with a chic geek girl t-shirt and denim skirt. Accessorize the classic black framed geek glasses with a casual chic white t-shirt, a blue denim vest and a top of your choice. For a more stylish geek look, wear a pretty dress and heels. Play Geek Facial Beauty game and discover new facial beauty treatments for a fabulously glowing looking skin. Match your casual chic geek outfits with trendy geek make up and hair styles. Geek style is all about looking trendy, cool and young wearing teen casual chic fashion items. Have fun playing Geek Facial Beauty game! 4J 2 years ago
  • Deuce Gorgon Makeover Deuce Gorgon Makeover Deuce Gorgon is the hunky son of Medusa and the Gorgons. He doesn't know who his father is, but guessing from all Greek mythology, it's probably Zeus. But the poor guy wasn't born with that God of Gods's good looks! Help him get that incredible look. GirlGames 6 months ago
  • Chocolate Craze Facial Makeover Chocolate Craze Facial Makeover It?s no secret what chocolate can do with its totally delicious powers, with its so yummylicious taste: one bite and nothing can ever bring us down. It?s like an arrow of deliciousness straight to our heart! But we recently discovered that its magical powers can actually do wonders to our skin as well. With this fabulous new facial makeover game we have undisclosed all its secrets: this lovely girl uses chocolate and diamonds masks and her skin is totally amazing! A sparkling chocolate-like make up and a shining fashion-forward dress... and she?s simply stunning! 4J 2 years ago
  • Elsa New Year Makeup Elsa New Year Makeup Get ready for the New Year party with your favorite queen, Elsa! Start the spa treatment and apply beauty spa treatments to get that flawless skin. Now it's makeup time! There are different contouring shapes, eyeshadows and cool mascaras you can choose from. Last but not least, create an awesome face painting design and Elsa will be ready for the New Year! SisiGames 1 year ago
  • Modern Alice Hair Salon Modern Alice Hair Salon Can you help this cute girl with a fabulous makeover? DressUp 6 months ago
  • Shopaholic Real Makeover Shopaholic Real Makeover Shopping is this girl's dream, but she can't go out without a real makeover session first! Her morning routine begins with a relaxing spa session, the beauty masks that make her face clean and soft are simply a must do. Don't underestimate the power of colorful eyeshadow, blush or eyeliner, make up and clothes can make her look even beautiful than before. Choosing a great outfit isn't easy, after all we are dealing with a fashion lover! GirlGames 6 months ago
  • Draculaura Facial Treatment Draculaura Facial Treatment Can you help Draculaura to get better in this facial treatment game? GirlGames 6 months ago
  • Prom Tonight Facial Makeover Prom Tonight Facial Makeover this is an interesting game for girls just show your talents by doing make up and present her a beautiful girl Y8 1 year ago
  • Chocolate Facial Beauty Chocolate Facial Beauty Chocolate beauty treatments are very popular nowadays and Adele is now ready to try a chocolate facial beauty treatment, applying chocolate beauty mask on her face. But wait, girls! Adele cannot do this alone and she needs your beautician skills to apply the chocolate mask on her face as she knows you won't make a mess. Check out the chocolate facial beauty mask Adele prepared at home after her own fashionista beauty recipe! GirlGames 6 months ago
  • Royal Spa Day Royal Spa Day As queen of the royal family, she's always looking for a way to clean up before the celebrations and ceremonies involving her majesty. With an army of spa specialist and makeover magicians on her side, she's looking to be totally relaxed and calm throughout the entire spa to ceremony process. GirlGames 6 months ago
  • Elements Spa Day: Fire Elements Spa Day: Fire This elemental girl is working through the makeover founded in the very center of an enormous volcano! Of all the places to get an ecological makeover, the fires and steam from the fires will give you clean skin, flushed pores, and a cup of steaming hot tea to relax with while you finish the fiery spa facial makeover! GirlGames 6 months ago
  • Precious Princess Makeover Precious Princess Makeover This precious princess has come a long way now that she's all grown up. When she was just a young girl, she wasn't very stylish. In fact, she was kind of a nerd. But now, she loves to express herself through fashion and only wears designer clothes. Today, she has plans to go out to a fancy lunch with her friends so that they can gossip about the past week's drama. But looking fabulous isn't always easy when you're a busy princess. That's why she made an appointment with the local spa so that she can get a soothing makeover and look her best for her girl's day out. Follow the instructions to give this regal beauty the royal treatment. Once she's feeling relaxed and refreshed, browse the wide selection of cute clothes, fashionable hairstyles, glamorous accessories and more, to give this precious princess a stylish look in this fun online makeover game for girls! GirlGames 6 months ago
  • Moms Facial Time Moms Facial Time Being a mom is not easy. Most of her time spend with kids and in household chores. Now mom is really tired of these daily chores, so she wants to relax with a spa treatment. In this game you are a spa specialist. Give mom a facial treatment by cleansing, scrubbing, deep peeling and by using many other advanced facial techniques and give a amazing makeover to mom. Be careful. Time is so much of importance for her. If you make her wait or do wrong things she gets angry and you lose the game. Y8 1 year ago
  • Celebrated Vanessa Anne Hudgens Facial Celebrated Vanessa Anne Hudgens Facial Vanessa Anne Hudgens is an American actress and singer.You can make a facial care for her by playing our Vanessa Anne Hudgens facial makeover game. Then give her a complete make up. You can deress up Vanessa with nice glittering dresses. Mafa 1 year ago
  • Anna Real Cosmetics Anna Real Cosmetics Help Anna in this advanced cosmetics and beauty game. Get rid of wrinkles, breakouts and scars with powerful tools that can repair any skin problem. Once you cleared her skin, it`s time to create an amazing look for Anna by choosing the perfect combination of the right foundation and face contour to highlight her best features. Learn and practice advanced beauty techniques in the wonderful world of Arendelle with Anna! GirlGames 6 months ago
  • Moms Facial Time Moms Facial Time Being a mom is not easy. Most of her time spend with kids and in household chores. Now mom is really tired of these daily chores, so she wants to relax with a spa treatment. In this game you are a spa specialist. Give mom a facial treatment by cleansing, scrubbing, deep peeling and by using many other advanced facial techniques and give a amazing makeover to mom. Be careful. Time is so much of importance for her. If you make her wait or do wrong things she gets angry and you lose the game. Enjoy! 4J 2 years ago
  • Yorkie Lover Secrets Yorkie Lover Secrets She has a background of Yorki fun! There's an enormous Yorki Lover convention with games and fun times with hundreds of little Yorkies running around the playground! She's going with the expectation to find some tasty Yorkie treats or some plaid sweaters to build up a home for these adorable Yorkies and surround them in luxury like they are English royalty. GirlGames 6 months ago
  • Emo Girl Facial Makeover Emo Girl Facial Makeover Emily loves the emo look. Today she is going to meet some of her emo friends. Let's help her get prepared. First give her an emo facial treatment. Then help her with a makeup. Last choose a cute and cool emo dress to complete her emo look. Have fun! Y8 1 year ago
  • Sofia Facial Skin Doctor Sofia Facial Skin Doctor Look at our beautiful princess Sofia the First face! It looks terrible. After an awful accident at a princess play ground the loved Sofia suffered serious problems on her face. So she needs urgent treatment from a professional face doctor. It's your job to clean Sofia's face and bring her beauty back! Use all the tools required for the recovery and enjoy a simple and great game. Mafa 1 year ago
  • Chocolate Facial Beauty Chocolate Facial Beauty Get this girl a full makeover and make her the most beautiful woman around! BGames 1 year ago
  • Elsa Scary Halloween Makeup Elsa Scary Halloween Makeup Get ready for a fun and scary Halloween makeover with your favorite queen, Elsa! Prep her skin with creepy spa masks and get rid of the pimples, you want her face to be flawless for this makeup. Once you are done, go next to the makeup stage. Choose an awesome contouring shape and try on amazing eye shadows with different patterns and colors. Now it's face painting time! This is where you can let your imagination set free and create really cool designs for Elsa. Happy Halloween! SisiGames 1 year ago
  • Clean Facial Spa Clean Facial Spa Give this beautiful lady a relaxing facial spa. Y8 1 year ago
  • Venus mcFlyTrap Facial Makeover Venus mcFlyTrap Facial Makeover Venus McFlytrap is the daughter of the Plant Monster. Venus' personality is like her style, bold and loud. Venus has bright green skin with hot pink and green hair, which is shaved on one side and is swept to the left. in this facial makeover game you are going to make up venus mcFlyTrap and make her a beautiful moster! Mafa 1 year ago
  • Beauty Facial Makeover Beauty Facial Makeover Christina needs a quick facial to look her best during a girls only party. She is in her spa and needs some help to get her facial done quickly. Help her with that then give her a nice makeover. This should give her a glamorous look at the girls party. Make sure you give her nice dressup to go with her makeover. Mafa 1 year ago
  • Monster High Draculaura Spa Facial Makeover Monster High Draculaura Spa Facial Makeover You realize, of course, that Draculaura is the most popular girl at Monster High. She might be entirely different in nature than her boyfriend Clawd Wolf, but she's gotten over the physical differences, and she sees that cute werewolf for the brainy, brawny boy that he really is. GirlGames 6 months ago
  • Jinafire Long Hair And Facial Jinafire Long Hair And Facial Look at Chinese Ghoul of Monster high. She has a unique style and she dress up with Chineese style dresses. Play our latest Jinafire long game and wash her hairs. After washing her hairs give her facial care. Mafa 1 year ago
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