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  • Personal Mystery: Detective Game Personal Mystery: Detective Game No description available. AGame 8 months ago
  • Jewel Christmas Jewel Christmas Enjoy this Christmas Match 3 game! Five festive game modes will keep you playing for hours, are you up for the challenge? CoolGames 5 months ago
  • Jungle Legend Jungle Legend Enjoy this classic zuma bubble shooter game in the mystic jungle! Shoot and link magical stones in groups of three, let the adventure begin! CoolGames 5 months ago
  • Ariel and Mysterious Perfume Ariel and Mysterious Perfume Princess Ariel fell in love with Eric, but he doesn't notice her at all! Well, princess Anna wants to help her friend and suggests making a special perfume which can charm Ariel's crush and attract his attention. Help the princess to make her wish come true! DressUp 5 months ago
  • Mystic Story Mystic Story Find the difference between to similar mystical images. Y8 1 year ago
  • Postal Mysteries Postal Mysteries Search for the hidden objects in the new captivating game by . The people live happily as their life passes slowly and evenly far from the big city. As before the inhabitants of a little town like their post office where they go to get letters and parcels from their dear people. Act as a postman and help to make an order in an old nice post office. Y8 1 year ago
  • Alchemist Alchemist You're a powerful alchemist who just entered a new dimension where light is a source of food. But something strange is going on, as all of the light is mysteriously disappearing. If there is no light, no life will be able to exist here. Now it's up to you to find out what's going on and save the creatures who live in this bizarre world. Search for ingredients to concoct your illumination potion by navigating through the levels and save the creatures before all of the light disappears forever! SuperGames 5 months ago
  • Mystic India Pop Express Mystic India Pop Express No description available. AGame 8 months ago
  • Level Up Level Up Explore, level up and collect lots of upgrades to build your character!Every night a re-occurring nightmare will rob you of everything if you can't survive it. SuperGames 5 months ago
  • Escape from Mystic Graveyard Escape from Mystic Graveyard Escape from the Mystic graveyard! Find your way out of this place before you too end up in here... SuperGames 5 months ago
  • Madame Mystic Madame Mystic Gaze into her crystal ball, for it reveals all. With a mysterious smile and a sharp old world style, this mistress of the mystic arts is a darkly chic beauty to behold. Vintage corsets, lace gloves, frilled blouses, and pearl accessories help compliment her custom silver sparkling or colorful crystal ball collection. GirlGames 5 months ago
  • Mysterious Rings Mysterious Rings Let's see if you have what it takes to complete all 20 of these crazy puzzles. Y8 1 year ago
  • Hide Adventure Hide Adventure You ran out of gas in the worst moment possible. Look for a nearby gas station, but beware of the person who hides in the fog! Collect items and manage to survive! MiniPlay 2 years ago
  • Mystery IQ Test Mystery IQ Test Use the ARROW Keys and SPACEBAR to play, or any other key/device that will help you solve the puzzles.. BigDino 8 months ago
  • Adam and Eve Adam and Eve Help Adam find his way through the forest. Will he be let into Paradise? Point, click and start a chain of adventures! WordGames 2 weeks ago
  • Cave of Heroes Cave of Heroes A wrong step has sent Alexia tumbling down into a mysterious realm filled with ancient secrets. Can you help her to resolve this matter? SuperGames 5 months ago
  • Josh Tam Mysteries G2 : Easter Island Josh Tam Mysteries G2 : Easter Island Josh Tam goes on a new adventure to investigate the mysteries at Easter Island in this visual novel adventure flash game. But a mystic adventure full of puzzles and riddles await him and his gang! Y8 1 year ago
  • Mysterious Rings Revamped Mysterious Rings Revamped Use logic and complete every level. Move using the arrow keys and press the space bar to jump. MiniPlay 2 years ago
  • Exmortis 2 Exmortis 2 After finishing the first installment, uncover the secrets this church hides. MiniPlay 2 years ago
  • Mystery of Ceylon Mystery of Ceylon No description available. Y8 1 year ago
  • Bootham Bootham Try to stay sane inside an abandoned asylum from the 19th Century! Solve all kinds of mysteries and puzzles, collect some items and try to find a way out of this creepy place. Good luck! MiniPlay 2 years ago
  • Bela Kovacs and the Trail of Blood Bela Kovacs and the Trail of Blood You'll find lots of mystery and murder in this graphic adventure. Travel to Eastern Europe and investigate this case. MiniPlay 2 years ago
  • Elsa And Mystery Baby Elsa And Mystery Baby This morning Elsa found a baby in front of her castle. The baby is so dirty, Elsa doesn't know how to do with her. Anna thinks that they have to take care of the baby until someone find this is her baby, Elsa agrees with Anna's idea. Firstly take a shower for the baby and then dress up her. Finally, design a poster to find the baby's mother. Mafa 1 year ago
  • Lenses Lenses Your teacher has invited you to visit his observatory. Try to guess what all those mysterious lenses are for. MiniPlay 2 years ago
  • Mystery Of Egypt Elephant Cave Escape Mystery Of Egypt Elephant Cave Escape When you wake up, You find yourself lying in a strange cave. Now, you must escape from here. Use your sharp mind to find clues and collect objects. You will find Some puzzles waiting for you. You will find the key as long as you solve all the puzzles. Do you have the confidence to escape from here? Have a try and good luck! 4J 1 year ago
  • Finders Seekers Finders Seekers The Mystery of StonecliffYour uncle has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Investigate the case, pick up all kinds of objects and use them correctly. MiniPlay 2 years ago
  • Sinbad's Journey Sinbad's Journey Sinbad is stranded on a secret island. To continue his journey he has to repair his wrecked ship. Help him to find goods to trade, cast out a monster rat and save a damsel in distress. If you are looking for a great way to spend your time, then Sinbad's Journey it is. Enjoy! Controls: Mouse SilverGames 2 months ago
  • Magical Mysteries Magical Mysteries Can you solve the magical mystery? Match 3 or more tokens to clear them from the board and complete each mystical mission! Y8 1 year ago
  • Alien Mystery  Palace Alien Mystery Palace PALACE -ALIEN Mystery is an fascinating and wonderful point and click style new escape game. Think about a condition that you received information as your pet was captured by Alien space ship. Also, you got the informations that your puppy would be released only if you gather the 10 neutral units from various areas and repair it in the space ship. If you have the fantastic difficulty solving character, it is certain that you will be successful by discovering the essential objects and solving the puzzles. 4J 2 years ago
  • Easter Island Mystery Easter Island Mystery A bizarre point and click game. Can you uncover the secret of Easter Island and save the earth from global warming? Y8 1 year ago
  • Trapped Part 2 Trapped Part 2 The DarkRemember you fell down the hole in the yard in the previous chapter. Solve the mysterywho killed the man in that room? MiniPlay 2 years ago
  • Mystery At Wolfenstein Castle Mystery At Wolfenstein Castle You are a detective. One cold night you are summoned to the eerie Wolfenstein Castle. You are greeted at the gates by the caretaker who informs you about mysterious and spooky happenings inside the castle. Your mission, should you accept it, is to solve the mystery. But first, you have to find the key to the castle. Good luck! 4J 3 months ago
  • Mystery Difference 2 Mystery Difference 2 Find all differences between two pictures with Mystery Difference 2. Your job is to find five differences at each picture for 2 minutes. If you wrong five times the game will over for you. On T button on your screen, you can turn off the time meter. Try to pass all five levels fastest as you can. Enjoy! 4J 2 years ago
  • Mystic Emporium Mystic Emporium Manage your magic store as you make potions for customers and earn money managing your shop. Y8 1 year ago
  • Shaman's Treasure Shaman's Treasure Shaman's treasures are yet to be discovered! Match a chain of gems to activate magical power-ups. Solve puzzles and discover powerful treasures in this exciting match-3 puzzle game! CoolGames 5 months ago
  • The Secret of Mystery House 2 The Secret of Mystery House 2 Secret of Mystery House 2 is the sequel to the point and click adventure Secret of Mystery House. You walk around an abandoned elderly care center searching for clues to find a missing priest, or proof you did... Y8 1 year ago
  • The Secret of Mystery House The Secret of Mystery House A point and click game where you try to find 3 jewels hidden in a haunted house. Y8 1 year ago
  • Stolen Oscars Stolen Oscars Just a few more days until the Oscars start! The streets are packed with tourists and celebrity fans, and dozens of crimes are being committed daily. However, someone went too far -- two statuettes have disappeared, and you're in charge of finding them! Look for clues around the stages and solve the case! MiniPlay 9 months ago
  • SlenderMan: Mystery Forest SlenderMan: Mystery Forest The setting sun bathes this empty mystery forest in a foreboding blood-red light. You are alone. Abandoned. Equipped with only your trusty flashlight, you rush to escape Slenderman. Your vision turns to TV static as he approaches and then it's all over. Try again. Find the six numbered balls before you meet your end in SlenderMan: Mystery Forest. Escape the hellish surreal nightmare before the supernatural horror catches up with you. A relentless pursuit drives you through the dark in this creepy online horror game. Oblivion is coming for you, will you escape in time? Find out in SlenderMan: Mystery Forest. And good luck! Controls: WASD = Move, Mouse = Look SilverGames 2 months ago
  • The Roach Motel Mystery The Roach Motel Mystery Ghouls, vampires, all things supernatural! The Roach Motel Mystery is a hidden objects game, covered in mystery, that will reel the player in and make them stay until the very end. The plot thickens from one chapter to another, as does the difficulty, making it more fun and captivating for the player. DressUp 5 months ago
  • Mystery Halloween Pumpkin Lantern Mystery Halloween Pumpkin Lantern Little witch Gagau has a mystical pumpkin lantern. She can do magic using it. People also want to get it! But no one has seen it, so people design all kinds of pumpkin lantern according to their imagination. Do you think what does the maystery Halloween pumpkin lantern look like? Y8 1 year ago
  • Mystic Village Mystic Village Defend your village using various defenders, in this tower-defense game with poker like twist. Kizi 7 months ago
  • Puppertrator: A Doggone Mystery Puppertrator: A Doggone Mystery You play as a dog who was accused by a crime he didn't commit! Click objects around you to solve the complex case and prove you're innocent. Gogy 3 months ago
  • Mystical Werewolf Girl Mystical Werewolf Girl After the Twilight Saga with the everlasting battle between werewolves and Vampires, here comes a game with the same theme! It's been several hundred years since she first walked our plains and since then she's always been in trends with the latest fashion items of that specific time. Now we get to see how she likes to dress up as she brought her entire wardrobe and she's ready to try them out for us here. She also agreed to share with us her secret turning into a lovely werewolf. First dress her up to see how she looks like in different outfits and then just click on the 'turn into a wolf' button to see her transform. Have fun girls :D! 4J 2 years ago
  • Sherlock Holmes part 1 Sherlock Holmes part 1 No description available. SuperGames 5 months ago
  • Mystery Places-Hidden Letters Mystery Places-Hidden Letters If you choose to go straight into "Play Game" you are given the default image. The "Select Image" option, however, gives you a choice of three images. Image 1, the default image, is the computer generated rendition of the outside of an industrialized building. The second image is the inside of a computer room and the third is a lost island. As your chosen image loads, you will see the letters of the alphabet below it, in a grid. Above that is an orange bar, that's your timer. The game is not restricted to a time, however. You can turn the timer off using the "Remove Time" button right next to the timer bar. Getting through the game is tricky. Y8 1 year ago
  • Cat Museum Mystery Cat Museum Mystery In this game, you locked in this room. The only way to escape from this room and reveal the cat mystery is to find the hidden clues. Find useful objects around this room and solve puzzles. Good Luck and have fun. 4J 2 years ago
  • Mystery Room Mystery Room It's the time to use your observing skills to discover the hidden objects in this game. Find the hidden objects in the Mystery Room within the time duration to get high score. 20 seconds from your will be reduced for every wrong click. Have fun! Y8 1 year ago
  • Mysterious Dungeon Mysterious Dungeon If you dont find the Buttons Then they are under a locked Door.If you made a bad Move then retry. SuperGames 5 months ago
  • Mysterious Dungeon Mysterious Dungeon If you dont find the Buttons Then they are under a locked Door.If you made a bad Move then retry. GirlGames 5 months ago
  • Mystic Garden Mystic Garden Welcome to the Mystic Garden! This place was created by a powerful magician long ago. We haven't had a visitor for years! Feel free to walk around, and if you would like to leave, you can exit through the door to your right. But it will be quite difficult for you... Because you are rather larger! You will need a potion to make the exit door bigger. Try to find out the recipe and escape the mystic garden! Hooda Math 8 months ago
  • Alien Mystery Alien Mystery Alien Mystery is an exciting and wonderful point and click style new escape game. Think about a circumstance that you received informations as your pet was captured by Alien space ship. Also, you got the informations that your puppy would be released only if you gather the 10 neutral units from various areas and repair it in the space ship. If you have the excellent trouble solving nature, it is certain that you will be successful by discovering the essential objects and solving the puzzles. 4J 2 years ago
  • Mysterious Room Escape Mysterious Room Escape You are trapped in a room and can't escape from it! If you want to leave this room, finding all the items hidden in the room and solve some interesting puzzles. Good luck! 4J 11 months ago
  • Legacy Tales: Mercy of the Gallows Collector's Edition Legacy Tales: Mercy of the Gallows Collector's Edition Countless strange happenings are taking place inside a dark castle on the Dutch shore. Find out how William van der Decken and his lovely wife went missing. What happened to them? Join this pirate adventure! Follow the clues and solve the mystery. MiniPlay 2 years ago
Showing 111 - 165 of 620 for 'Mystery'

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