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  • Cinderella Real Makeover Cinderella Real Makeover One of the most beloved princesses of all times needs a complete makeover for tonight's ball. Help Cinderella regain her fresh look with beauty spa treatments and take a ride in the awesome world of makeup and princess fashion. Make some magnificent color combinations with eye shadow, blush and lipstick and then you get to pick her hairdo, gloves and dresses. Thanks to the complete and real makeover, the elegant and beautiful Cinderella is now ready to dance and meet her true love before midnight. Mafa 1 year ago
  • Snow White Makeover Snow White Makeover Snow White has come back to the palace, she is going to join in the party in the evening. Now, let's makeover her, let her turn out to be the most stunning girl tonight! 4J 3 years ago
  • Barbie's Retro Makeover Barbie's Retro Makeover Barbie is going out for a retro theme party, so she wants a retro style outlook, in this game, you can try some very 70s of American style, you can feel the retro style through the haircut, clothes, accessories, and nails. please help her to find the most attractive makeup and outfits, at last, don't forget to get the nails done. It's all so match for the retro theme. Have fun! Mafa 1 year ago
  • Cinderella's Princess Makeover Cinderella's Princess Makeover Cinderella is one of my favorite princesses and she has a special place in the hearts of all young girls. Her life and love story have inspired movies and cartoons, comic books and even games. Cinderella didn't have an easy life and her story turned from a fairytale into a nightmare and then a fairytale again in just a few years. After losing her mom, Cinderella's dad remarried an evil woman. Together with her two ugly and envious daughters, Anastasia and Drizella, Lady Tremaine tortured our poor princess for months. Cinderella's Fairy Godmother helped her go to the ball Prince Charming was throwing and gave her an amazing head to toe makeover. Play our game and join Cinderella while she cleans off the ashes and the dust and becomes once again the beautiful princess she used to be. She was always a beautiful girl, even before the makeover, but she will shine brighter than ever now that her skin is perfect, her makeup and hair look amazing and her outfit is flawless. Enjoy the game, my fair ones! Y8 2 years ago
  • Cinderella Princess Makeover Cinderella Princess Makeover Cinderella Princess Makeover. Mafa 1 year ago
  • Princess Jasmine Inspired Makeup Princess Jasmine Inspired Makeup Disney Princess Jasmine is always one of my favirite princesses. Her special makeup look is exotic and glamorous. Play our new game called Princess Jasmine Inspired Makeup and learn how to recreate Jasmine's look step by step. Let's get started! have fun! Y8 2 years ago
  • Pregnant Tiana Accident Care Pregnant Tiana Accident Care It's been a very bad day for Tiana. She needs to be treated immediately. While the Pregnant Tiana wanted to pluck the apples from her garden she fell down accidentally. The husband of Tiana is very much worried about the condition of her beloved wife. You are the best doctor in the city. Treat the lady with love and care. Wipe off the blood and bandage the wounds. Inject her if it is required. Be with her until she feels good. William, the husband of Aurora is very much thankful to your timely help. Tiana is very much worried about the condition of the infant. Give a thorough check up and ask her to take care of health. Thank you again for your care for the girl. Y8 2 years ago
  • Roman Lady Roman Lady A wonderful game borrowed from Azalea, you can layer togas endlessly for a fabulous Roman or Grecian look. Inspired by the historical TV drama, Rome, Azalea beautifully captures the intricate jewelry and flowy robes and dresses of the period. Y8 2 years ago
  • Zoe's Makeover Slacking Zoe's Makeover Slacking :Zoe mother is doing a head massage for Zoe, as the massage takes a long time, it will be boring for her. So she plans to do some slacking with all the available accessories and beauty items. Help her in slacking. Be careful that Zoe doesn't get caught to her mother. Have Fun slacking! Mafa 1 year ago
  • Winter Wedding Makeover Winter Wedding Makeover A winter wedding is just a ripple in a young maiden's life. With the sunset burning in the background on a frosty ford, this young girl is stepping forward into the next phase of her life with a dainty foot. Kaylee is very excited to start her new life and get rid of the drama and the nonsense. Do you have an excellent winter wedding dress idea? GirlGames 10 months ago
  • Victoria's Secret Fashion Show NYC Victoria's Secret Fashion Show NYC No description available. PacoGames 1 year ago
  • Fabulous Wedding Fabulous Wedding Perfect weather, hot beach, cold sea, summer breeze and a happy couple; what a wonderful day! This is the first marrying couple of the season! Their wedding will be wonderful but you should give them a hand for the preparations! Y8 2 years ago
  • Barbie Pregnant Tanning Solarium Barbie Pregnant Tanning Solarium Barbie is pregnant and she wants a gorgeous tan! Join her to the solarium and get ready for a fun makeover with the future mommy. Choose Barbie's outfit, get rid of the accessories and make sure her skin is protected with UV cream during the tanning sessi Kizi 1 year ago
  • Elsa Fat 2 Fit Elsa Fat 2 Fit Elsa is a beautiful queen, no doubt about that. But she found a boyfriend, and as in any good happy relationship, she gained some pounds. But not in the right time. The end of high school is approaching and Jack invited her to the prom. Elza told Anna immediately these wonderful news. Without hesitation, Anna began pulling her clothes out of her closet to pick out the most beautiful dress. The problem is that, they're all small and do not fit anymore! It doesn't matter, there is still enough time. Help Elsa to lose weight. What diet is the best? You can't avoid a gym as well. So don't hesitate, put on your tracksuit and go running. Have fun. PacoGames 6 months ago
  • Highschool For Princess Highschool For Princess Come and play this girl game where you will learn something about manners, good behavior at school. Your job is to make sure this high school princess has the best outfit and put on some makeup at school. Next, you will learn some good manners and in the end, you will clean the chemistry lab. Have a great time! 4J 1 year ago
  • Goldie: Crush Date Goldie: Crush Date Goldie has a date with her crush tonight, but she's also dealing with a face full of acne! Can you help her pop her pimples and choose some awesome outfits for both her and her date? She would really appreciate it if you could lend her a hand in this online dress-up and makeover game. GirlsGoGames 5 months ago
  • Extreme makeover Extreme makeover Can you remember that TV show called Extreme Makeover? It's time to help this girl change her looks dramatically! Fix her teeth, retouch her face, clear her skin, add some makeup, do her hair and choose a new style for her. MiniPlay 2 years ago
  • Tianas Day Out Tianas Day Out Play Tianas Day Out, the free online game at! Click now to play Tianas Day Out. Enjoy the best games related to Tianas Day Out. Y8 2 years ago
  • The Second Day Of Lovelorn The Second Day Of Lovelorn Kristoff broke up with Anna, Anna is very sad and crying very badly. How should she get rid of the shadow of lovelorn? Can you help her? Please join us to help her choose the beautiful dress and makeup. Have a good time! 4J 6 months ago
  • Tree Hugger Girl Dress Up Tree Hugger Girl Dress Up Get 'Tree Hugger Girl Dress Up ' game started girls and help beautiful Sally prepare for the most important mission as an environmentalist by giving her a fresh and natural new look. Choose bright, pastel colors for her eyeshadow, add a layer of sweet peach or bright pink on her cheeks and a sweet cherry lipstick color on her lips and one or several coats of black mascara to complete her cheerful make up look with! Then go to the next page of the game and find Sally the best outfit to dress her up for for this action and pair it up with the right pair of boots and colorful jewels. In order to add some more chicness to her look, choose her a wavy hairstyle and some girly-girl hair accessories as well. Y8 2 years ago
  • Cute Lips Plastic Surgery Cute Lips Plastic Surgery What a poor lady! Her lips is not in a good shape. It surely has some kind of infection and it needs to be treated as soon as possible! You are tasked to be her lip doctor. Your goal is to cure her lips first and then do the necessary procedures to make her lips look and feel better. Have fun and be the best plastic surgery doctor in the world! Y8 6 months ago
  • Jenner Lip Doctor Jenner Lip Doctor Jenner Lip Doctor is a Dress Up game 2 play online at GaHe.Com. You can play Jenner Lip Doctor in full-screen mode in your browser for free without any annoying AD. GaHe 4 months ago
  • Cheerleader Girl Love Story Cheerleader Girl Love Story The cheerleader is going on a date. Can you help her? You need to help clean her face, then apply a facial mask, treat her face, and paint beautiful makeup. Do a nice manicure. Give her a nice dress and a beautiful look. Let her have a perfect date. Have fun with Cheerleader Girl Love Story. 4J 1 year ago
  • Barbie Artistic Eye Makeup Barbie Artistic Eye Makeup Today Barbie has nothing to do and she will go to an artistic eye makeup shop to try a new makeup style. There are 6 different patterns you can choose, just use the tools we prepared for you and then you can finish the makeup easily. Have a good time with Barbie in our new game Barbie Artistic Eye Makeup! 4J 1 week ago
  • Warrior Fairy Makeover Warrior Fairy Makeover Even though fairies are some of the most delicate and beautiful creatures, they are also very powerful. Their strength lies deep in their soul and their beliefs. When they love something, they do anything to protect it. This gorgeous warrior fairy knows what is important for her and is prepared to defend it. Even though she's strong, sometimes even she needs help. Play our online girl game and help her feel beautiful and empowered. Mix and match all the different items, in order to give her a gorgeous makeover. 4J 3 years ago
  • Super Doll Lips Injections Super Doll Lips Injections Super Doll wants to be in trend and you are in for a treat! Go to the doctor's office and help Super Doll get fuller lips. Learn every step of the procedure and have fun with all the medical tools. After that, create a beautiful makeup look with eyeshadow, lipstick and eyelashes. Super Doll will look sensational! SisiGames 4 months ago
  • A New Beginning: From Sad To Fab A New Beginning: From Sad To Fab How could he leave me for another girl? It's a serious question. Barbie is so sad that she kept crying. Let's play A New Beginning: From Sad To Fab! Start by getting rid of the makeup she ruined by crying and give her face a good treatment. Choose a unique makeup, Design a fashion hairstyle, then decorate a nice nail. Finally. Pick up the most fashionable outfit for her so she will look as dashing as usual! 4J 2 years ago
  • Bffs Go Party Bffs Go Party Meet tree beautiful young girls, Elise, Diana and Lilly they are BFFs and today they are going to have some party! Girls hope you can help them to choose the best looking outfit for the party. Elise, Diana and Lilly heard you are the best fashion adviser. It is true? So, let's do it! There many different clothes stating for casual style and ending with beautiful evening dresses. What outfit would be the best for the party? You decide! Have a great time with princesses! 4J 3 years ago
  • Bus Stop Dress up Bus Stop Dress up Choose the best clothes for this pretty little girl. Mafa 1 year ago
  • Gemini Girl Dress Up Gemini Girl Dress Up Gemini Twins love to talk! And that's why I'm not a Gemini. Those girls born under the starry signs are believers in everything! Are you confused by facts and can multitask? You might be a Gemini, too! Check out this new dress up game for all Zodiac girls. Mafa 1 year ago
  • Dance Magic Fluttershy Dance Magic Fluttershy Dance Magic Fluttershy is a Dress Up game 2 play online at GaHe.Com. You can play Dance Magic Fluttershy in full-screen mode in your browser for free without any annoying AD. GaHe 4 months ago
  • Elf Queen Dress Up Elf Queen Dress Up Elf Queen Dress Up is a Dress Up game 2 play online at GaHe.Com. You can play Elf Queen Dress Up in full-screen mode in your browser for free without any annoying AD. GaHe 4 months ago
  • Princess Cinderella Royal Makeover Princess Cinderella Royal Makeover Princess Cinderella Royal Makeover is a Other game 2 play online at GaHe.Com. You can play Princess Cinderella Royal Makeover in full-screen mode in your browser for free without any annoying AD. GaHe 4 months ago
  • Modern Beauty Nails Spa Modern Beauty Nails Spa You have a customer! Beauty came to your salon looking for a whole new makeover for her nails. First apply some treatment to her hands, and then trim and buff her nails. After that, choose the perfect color or pattern and some pretty accessories that will fit perfectly with her manicure. Do your magic and make her feel like a real princess. GirlGames 10 months ago
  • Pregnant Ariel Room Makeover Pregnant Ariel Room Makeover Help princess Ariel cu clean up her room and make it shine.It's been a long time since she cleaned her room and today she decided to clean up the mess in her room.Start by cleaning the garbage and them redecorate the room.Have fun! Kizi 1 year ago
  • Crazy Mommy Beauty Salon Crazy Mommy Beauty Salon Being a busy mom might get you insane if you are not having some well-deserved breaks from time to time, so in this girl game you will actually help a crazy mom to get her preferential treatment. Begin with the manicure part and once you are done you have to deal with her messy hair right away. Do not forget about her face too, because it needs a total restore and a deep relaxation time in order to recover. After long weeks of hard work, a day of total relaxation is always welcomed! Have fun. PacoGames 1 year ago
  • Ariel Double Eyelid Cosmetic Surgery Ariel Double Eyelid Cosmetic Surgery Ariel Double Eyelid Cosmetic Surgery is a type of innovated surgery simulation game. As the most beautiful mermaid on the seafloor, she becomes a human and came ashore. But there is some trouble with her eyes. Double eyelids disappeared. Face covered with pox. Hope you can join us to play Ariel Double Eyelid Cosmetic Surgery to help her. Have fun! 4J 4 months ago
  • Anime Fan Dressup Anime Fan Dressup Hairi is an anime fan girl. She loves lots of different anime shows, manga, and cartoons. When she's not reading or watching shows, she spends her time on Tumblr. Y8 2 years ago
  • Barbie Glam Queen Barbie Glam Queen Get ready for the Barbie's first challenge: to choose a nice casual style or the elegant one. When you done that, dress up for her and make up for her to make her more beautiful and attractive! 4J 2 years ago
  • Rainbow Dash Pony Vs Human Rainbow Dash Pony Vs Human Dress up Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony: Equestria Girls as a pony and a human! When she is a pony, you could change her skin color, manes and tails, etc. And When Rainbow Dash is a humen ,dress her up with cute dresses and accessories. They are both so cute! Have fun! Mafa 1 year ago
  • Monster High Beauty Salon Monster High Beauty Salon Draculaura loves to apply the special eyes of newt mixture on her skin whenever she's not in school! When you design her Monster High salon, you should include a makeover that would give Draculaura those beautiful flashing eyelashes. GirlGames 10 months ago
  • Princess Spring Fashion Show Princess Spring Fashion Show Elisa is doing a fashion show this spring. Pick up an elegant evening dress and shoes for this dress. Or you can choose a cheeky bodysuit from a new collection of underwear for princesses. Do not forget to add accessories to your image. Jewels and luxurious clutches just what every beautiful girl needs in her life. Apply makeup to the princess models and start your spring fashion show! Invite all fashion lovers all around the world. We are sure that everyone will love your show! Have fun. PacoGames 7 months ago
  • Beauty Facial Makeover Beauty Facial Makeover Christina needs a quick facial to look her best during a girls only party. She is in her spa and needs some help to get her facial done quickly. Help her with that then give her a nice makeover. This should give her a glamorous look at the girls party. Make sure you give her nice dressup to go with her makeover. Mafa 1 year ago
  • Highschool Girls House Cleaning Highschool Girls House Cleaning Thinking about moving in with your best friend for a high school adventure? Well, before you could take this serious you might play this exciting game where you get to know exactly what this will suppose to mean once you are together. The cleaning part is all on you, girls, take care of the bathroom making it clean and all disinfected. Also look after the bedroom and the kitchen because they need attention too. Have fun. PacoGames 1 year ago
  • Popstar Girls Dress Up Popstar Girls Dress Up It's time to dress up the pop star as a big show! Start with making up for the pop star girl and take her to the spa, where you can give her a facial treatment. Clean, exfoliate, regulate and moisturize her skin to make her radiant. Choose beautiful dresses and hairstyle for her, take photos and have a good time! 4J 1 month ago
  • Bridal Makeup Bridal Makeup Bridal Makeup is a Dress Up game 2 play online at GaHe.Com. You can play Bridal Makeup in full-screen mode in your browser for free without any annoying AD. GaHe 4 months ago
  • Steampunk Girl Dress Up Steampunk Girl Dress Up Play Steampunk girl dress up on Kizi! Who says that fashion and engineering don't mix? Steampunk girl dress up is totally free and requires no registration! Kizi 1 year ago
  • Black And White Fashion Black And White Fashion There is no color that can be perfectly combined as Black and White! Of course all the fashionistas are aware and finally this season Black and White trend has shown its face! Now, it's your turn, pick your favorite outfit and wear it! Come on girl, show us your style! 4J 3 years ago
  • Boyfriend Girl Makeover Boyfriend Girl Makeover There is a fun new trend on the internet right now and that is to give your boyfriend a girl makeover. He might disagree at first, but he will surely come around as this is just for laughs, not to mention that you will get to practice your make up skills. So give it a try! First you have to apply a cream on his beard and then shave it. Use a cleanser on his face to remove all the impurities from the skin, then a sunscreen protection lotion that will create a protecting shield against the sun's rays. Then you can choose a color for foundation and apply it with a professional sponge. Mafa 1 year ago
  • Ariel Gets Inked Ariel Gets Inked Beautiful mermaid Ariel wants a cooler edgier look so she has decided to get herself a tattoo. She knows she wants a water world inspired kind design, but you can help her decide on the perfect one while playing 'Ariel Gets Inked' tattoo game for girls! Mafa 1 year ago
  • The Little Mermaid Dress Up The Little Mermaid Dress Up The Little Mermaid will be dating her prince. Now, she wants to prepare for the date, can you help her? Choose a beautiful tail for her, then dress up her with the appropriate clothes. Finally, design a suitable hairstyle for her and makeover her with pretty accessories. Let's create a perfect date for her! Mafa 1 year ago
  • Cute Cheerleader Cute Cheerleader Cute Cheerleader is a Dress Up game 2 play online at GaHe.Com. You can play Cute Cheerleader in full-screen mode in your browser for free without any annoying AD. GaHe 4 months ago
  • Lavender Fields Makeover Lavender Fields Makeover Dress up this girl and make her more beautiful like a blooming flower. Y8 2 years ago
  • Mouscedes Kings Luxurious Spa Day Mouscedes Kings Luxurious Spa Day Mouscedes Kings Luxurious Spa Day Mafa 1 year ago
  • Lupita Nyong'o Oscar Makeover Lupita Nyong'o Oscar Makeover Lupita Amondi Nyong'o needs a makeover as she is going to attend the Oscar. Make up and clothes must be absolutely fabulous to get the limelight on her. Have fun! Mafa 1 year ago
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