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  • Santa Car Race Santa Car Race Santa is ready for the christmas car race. Make sure collect gifts on his during the racing event. Avoid hitting the vehicles on the way, else you might lose the game. Your score gets increased according to the distance that you cross. You can't go head after a certain point, if you fail to collect particular amount of gifts. Change the gear to adjust the speed with the help of the gear indicator that shows your gear level. The distance you have crossed is indicated at the top on a scale. The speedometer at the left top corner indicates your car's speed. Reach the destination point within the given time. Y8 2 years ago
  • Racing Mania Racing Mania See how fast you can get around this superb racing mania track, see if you can finish first place Y8 2 years ago
  • Speeding Wheels Speeding Wheels Pick your car and race around multiple tracks as you try to beat the computer players. Grab turbo! Y8 2 years ago
  • Supercars-Madness Supercars-Madness Are you ready for this ultimate challange? You have to race against 7 skilled opponents, and your only option is to win the race. Don`t be intimidated by their agressive style of driving, and most important, every mistake could cost you the lead, so start your engine and show them who`s the boss. Y8 2 years ago
  • Exotic Cars Racing Exotic Cars Racing The summer is coming. Race across the boulevard and try to earn points for upgrades. Try to be the best driver of the boulevard! Y8 2 years ago
  • Maximum Acceleration Maximum Acceleration 3D car racing simulation game where you will take part in a car racing championship. Drive as fast as you can to win all the opponents and purchase faster cars. Y8 2 years ago
  • Monster Truck Driving Monster Truck Driving Step on the Gas! Go airborne, accelerate to top speed, finish the track without damage to your truck. Collect enough stars and buy a new truck, more powerful, faster and better from the existing one. Y8 11 months ago
  • Speedway Challenge Speedway Challenge Challenge everyone in this speedway challenge. Take on the world as you race against the fastest cars on the planet and the finest drivers money can buy. Of course it will take a lot to pull these billionaire racers out of retirement to force back on the road for the race of their lives, but this tournament will raise everyone's competitive spirit! SuperGames 11 months ago
  • Skid MK Skid MK Race around the track in this pixelated 3D racing game. Grab pickups to win against AI drivers. Y8 2 years ago
  • Chicago Gangs Racing Chicago Gangs Racing Welcome to the real Chicago, a city that rules by gangs and gangsters! Now, is the time, when all gangs come out on the streets and to survive you need to defeat everyone. Choose the character you would like to play for and get in your speedy car. Shoot the enemies you will meet on the way. Your goal is to kill all of them and stay alive. Collect different bonuses for health, ammunition, and shields on the way. Ride safe, otherwise you can crush, and then your enemy will win. Let's ride! Y8 2 years ago
  • Hyundai Racing Hyundai Racing Drive this cool car to the finish line. Y8 2 years ago
  • Turbotastic Turbotastic Turbotastic is a magnificent retro looking racing game. Jump into your racing car, gather as many power ups as you can to get a racing car or a destructive monster truck and run the race for a new highscore. If you like speed, fast cars and games full of action, Turbotastic is the perfect game for you! Y8 4 months ago
  • Madalin Stunt Cars Multiplayer Madalin Stunt Cars Multiplayer Excellent online game in which you can show off a few tricks with your car. It is not easy at all, but we believe that you will succeed. Overall, the game offers single player mode and multiplayer, where you can have fun with friends. Y8 2 years ago
  • Winter Race 3D Winter Race 3D Winter Race It is all about speed and skils.try to become first in every race Y8 2 years ago
  • F1 Racing Girl Dress Up F1 Racing Girl Dress Up Racing Formula 1 cars isn't a boys' club anymore! With all of the new rich ladies out there looking for an exhilarating hobby, there are a ton of new entries into the world of fast racing. This girl does it all for the clothes! GirlGames 11 months ago
  • Contract Racer Contract Racer Contract Racer is a very aggressive racing game. You need to finish the race with the least possible time. Don't get your car messed up or get yourself arrested! Y8 2 years ago
  • Turbo Drifters Turbo Drifters You are taking part at a drift racing contest. As you have already guessed, your task is to beat all your opponents and to come to finish as quickly as you can. The faster you drive, the more chances you have. Good luck! Y8 2 years ago
  • Smash and Dash Smash and Dash Race from the treacherous and dense Amazon Jungle to the steaming hot Magma Chambers of doom in this fun car racing game! Y8 1 year ago
  • Halloween Car Race Game Halloween Car Race Game An exclusive Car Race on this Halloween Celebration!!Ready to drive your F1 car on the Halloween theme..? In this game, you need to race with the opponent car to reach the cross line. Tune your car, ride into the dark of Halloween to win the championship. Be the first to cross the Lap!! Y8 2 years ago
  • Rival Rush Rival Rush Become king of the road and master all levels! Navigate your way through heavy traffic at full speed in this racing game. Dodge cars and avoid accidents at all costs! CoolGames 11 months ago
  • Speed Racing Speed Racing Enter this racing game where the only goal is: WIN! Choose the color of your car and try to finish first to earn more money and so, unlock other circuits. Be ruthless with other competitors! Y8 2 years ago
  • Manhattan Skyscrapers Racing Manhattan Skyscrapers Racing Have a blast racing on skyscrapers' rooftops in Manhattan. You will have to find your way without crashing and sometimes you will even have to jump. Use your arrow keys to control your vehicle and make sure you get a high score by collecting money you find on your way. Have a great time playing this amazing game and try to unlock all nine levels. Good luck! Y8 2 years ago
  • Racing Car Hotwheels Racing Car Hotwheels Racing Car Hotwheels is a jigsaw flash puzzle game. There are two game modes to play; time mode and free mode. Time mode, as well as free mode, has three difficulties; easy, medium and hard. In time mode, you can race against the clock to set the best time you possibly can. In free mode there is no time limit so you can have a leisurely experience. FreeOnlineGames 4 months ago
  • Dragon Rush Racing Dragon Rush Racing Delve into the world of dragons and dragon inspired car tuning and taste the speed of the most high performing cars in a race of honor. Try the rush of adrenaline and bring your reflexes to the limit in the high speed adventure at the outskirts of the city and towards the mountains were the dragon dwells. Y8 2 years ago
  • American Dragracer American Dragracer Manual labor + manual driving = automatic cool. Y8 2 years ago
  • ModNation Racers Mini GP ModNation Racers Mini GP Pick your favorite ModNation Racer and kart combo to take on the fastest times in a Quick Race or Explore Tracks to see what challenges await. Think you can make a better track? Then you can give it your best shot in the Track Creator! Y8 2 years ago
  • Mad Taxi Driver Mad Taxi Driver It's pay-back time for the mad taxi driver inside you, looking to get revenge for customers that didn't pay the cab fair! Y8 2 years ago
  • London Taxi Madness London Taxi Madness Try to reach the next checkpoint within the given time limit. Be careful as other cars will block you. Sometimes they will even block all 3 lanes so you will have to use a special feature of your taxi! Just jump over other cars and continue your high speed frenzy. Once you pass a checkpoint you will get additional time. As you progress the time for passing a waypoint will steadily decrease. Later in the game you will be able to pick up clocks which will add 5 seconds to your time. There are also turbo items on the track. Collect 3 of them to activate the turbo. Unlock secret cars if you are able to beat very high scores. While other taxi drivers may get bored you will certainly like your duty! Y8 2 years ago
  • Gear Madness Gear Madness Join a team and get ready to enjoy thrilling street races! Spend on upgrading your ride -- make it faster and face tougher rivals! Can you take over the streets and become the king? MiniPlay 3 years ago
  • Summer Racing Summer Racing The summer is waiting for you so be the best and complete all these levels and start enjoying your vacation. Grab your sun screen start the engines and begin a adventure in Summer Racing. Be the fastest and get to your vacation in time. Y8 2 years ago
  • Super Police Persuit Super Police Persuit Chase AI racers in your cop car. Take them down by running them into walls or hitting at high speed. Y8 2 years ago
  • Speed Bus Speed Bus Your bus has been hijacked by terrorists, your job is to keep the passengers safe. To be able to drive the speed bus, you`ll have to keep an eye on the speedometer because if the speed is to low, or to high, your bus will explode. Your goal is to find the black cars and destroy them to prevent the bomb from being detonated. Test your nerves, and try to survive in the Speed Bus. Y8 2 years ago
  • 1st Drift Racing Stage 1st Drift Racing Stage Make your best lap while you drift the car. Y8 2 years ago
  • NeuroDriver NeuroDriver NeuroDriver is not a game in common sense, it is an gamified research approach were players train autonomous race car drivers to a competitive state. The game makes use of the neuro-evolutionary algorithm theory to train the artificial intelligence of the drivers. As the training is an unsupervised process, your only interaction with the game for now, is buying new upgrades and changing the parameters of them in tuning menu, which makes the game almost an idle game. Y8 2 years ago
  • Roller Rider Roller Rider Roller Rider challenges you to race hundreds of feet above the ground, screaming up and down winding narrow tracks, and blasting past your opponents. Dare to take your hands of the wheel and wave in the air for extra turbo! 100 Challenges featuring Race, Versus, Time Trial, No Walls and Pick-Up Events. Multiple character opponents and upgrades. 9 Varied and dangerous tracks to master. Y8 2 years ago
  • Road Rockets Road Rockets With your fast car try to dodge the bombs that are being dropped on the road from the other cars and collect rocket ammo along the way to shoot your opponents. Try to race untill the end but watch out that you don't crash your car or run out of time. Y8 2 years ago
  • Car Eats Car 6 Car Eats Car 6 Play Car eats car 6 on Kizi! Car eats Car 6 is the latest instalment of this fun and crazy driving game. In this title you can once again control the mighty red machine and work your way through a myriad of racing challenges. As always you must use your vehicle to race and to destroy the other monster trucks who are trying to do you damage! Car eats car 6 is totally free and requires no registration! Kizi 1 year ago
  • Ice Racing Ice Racing Race through the winter and enjoy the ice racing action game, as you reach for the finish line in record time. Y8 1 year ago
  • Dirt Road Drive Dirt Road Drive Get ready for a fast race through forest roads in the 3D racing game Dirt Road Drive. Win all the opponents, earn cash and tune up the car. Y8 2 years ago
  • Virtual Racer Virtual Racer You like free car games and you're sick of playing the same games over and over again? Well than you'll enjoy this online top view game. It is called Virtual Racer and it's a racing and crushing game that stands out because of the rather low budget graphics that it has. Usually, the free online game creators try to make their games as appealling as possible, both for the gameplay and the visuals. But Virtual Racer might not be one of those games that you just want to play over and over again. Or does it? Well that's up to the expectations of the player, I suppose. The game play of this racing game is very simple, you just drive through the traffic cars and crash only into the targeted ones. There are 3 levels available for the player, and each one adds an extra target to destroy. If you drive on the road, your car will move pretty fast, but if you get out of the road and drive on the colored edge, the vehicle's speed will decrease. Y8 2 years ago
  • VXR Racer VXR Racer Race Vauxhall's top-end VXR models. You can challenge the computer or a human player. The driver that accumulates the most points after seven races receives the glory. You score 10 points for every race you win, 5 points for having the fastest lap and 2 points for every star you collect during the race. Y8 2 years ago
  • Super Mud Mania Super Mud Mania Made in very nice 3D graphics, Super Mud Mania game puts you in a role of a racing hero. Race across different tracks against various opponents, collect nitro for boosts and money for upgrades and have fun. Y8 2 years ago
  • Racing Monster Trucks Racing Monster Trucks Rev up your engine and leave your competitors in the dust in this thrilling monster truck racing game! Earn as much cash as you can to upgrade your vehicle, customise it or buy new models to become even more powerful. Can you win all 10 cups across 100 races? CoolGames 11 months ago
  • Renegade Driver Renegade Driver Mark is living a quiet and enjoyable life retired from his racing career He now works for as a delivery driver for the secret services. But one day, during a routine mission a strange madman call him to say him he has placed explosives in Mark's car who explode if the car ride too slowly! Go fast, and avoid obstacles and other cars! Y8 1 year ago
  • Pimp My Race Car Pimp My Race Car Create your own new race car by changing the given parts. Y8 2 years ago
  • Neon Race Neon Race Smash and dash through 8 neon-soaked levels of thrilling driving action. Earn cash to upgrade your vehicle, and unlock all the tracks. Beat all the track time... Kongregate 6 months ago
  • Ghoul Racers Ghoul Racers Race around a few tracks with sharp turns in your coffin against other Halloween monsters. Y8 2 years ago
  • Ultimate Drift Challenge Ultimate Drift Challenge Be prepared for the ultimate flash free online drift challenge game that will test your driving and drifting skills to the max? Ultimate Drift Challenge is a complex free car drifting game with multiple levels and cars to drive after you unlock them from the game. Your goal is to drive and overcome your skilled opponents thru 15 hard and intense levels. Keep your car on the road, and try to overcome all your skilled opponents to be able to win this though drifting challenge. Try to skid as mush as you can, otherwise the win is impossible. If you think is easy to control a powerful car, try to win this Ultimate Drift Challenge. Prove your skills in this free online drifting car game called Ultimate Drift Challenge. And be the best drift driving in the world. Y8 2 years ago
  • We Happy Racing We Happy Racing Enjoy this intense old school car racing game and improve your skills to be the best. Win first place to earn money and unlock more cars and levels. Controls the cars with the arrow keys and boost the speed using the nitro. Enjoy driving through challenging levels with stuns, jumps and loops. Enjoy racing and have a blast online. Good luck! Y8 4 months ago
  • Highway Chaser Highway Chaser Escape the police, get fuel and dodge through traffic. Y8 2 years ago
  • The Truck Competition The Truck Competition Hi welcome to trucks, the aim of the game is to race againts aponents and finish in the top 3 to win cash, you can buy upgrades and new vehicles with your winings Y8 2 years ago
  • Cartoon Racing Car Differences Cartoon Racing Car Differences No description available. PacoGames 1 year ago
  • Mobster Race Mobster Race Mobster Race is a game that will help you see if you could have manage the hard life of a mobster. Y8 1 year ago
  • Retro Speed 2 Retro Speed 2 The cute and interesting car racing game Retro Speed is back! In this game, you need to control your retro car and race with others. Keep your speed and avoid obstacles, if you crash into other cars, you will lose. See how many score you can get. Y8 1 year ago
  • Supercar Road Trip Supercar Road Trip Go on a road trip with your supercar and race till the night falls! SuperGames 11 months ago
Showing 111 - 165 of 1,255 for 'Racing Car'

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