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  • Five Days at Freddys: Rage at Night! report Five Days at Freddys: Rage at Night! Enjoy this new version of the scary Five Nights at Freddy's. You're alone in your room at night and can't really see what's around you. Pay attention and get ready to shoot your enemies. Don't let the animatronics get you! MiniPlay 2 years ago
  • 1950's Apocalypse report 1950's Apocalypse The Apocalypse has never been so nostalgic! Battle pin-up zombies, find weapons and power-ups and become more badass than you ever thought a 1950s housewife could be. Y8 1 year ago
  • Apocalypse City: Last Stand report Apocalypse City: Last Stand Apocalypse City: Last Stand is a MMO that will put you in the edge of your seats. Join players around the world, shoot all the mutated creatures and survive or compete against other players in a brutal PVP! Y8 4 months ago
  • Darkness Episode 1 report Darkness Episode 1 Darkness is a horror point-and-click adventure game. Make sure to turn up the speakers and turn down the lights for maximum fun! Kongregate 1 year ago
  • The Last Door - Chapter 3: The Four Witnesses report The Last Door - Chapter 3: The Four Witnesses Episodic horror game, with original low-res visuals and a gorgeous orchestral music score, composed by Carlos Viola. Surrounded by a thrilling sound atmostpher... Kongregate 1 year ago
  • Black Rose report Black Rose Are you ready to scream? You'll be inside a haunted house about which you have always heard all kinds of spooky stories. You never believed them, so you decided to find out what really is going on. Whay will you end up finding? MiniPlay 2 years ago
  • Recall Beyond report Recall Beyond You've managed to travel back in time, but all you got is a nice headache... Get ready for a thrilling horror game -- try to escape from the place where you're locked! Plan your moves carefully with the items around you and find a way out. MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Clown Nights report Clown Nights Clown Nights is a horror game inspired by "Five Night At Freddy's." Start your new job as a guard in a circus! Since you're new, you were assigned the night shift. Check the security cameras in order to make sure nothing weird is happening -- soon you will find out that a creepy clown is out there. Can you stay alive for 7 nights? MiniPlay 2 years ago
  • Dark Days report Dark Days Survive the Dark Days which are met with attacks of zombies. Try to stay a live as much as possible. Y8 1 month ago
  • Friday the 13th report Friday the 13th Do you know what "paraskevidekatriafobia" means? It's "fear of Friday the 13th"!Enjoy this game based on the 1989 classic, Friday the 13th. Find and defeat evil serial killer Jason Voorhees. Along the way, you'll find cabins, a lake, caves and even a forest... But they are packed with zombies, crows and wolves. Upgrade your weapons and survive! Where is that guy? MiniPlay 11 months ago
  • 13 More Days in Hell report 13 More Days in Hell Move in this FPS as you gather new guns and shoot all the hellish enemies that chase after you. Y8 1 year ago
  • Town of Fears report Town of Fears An ancient demon is about to break free. Stop him before Kraig Rock turns into a ghost town. Kongregate 1 year ago
  • The Endless zombie rampage report The Endless zombie rampage Watch the blood spray from the zombies as you shoot them full of holes. Watch out for that reload. Y8 1 year ago
  • Phobia - A teaser report Phobia - A teaser A horror game WIP created for my dissertation. Kongregate 1 year ago
  • Five Nights at Golden Freddy's report Five Nights at Golden Freddy's In this game you'll have to control the security guard at a pizza place full of animatronics. They're called Spring, Bonnie and Golden Freddy - prevent them from killing you by checking the security cameras at all times! MiniPlay 2 years ago
  • Horror Movie Quiz report Horror Movie Quiz Test your horror movie knowledge. SuperGames 1 week ago
  • Angry Teddy Bears report Angry Teddy Bears Look out, there are a bunch of teddy bears, which are very angry and run to hurt you. Don't let them deceive you with their cute look, shoot them all and don't let them get closer to you. They are coming in a separated waves and you have time to find the first aid box and heal you. Y8 4 months ago
  • Five Nights at Candy's report Five Nights at Candy's This time horror followed you all the way to the candy store. Try to survive while all kinds of scary enemies stalk you from the shadows. Stay alive till 6 am by watching the security cameras. Can you handle it? MiniPlay 2 years ago
  • Cube Escape: Harvey's Box report Cube Escape: Harvey's Box Harvey needs to escape his box before he arrives at Rusty Lake. Discover the purpose of the items with him: an egg, a comb, a box of cigars... Things are not w... Kongregate 1 year ago
  • Nuclear Plant report Nuclear Plant 99% of population is dead after world nuclear war. Survived animals mutated. No plants, no trees, no oxygen remain on Earth. You got a viable seedit#39s time... Kongregate 1 year ago
  • Nick Mystery Mansion report Nick Mystery Mansion Join the guys from Bikini Bottom in a terrific adventure! You've been invited to a party in the Mystery Mansion, but there's nothing to celebrate because everybody has turned into a ghost. Use your vacuum cleaner to rescue them! MiniPlay 2 years ago
  • Darkness Episode 2 report Darkness Episode 2 In the second episode of the horrifying Darkness series, you find yourself in a hospital. Make sure to turn up the speakers and turn down the lights for maximu... Kongregate 1 year ago
  • Asylum Rehash report Asylum Rehash Destroy the evil in the asylum to reclaim your dreams and escape the darkness! Kongregate 1 year ago
  • Resident Evil 7: Chapter 1 Mia report Resident Evil 7: Chapter 1 Mia Resident Evil 7: Chapter 1 Mia is a fun and chilling horror game set in the legendary... CrazyGames 11 months ago
  • FNAF HTML5 report FNAF HTML5 The most popular mystery game can now be played on any device! Try to solve the mystery before the monster gets you. 8iz 1 year ago
  • Homer Simpson Saw report Homer Simpson Saw Homer has skipped work again.. This time his boss has had enough of it.. He hired Saw to kidnap Marge and Lisa! Help Homer get his family back! WordGames 1 week ago
  • Forgotten Hill Surgery report Forgotten Hill Surgery Perform surgery in this super dark game. 8iz 2 years ago
  • FNAF: Afton's Nightmare report FNAF: Afton's Nightmare Five Nights at Freddy's: Afton's Nightmare is the dark survival game that will make you face the animatronics once more! Watch their every move using the security cameras and find places to hide in order not to get caught. Analyze your surroundings, make a plan and stay safe! MiniPlay 5 months ago
  • Death Airport report Death Airport No description available. Y8 10 months ago
  • Kill Them All 5 report Kill Them All 5 Welcome to the newest chapter of Kill Them All, the fifth edition of killing monsters. In this first person shooter game, your objective is to survive against waves of incoming enemy monsters. Use a pistol and a machine-gun to complete your shooting job, and take down as more enemies as possible. Y8 4 months ago
  • Don't Escape report Don't Escape I woke up in a room... It is not locked and I remember everything. I#39m a werewolf. Tonight I will turn and people will die, unless I find a way to prevent myse... Kongregate 1 year ago
  • Hangman report Hangman Fear and hate the hangman no more, we present to you quizzes that will entertain and excite even the most veteran gamers of the delightful hangman! WordGames 1 week ago
  • Horror Room Escape report Horror Room Escape No description available. CrazyGames 5 months ago
  • SeppuKuties report SeppuKuties The surprise hit game comes to Kongregate with an extra dollop of Kong API goodness... Do you find yourself dying far too often in games? Are you teh suxxor? D... Kongregate 1 year ago
  • Alice is Dead - Ep 1 report Alice is Dead - Ep 1 You#39ve arrived in Wonderland, that#39s good. Alice is dead, that#39s bad. You don#39t know who you are, that#39s the worst. Do you have what it takes to get out of Wo... Kongregate 1 year ago
  • Exiled Zombies report Exiled Zombies Welcome to the underworld full of zombies, who plan to exile you for an eternity! So, your job is to shoot all zombies around, survive for the next area, and compete with your highest shooting score. The only rule in Exiled Zombies is not to be eaten and stay alive as long as possible! Y8 1 year ago
  • The Visitor report The Visitor Guide an alien parasite through its new earthly surroundings in this interactive horror adventure. OFFICIAL WALKTHROUGH: Kongregate 1 year ago
  • Zombie Survival 2 report Zombie Survival 2 An amazing action game! survive from all the zombies! Y8 1 year ago
  • Feed Us 4 report Feed Us 4 A deadly new species of Piranha is out on the loose to revive the bloody horror. Kongregate 1 year ago
  • Horror Paintings Parodies report Horror Paintings Parodies A Halloween themed quiz game which brings back the famous Paintings Parodies game. 8iz 3 years ago
  • Horror Room Escape 2 report Horror Room Escape 2 In Horror Room Escape 2 you and your pals got lost inside a haunted bungalow. At some point you realized you were left all alone, so naturally you're trying to figure out how to get out. This is a classic room escape game where you may only use a mouse to move around or to pick up various kinds of items that you use later for solving puzzles. Y8 1 year ago
  • SlenderMan Saw Game report SlenderMan Saw Game This time evil Pigsaw has kidnapped Slenderman, and he wants to force him to play a game! Help Slenderman escape and have fun! MiniPlay 2 years ago
  • Horror Place Escape report Horror Place Escape You've trapped in a horror place where it is haunted hundreds of years old, find all the clues and solve all the puzzles. Can you escape before night time? Good Luck and Have Fun! 4J 2 years ago
  • Poltergifts report Poltergifts Hey guys! SickDeathFiend and I decided to make a christmas game, I think it turned out pretty cool! Some kind of halloween-christmas crossover...haha but you#39l... Kongregate 1 year ago
  • Being One - Episode 5 report Being One - Episode 5 Episode 5 in the Being One seriesEarth is under attack by your followers and you are tracking Dr Rycroft to a Nanostation he left co-ordinates to. You must... Kongregate 1 year ago
  • Granny (Horror Game) report Granny (Horror Game) No description available. Kogama 3 months ago
  • Asylum Z report Asylum Z You decided to explore the abandoned asylum. Once you were inside you had second thoughts and went to reach for the door only to find that the door is locked!... Kongregate 1 year ago
  • The Gatekeeper report The Gatekeeper After a bizarre encounter with his recently deceased grandma, Matthew understands that he now must continue his grandmother's work - sending demons back to hel... Kongregate 1 year ago
  • Urbex report Urbex Explore a scary old abandoned factory. Invited by a trusted friend you head deeper within, except all is not what it seems in this derelict place. Something da... Kongregate 1 year ago
  • Feed Us - Pirates report Feed Us - Pirates The Pirates have invaded the shores! Our little piranha friend is back again, in a buccaneer adventure! This expansion to Feed Us Lost Island has new victims t... Kongregate 1 year ago
  • Satanorium report Satanorium A horror adventure game by the developers of Foreign Creature. Your car broke down at an abandoned hospital, its up to you to look around and save the trapped girls! BubbleBox 2 years ago
  • Knife Hit Horror 2 report Knife Hit Horror 2 Throw knives to destroy the monsters, be careful not to get scared by them if you throw wrong. Play Knife Hit Horror 2 ! Y8 4 months ago
  • Hairdresser Horrors report Hairdresser Horrors These clients are the worst. If you don't style them quickly enough, they, um, eat you! Yikes! Cut, style and color to stay alive! AddictingGames 3 months ago
  • The Chernobyl Disaster report The Chernobyl Disaster Sneak into the forbidden area of Pripyat, where Chernobyl is situated. Enter the facilities and solve the mysteries hidden inside the plant. Manage to find a way out before it's too late for you! MiniPlay 2 years ago
  • Photo Escape report Photo Escape You'll be alone inside an old asylum, armed with your camera only. After hearing some weird noises, your breath will become heavier... Even after going down the stairs, the strange noises persist. What is going on? Is anyone there? The only way to find out is using your flash -- survive and find a way out! MiniPlay 5 months ago
Showing 111 - 165 of 737 for 'Horror'

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