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  • Soccer Stars Multiplayer report Soccer Stars Multiplayer Do you think you've got what it takes to eliminate players from all over the world? This is your chance to prove it! Your team is ready so the only thing you need to do is win the game. Kick the ball, keep the ball out of your goal and score as many goals as possible. And don't forget to lead the game. Good luck! FunnyGames 6 months ago
  • Balling report Balling Play as a professional athlete who, due to a rare genetic disorder, cannot walk but can still jump mighty fine. Get the ball in the net of the opposing side and try not to get yourself in with it in the process. Y8 1 year ago
  • Football Legends Valentine Edition report Football Legends Valentine Edition A Valentine Edition of Football Legends. Do a sweet goal and win the tournament. Have Fun! Y8 1 year ago
  • Speed Play Soccer 4 report Speed Play Soccer 4 Play 2016 international soccer championships including the Euro Cup, Copa América and the World Cup. All soccer teams and kits are updated for 2016! A full 11-a-side match with an easy control system. Use the mouse to move, tackle, change players and shoot at the goal. Throw-ins, corners, goal-kicks and penalty shoot-outs with smooth graphics and physics. Can you lead your team to victory? MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Goooaaal 2012 report Goooaaal 2012 Choose a famous football team and lead your team to victory! To win the cup, you'll have to win all your matchs! Draw is regarded as a defeat. The fastest you score, the more points you get. 31 achievements Languages available: EN, FR, ES, DE,PT Y8 1 year ago
  • World Football Kick 2018 report World Football Kick 2018 Play World Football Kick 2018, a nice Sports game for free! BGames 7 months ago
  • report is like a game of pickup soccer on steroids! Choose a field to jump into the action immediately. You can even register and save your stats for future games! FunnyGames 6 months ago
  • 4th and Goal 2018 report 4th and Goal 2018 The 2018 edition of one of the most famous football game series, 4th and Goal, is... CrazyGames 6 months ago
  • Touchdown Rush report Touchdown Rush American football is a team sport played by two teams of eleven players on a rectangular field. In this game, you will immersive and become the football player. Protect your football from being attacked by opponents and complete your mission. Remember to collect the tools along the road to make yourself stronger. There are many levels waiting for you. Have a good time! 4J 4 months ago
  • Wide Out report Wide Out Run to the yellow catch zone. Try to be there just in time such that you don't get... CrazyGames 1 year ago
  • Return Man 3: The Season report Return Man 3: The Season Enjoy this American football game. Try to get the ball and start running without looking back! Dodge your rivals and don't get knocked down - reach for that touchdown! MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Touchdown Blast report Touchdown Blast A funny football game 'Touchdown Blast'! Run through a football field, avoid all obstacles and enemies to take the ball into the opposite end zone. You can also tackle enemies using your dash power and don't forget to collect all stars to unlock new characters. 4J 1 year ago
  • Crunch Ball 3000 report Crunch Ball 3000 An intense futuristic ball game! Knock down all the opponents as you try to score as many goals you can. Y8 1 year ago
  • Sports Heads: Tennis report Sports Heads: Tennis Ever want to play tennis using only your head and a racket? Well, look no further! Choose your favorite tennis pro and compete against some of the all time greatest players in the world. Power-ups are thrown into the mix to make it all the more exciting. Hit them with the ball to activate and up the ante a little bit! Enjoy! BubbleBox 1 year ago
  • Power Soccer report Power Soccer No description available. Y8 8 months ago
  • Daffy Wide Reciever report Daffy Wide Reciever Come to join this sport game Daffy Wide Receiver. You can choose the run mode or pass mode. In pass mode, you can receive a pass and then run. While in run mode, you can only run. Avoid the opposing team members, and be careful about the traps and explosive mines. Use springs to jump high over opponent. Y8 1 year ago
  • 3G Free Kick report 3G Free Kick Pick the angle, turn, and speed kick the soccer ball. Try to score and passed the goal keeper. Y8 1 year ago
  • Farm Soccer report Farm Soccer The football fever has reached unsuspected places. Help this farmer to score as many goals at each level. Y8 1 year ago
  • Soccer Online report Soccer Online Enjoy this 3v3 soccer match, dribble and aim to score amazing goals. MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Crossbar Challenge report Crossbar Challenge Kick the ball towards the top bar on the net to earn points. Try to earn as many points as possible within 60 seconds. 8iz 1 year ago
  • 1 On 1 Soccer Brazil report 1 On 1 Soccer Brazil In this addicting soccer game you'll have to score more goals than your rival. Choose your character and try to get the ball - don't let your opponents score! MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Messi's Soccer Snooker report Messi's Soccer Snooker Is this a football game? Sounds like. Is this a billiard game? Yeah, it is! So let's try this game! If you like billiard,try this game.If you are not interested in sports,it doesn't matter.If you are good at physics,this game is also suitable for you! Your task in this game is to hit all footballs into the hole using the other ball.Pay attention to the bounce of these balls and plan in advance.I'm sure you will get a good point! 4J 1 year ago
  • Dress Up Morty! report Dress Up Morty! No description available. Y8 8 months ago
  • Toasterball report Toasterball Toasterball is simply the most fun-addicting 2 player ball game ever created. You can control your toaster using the arrow keys to move back and forth towards and away from your goal. Beat your opponent by hitting balls in the air. Have fun and enjoy the game. 4J 3 months ago
  • Football Heads: 2013-14 Premier League report Football Heads: 2013-14 Premier League The English Premier League is about to end, but not here at Choose your favorite team and win this soccer match scoring as many goals as possible. Headbutt and fool the goalkeeper! Both single-player and two-player modes are available. MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Big Head Football report Big Head Football Choose your character and try to score as man goals as possible against each opponent. Y8 1 year ago
  • Mr. Tart Football report Mr. Tart Football Mr. Tart and his fellow players are back for a serious time of playing soccer. Pick your favorite Mr. Tart soccer player, choose will you play against the local CPU champ or play the 2 players mode against a friend, so you could become a true soccer champ! The goal is simple, but scoring a goal is not, especially when the gameplay is so fast and intuitive only the pro soccer players could play their way to victory. Have fun! Y8 1 year ago
  • HeadSoccer report HeadSoccer Football heads soccer stars is easy to control but hard to master Move left, move right, jump and kick the football. Y8 1 year ago
  • Man Mountains Online report Man Mountains Online Help this rugby player push his rivals out of the field. It will be more and more difficult as you make progress. MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Nickelodeon Soccer Stars report Nickelodeon Soccer Stars Play as your favorite Nick characters, and face off against opponents as you fight for the championship. Use your special moves to take out the other team and make the winning goal! Y8 1 year ago
  • Y8 Soccer League report Y8 Soccer League No description available. CrazyGames 1 year ago
  • Swing Soccer report Swing Soccer Swing on a rope and play soccer why dont ya! Y8 1 year ago
  • Foosball 2 Player report Foosball 2 Player Everyone loves a game of table soccer, better known as foosball. Grab a friend to challenge or play against the computer. Kick the ball into the goal using your fixed positioned players. Be the first to ten points in order to win the match. 8iz 3 years ago
  • Princess Football Girl report Princess Football Girl Anna, Elsa and Moana like football so much, so they decide to be football girl and cheer for those football players. Choose suitable and attractive dresses for these three girls and design a cool banner for them. Come on! Mafa 3 months ago
  • Sports Heads Football Championship 2015/2016 report Sports Heads Football Championship 2015/2016 Enjoy the new upgrades! Are you good at heading goals? Choose your favorite soccer team and win the championship scoring as many goals as you can. Both single-player and two-player modes are available. MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Moorhuhn Football report Moorhuhn Football Play Moorhuhn football on Kizi! In Moorhuhn Soccer you must time your shots exactly right and get the balls into the goal! Good luck! Moorhuhn football is totally free and requires no registration! Kizi 8 months ago
  • Soccer World Cup 2018 report Soccer World Cup 2018 The World Cup in Russia is coming. You can choose your favorite national team to play. In each turn, you can tap one of your players to hit the opponent's ball and drive the ball into the opponent's goal. Move fast, or you will lose your direction. It is considered a foul to play the opposing player. Have a good time with Soccer World Cup 2018. 4J 9 months ago
  • GS Soccer 2015 report GS Soccer 2015 Grab some friends to challenge in this epic two player soccer game. 8iz 2 years ago
  • Y8 Soccer League report Y8 Soccer League Compete with players all over the world in Y8 Soccer League, a new soccer game by the... CrazyGames 1 year ago
  • Kopanito Soccer report Kopanito Soccer Kopanito All-Stars Soccer is a free online game on Pick your team and... CrazyGames 3 months ago
  • Soccer Champ report Soccer Champ Play games and advance in the tournament. Can you make it to the final in Soccer... CrazyGames 3 months ago
  • Ish's Sub report Ish's Sub Robots and footballs and bears, oh my. (there are no bears) Game Instructions: Arrows to Move. Space to Dash. Touch the red bods while you're red to destroy them, likewise for the blue bots. It's not rocket surgery, people. Y8 1 year ago
  • Freekick Football report Freekick Football Take turns kicking and blocking as you try to score by adjust your kicking angle and power. Y8 1 year ago
  • Gravity Football report Gravity Football Try to score by shooting the ball into your opponent's net. FunnyGames 6 months ago
  • Puppet Football Spanish League report Puppet Football Spanish League No description available. PacoGames 9 months ago
  • World Cup Breakout 2010 report World Cup Breakout 2010 Attack your opponents with the ball and score a goal to proceed to the next match.. Keep busy with World Cup Breakout 2010 online and enjoy the enjoyment as you attempt to top the leaderboards. 8iz 9 months ago
  • Soccer Cheerleader Championship report Soccer Cheerleader Championship The soccer championship is about to start and the cheerleaders representing different teams need your help! Amelia, Ella, and Sophia are ready to cheer for their teams! Firstly, you need to make the girls up, then pick the beautiful team clothes for them. Have fun! Mafa 4 months ago
  • Soccer Cheerleader Championship report Soccer Cheerleader Championship The soccer championship is about to start and the cheerleaders representing different teams need your help! Amelia, Ella, and Sophia are ready to cheer for their teams! Firstly, you need to make the girls up, then pick the beautiful team clothes for them. Have fun! 4J 4 months ago
  • Football Cheerleader report Football Cheerleader Dress up this funky cheerleader with a nice cheer leader outfit! Y8 1 year ago
  • Goal in One report Goal in One Your Aim is to get the ball in the goal in every level without taking too many shots, similar to golf.Every level has a par (Shot Limit) which you mustn\'t exceed. The lower the total score the better.To Kick the ball simply click anywhere on the level then release. BubbleBox 1 year ago
  • AWS Pro Moves Soccer report AWS Pro Moves Soccer Enjoy the computer version of this Sega classic, a game launched by ASCII Entertainment in 1993 on Mega Drive and Genesis. Play a thrilling soccer match after choosing one of the teams from 10 different countries. Try not to get your players injured or expelled and lead them to victory! MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • World Cup 2018: Find The Difference report World Cup 2018: Find The Difference The World Cup 2018 has already begun. You are a fan of that team. You have to find the difference between two similar pictures. you have to find seven different in a minute. Have fun with World Cup 2018: Find The Difference. 4J 6 months ago
  • Football Champions report Football Champions Become the Football Champion in this fun, football style puzzle game. Y8 1 year ago
  • Soccer Doctor 3 report Soccer Doctor 3 Play Soccer doctor 3 on Kizi! They need you back down on the field, Doc. Can you patch up each one of these soccer players or give them some much needed plastic surgery? Show off your medical skills in this wacky online game. Soccer doctor 3 is totally free and requires no registration! Kizi 8 months ago
  • Lateral Collateral report Lateral Collateral Pass the ball as a new opponent appears to your friends and try to do touchdowns! Y8 1 year ago
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