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  • &Hello Neighbor!&- star test! #14 &Hello Neighbor!&- star test! #14 No description available. Kogama 11 months ago
  • Artillerize Artillerize An alien invasion has been detected. Aliens are coming in every direction and it's up to you to defend your base with your artillery. Show no mercy! 4J 3 years ago
  • Reach the core Reach the core Two robots travel through the space. Suddenly they run out of energy. There is a planet with required plasma nearby. But to get it they need to reach the core! Kongregate 7 months ago
  • Starship Commander Starship Commander Starship Commander is a , 4x RTS game similar to MOO (Master of Orion), in which your task is to conquer the galaxy. Do this by growing your planets, producing... Kongregate 7 months ago
  • Submarine Alien Mystery Submarine Alien Mystery Submarine Alien Mystery is an interesting and amazing point and click type new escape game.Think about a circumstance that you went to terrifying world in a dream.There was a witch in a scary world and gave you 10 jobs to finish.The witch claimed that if you complete these tasks you will be unveiled. If you have the excellent problem resolving character, it is certain that you will be successful by discovering the essential objects and solving the puzzles. 4J 3 years ago
  • Battle Dawn: Galaxies Battle Dawn: Galaxies Establish your colony.. in space! Can you fight off the aliens, and other spaceships trying to get what you have? Will you fight them, or become allies? SuperGames 1 year ago
  • BlightBorne BlightBorne Play as Rand the chosen one to defeat the evil lurking inside the dungeons and save his village. Find the long lost artifact which can bring life back to his village and their inhabitants. BlightBorne is a 2D side-scrolling game which incorporates elements from RPG and dungeon crawler games. Use arrows to kill all the enemies, use special powers for easy win. Y8 5 months ago
  • Cars 2 Hidden Stars Cars 2 Hidden Stars You have to find the hidden stars in different images of Cars 2. Get your best rank and go to the next level. Y8 2 years ago
  • Space Frontier Online Space Frontier Online Blast off for the stratosphere with Space frontier, the addictive physics rocket game that beat all conquest games. Your mission is to launch your rocket as high into orbit as possible. Simple touches control when you release each stage in your rocket. Earn in-game currency from successful launches and spend it to acquire new parts and styles. FreeOnlineGames 5 months ago
  • Ace of Ricochet Ace of Ricochet Game for everyone who like pads, asteroids, stars, and falling objects. Beat off objects using your pad and look on lives! Y8 1 year ago
  • Nick Football Stars Nick Football Stars Get ready to speed up and score as many touchdowns as you can with your favorite characters! Try to dodge the obstacles and collect power-ups in order to reach your rivals' field before being caught. Have fun! MiniPlay 3 years ago
  • Space Prison Escape Space Prison Escape In Space Prison Escape, there is no doubt about the existence of aliens.They've abducted two friends and holding them in their spaceship! Grab a friend and sit in front of the screen, because this is an adventure for two-person. With its co-op multiplayer gameplay, you need to work together to escape from the grasp of these extraterrestrial enemies. These aliens are not practical, and their ship is filled with different puzzles and obstacles! Working as a team is essential in this game, so you better come up with a plan. Your objective is to complete each level together by solving puzzles to collect green gems to reveal the exit door. Each character has different uses. The female character can fit through small gaps and jump higher, while her male partner can break blocks and throw crates. These little green men put great effort to make your escape challenging! To open locked doors, you must collect the keys first. To remove the columns, you should press buttons. At the bottom of the screen, you can see how many gems you've collected, the level you're on, and the number of keys you have. Can you escape this place and return home? Do you prefer playing with a friend instead of going solo? Then be sure to check the wildly popular Fireboy and Watergirl series! Have fun! Developer RHM Interactive developed Space Prison Escape. Release Date May 31, 2019 Features Cute 2D graphics Co-op multiplayer gameplay 20 fun and challenging levels Different traps, obstacles and puzzles Controls Player 1 can use WASD keys to move around, the F key to use keys, and the W keys to jump. Player 2 can use the arrow keys to move around, the L key to lift, the K key to attack, and the up arrow key to jump. Kizi 3 weeks ago
  • Comic Stars Fighting V3.6 Comic Stars Fighting V3.6 Play the newly-released Comic Stars Fighting V3.6! The magic of iron-killing dragon, the tutor Kyoya, and Hunter s odd teeth are newly added. There are also new levels. All characters are unlocked, but you need to unlock the shape-shifting characters. Come to join Comic Stars Fighting V3.6 with your friends! 4J 3 years ago
  • Tank Stars Tank Stars Tank Stars is a horizontal shooter game. Trajectory, distance, firing force, wind direction, and timely movement all affect the accuracy of your tank firing in the game. You can not only destroy the terrain in the game, but also launch a variety of special shells to completely smash the opponent's tank. Good luck in Tank Stars! 4J 4 months ago
  • Super Soccer Star Super Soccer Star Aim, calculate the power of your shot and score a goal! Choose the right moment and become a star! Good luck! MiniPlay 3 years ago
  • The Visitor Returns The Visitor Returns The highly requested sequel is now here! The alien death slug attacks a trailer park. Devour prey and become more powerful with each kill in this point and cli... Kongregate 7 months ago
  • Causality - Stickman Isolation Causality - Stickman Isolation Cause reactions in the spaceship to kill all the stickmen without them seeing one another dead. Y8 1 year ago
  • 360 Smash 360 Smash Best enjoyed with friends in the local versus mode! A game of reaction speed and wit. Smash or dodge the ball to try and confuse your competitors out of the face of the planet! Y8 2 years ago
  • Stickman Fighter Space Stickman Fighter Space Stickman Fighter Space is recommended as both an adventure and a side-scrolling game with 2D stickman game art animation. It is required for you to eliminate all the enemies at each level. It is allowed for you to use different powerful skills in Stickman Fighter Space! CarGames 1 month ago
  • The Superman - Theme Is Aliens The Superman - Theme Is Aliens The brave Superman takes on the responsibility of defeating the enemy to save mankind when aliens invade the Earth. Now, you are the brave superman! You can use Superman's ability to fly, launch a laser or lift a car to attack an enemy in the game. Evil aliens are all equipped with powerful gun weapons, you must always be careful anytime. Can you win the war? Do you dare to accept the challenge? Good luck for you, hero! CarGames 1 year ago
  • Basketball Stars 2019 Basketball Stars 2019 You can team up with some of the greatest stars of basketball in this online sports game. Join them for a quick 2-on-2 game or an entire tournament. Will you make it to the final round? AGame 7 months ago
  • Intergalactic Battleship Intergalactic Battleship Destroy the alien ships to save planet earth from destruction! Click on the enemy grid to locate and destroy the enemy ships before all of your own are eliminated. Try Intergalactic Battleship. Y8 1 year ago
  • Nick Hockey Stars Nick Hockey Stars Take the ice rink and face your favorite characters from Nickelodeon in a thrilling match! Dodge your rivals, try to score as many goals as you can and have fun! MiniPlay 3 years ago
  • Bastketball Stars Bastketball Stars Bastketball Stars is a basketball simulation arcade game. You need to control one player on behalf of his team and play a solo game on the basketball court! Professional basketball actions such as dunk, shoot, steal and so on are all reconstructed. CarGames 9 months ago
  • Stylist for the Stars Stylist for the Stars These fashionistas are each going to a different kind of event and they all need a specific style for each happening. Sara will rate your work at the end of the game, so match every celebrity with the right outfit and become the best stylist of Hollywood! Do you have what it takes to be the stylist for the stars? Y8 2 years ago
  • Space Prison Escape Space Prison Escape Help these two skillful guys escape from a max security space prison! Face all sorts of obstacles and enemies, try to stay safe and collect as many gems as you can. MiniPlay 9 months ago
  • Mini Golf Space Mini Golf Space This is a new way to play. You fall in the space you die. Y8 2 years ago
  • Lightsaber Escape Lightsaber Escape Turn your smartphone into a true Jedi lightsaber and don't get caught by your enemies! How far will you go? Get rid of waves of Stormtroopers and enjoy this unique game developed by Google due to the newest Star Wars movie release. Have fun! MiniPlay 3 years ago
  • Raze 3 Raze 3 18 years ago, an alien invasion left Earth in shambles. Shortly after the aliens departed, the surviving humans joined together to begin rebuilding their civilization on the ground, while simultaneously constructing a new fortress in the sky. The military also began training new soldiers as quickly and cheaply as possible to prepare for future enemy attacks. You are currently enrolled in the Express Training Program, so you must fight to complete your training before you're ready to confront any enemies. Arm yourself with powerful weapons and destroy the enemy scum to move on to the next level and save the Earth in this fun shooting game! SuperGames 1 year ago
  • SuperHero BMX Space Rider SuperHero BMX Space Rider No description available. PacoGames 1 year ago
  • Nick Basketball Stars Nick Basketball Stars Enjoy the NBA playoffs with your favorite Nickelodeon characters! Jump and dodge your rivals in order to score as many baskets as you can!! MiniPlay 3 years ago
  • Billiard Blitz Snooker Star Billiard Blitz Snooker Star Enjoy playing billiards against other players in this fantastic emulator. Prove your accuracy and win! MiniPlay 3 years ago
  • Space Prison Escape 2 Space Prison Escape 2 In the first part of the adventure, our heroes head to Earth with a spaceship they found. But their enemies in space chase and surround them before they could travel halfway to Earth! This time, they are captured by aliens and sent to a different prison in another planet! Y8 5 months ago
  • Bowling Bowling No description available. Y8 1 year ago
  • Nick Soccer Stars 2 Nick Soccer Stars 2 This is the annual Nick football star championship. In this game, you can choose your favorite cartoon hero to win all football game. You can choose either single mode or double mode. Enjoy Nick Soccer Stars 2 game. Have fun. 4J 1 year ago
  • Dancing with the Stars Dancing with the Stars Dancing with the Stars is a game where you can find the best musical movies. Each level of the game presents you different poster from certain movie. As a player, you need to search for the poster pieces in each level. If you want to see the whole list of the best musical movies, finish the game till the very end. And don't forget to enjoy in the game-play! Y8 2 years ago
  • Discover The Timber Star Discover The Timber Star DISCOVER THE TIMBER STAR is an interesting point and click type new escape game. Assume a situation the Father of the church has died three months before. Now the church peoples have decided to pray for him and celebrate Christmas with Timber Star. But they don't know where the Timber Star is? Now you have to find the Timber Star from the church. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve some interesting puzzles. Merry Christmas. 4J 3 years ago
  • Billiard Blitz Snooker Star Billiard Blitz Snooker Star Go snooker loopy in this great billiards simulation! Kongregate 7 months ago
  • Epic Cube Duels: Pixel Universe Epic Cube Duels: Pixel Universe Discover this two-player pixelated fighting game! Control your character as precisely as you can to crush your rivals and push them aside! MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • 8 Ball Pool Stars 8 Ball Pool Stars 8 Ball Stars is a unique pool game in which you play against pool stars and must show your skills and win all of them. Gogy 7 months ago
  • Nick Basketball Stars 2 Nick Basketball Stars 2 The famous nick stars are back for a basketball competition! Choose your game mode and win the worldwide cartoon cup. Gogy 10 months ago
  • Comic Stars Legends Comic Stars Legends In this arcade game you can fight characters from Dragon Ball, One Piece and Naruto. Choose your favorite one and get ready to enjoy the battle! Both single-player and two-player modes are available. MiniPlay 3 years ago
  • Disney Stars - Find The Differences Disney Stars - Find The Differences n this game Disney Stars - Discover the Differences you require to continue to keep locate differences among the two images in the limited sum of time offered to play each time!Have a good time! 4J 3 years ago
  • Space Ninja Space Ninja Shoot enemies with lasers and collect coins. Y8 2 years ago
  • School's Fashion Stars School's Fashion Stars These princesses are school's fashion stars, so they need to keep fashion in their daily life. Today they are tired of select dresses, can you be their fashion advisor and help them? Make up and dress up for them to make them look shining. Enjoy the great day with them! 4J 2 weeks ago
  • Alien Shoot Zombies Alien Shoot Zombies Alien Shoot Zombies is an interesting zombie shooting game. Your task in this game is kill all zombies using your gun. Have a good time! 4J 3 years ago
  • Billiard Blitz Snooker Star Billiard Blitz Snooker Star Play an exciting game of snooker. Aim well and pocket the balls. FunnyGames 8 months ago
  • Ricochet Kills Space Ricochet Kills Space We need you! Just take your gun and kill all the enemies here! You will be moved to the distant space, where you will face to many zombies. And all of them are so awful! Just take your weapon and kill them all immediately! Y8 2 years ago
  • Ben 10 Vs Aliens Force Ben 10 Vs Aliens Force Unleash the powers of Ben 10 with new task now.Your objective is to Shoot all the Aliens to clear the level.Use strategy to kill all the Aliens. All the best! Y8 2 years ago
  • Home Sheep Home 2: Lost in Space Home Sheep Home 2: Lost in Space Episode three of Shaun the Sheep,Äôs official gaming adventure, Home Sheep Home 2. Help three sheep find their way through the depths of space and return safely... Kongregate 7 months ago
  • Pokemon Planet Pokemon Planet Discover this amazing multiplayer game free to enjoy on Miniplay! Face all sorts of enemies and explore, join your friends or even level up real time! MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Pinball Space Pinball Space Playing pinball in space is exciting and fun, it offers you an extraordinary experience and numerous interesting options. Pinball Space is an amazing pinball game with a stunning space theme. It will impress you with its great quality and experience, and the best part is that it's super enjoyable and visually distinctive too. You need to get the highest score that you can in order to win. Pinball Space does a very good job at offering a very fun pinball experience every time that you play. You have all kinds of multipliers in the game too, and you have to push the ball as much as you can and take it to that next level. Pinball Space is impressive, fun to play but also super rewarding and interesting. If you are very passionate about pinball gameplay, this is among some of the best experiences out there. Pinball Space delivers everything you want from a pinball game, such as amazing graphics, great gameplay ideas and plenty of ways for you to play the way you want. It's a very immersive and fun experience, and you should check it out as fast as you can. Features: Beautiful space theme Immersive pinball gameplay at its best Test your skills and become the best Amazing graphics Suitable soundtrack for the space theme TwoPlayerGames 5 months ago
  • Aliens Get Out Aliens Get Out Equipped with a bazooka, you must destroy all the invading aliens on each level to win. 4J 3 years ago
  • Mini Golf Space Mini Golf Space This is a new way to play. You fall in the space you die. Y8 1 year ago
  • Strike Tactics Strike Tactics This is an online Real-Time Strategy game. Deploy armies, collect mineral, attack the neighboring country, and conquer the world. Have fun! 4J 1 year ago
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