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  • Stick War report Stick War It's a game about how your kingdom alive forever. You are the king of sticks. Use your wise to create your miners and army to make your kingdom enough strong to defend enemies. That is your own and unique war game. Are you ready to be the king? Come and have a good time. CarGames 5 months ago
  • Phoenotopia report Phoenotopia There is a disturbance in the peaceful village of Panselo. Gale must set out on an adventure and save her friends! 4J 1 year ago
  • Bearbarians report Bearbarians Control a powerful army of warrior bears! Bearbarians is an awesome 2D action RPG where you built up a powerful army, level up and even earn tons of new and exciting weapons like swords, guns and even better shields! Play as one of 4 exciting classes all with their own unique strengths. Good luck! BubbleBox 1 year ago
  • Stick Figure Penalty report Stick Figure Penalty Choose a way to kill this Stickmanuse a katana, a gun, your fists, a knife MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Tilotsoj report Tilotsoj Help this brave warrior use his weapon to intercept every enemy projectile! Put your accuracy to test and try to survive! MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Beasts Battle report Beasts Battle Command various units and defeat your opponent in this turn-based strategy game. 4J 1 year ago
  • Clicker Troops report Clicker Troops Clicking game on which you will help your troops to survive each wave, Hired more troops by getting gold on defeating enemies. Upgrade them to the fullest and conquer the game! Y8 7 months ago
  • Dangerous Adventure 2 report Dangerous Adventure 2 Match colored stones in fight to result in harm and acquire mana from your enemies as you travel once again on a risky journey. 4J 1 year ago
  • Swordsman Steve: The Polytizans report Swordsman Steve: The Polytizans Steve used to live a tranquil life but, suddenly, the Polytizans arrived and started wreaking havoc. Help this hero get his freedom back by killing his enemies. MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Prince Of Persia report Prince Of Persia Prince of Persia is a flash port of the unique online video game. You have eight minutes to navigate the dungeon to the Vizir's throne place and end him from unleashing the Sands of Time. Use the arrow keys to go the Prince of Persia in all instructions.Good luck! 4J 1 year ago
  • BattleStick report BattleStick BattleStick is a super fun MMO with stickmen where you'll have to battle other players in simple platform stages. Choose your favorite character and weapons and pretend to be dead in order to fool your enemies! MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Resident Evil Ebola report Resident Evil Ebola Are you a supporter of Resident Evil? Then check out this awesome retro graphics shooting game Resident Evil Ebola. Your goal is to look into and attempt to survive as you fight hundreds of zombies! Just shoot them all! Have a good time! 4J 1 year ago
  • Bunny Killer 3000! report Bunny Killer 3000! You were offered to enter a clan because of your amazing swordmanship skills. However, you said no and they're coming for you now! Use your sword to defend yourself from your enemies and unlock new ones. MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Double Damage report Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Double Damage Attack the foot clan soldiers as a TMNT. Call in special attacks with help from your friends. 4J 1 year ago
  • Dead Samurai report Dead Samurai Control a brave samurai who needs to fight nine deadly battles against a very dangerous opponent. Keep fighting even if you lose some limbs - fight and prove your courage to the end! MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Battle Towers report Battle Towers Fight your enemies in epic battles for the supremacy! But what enemies? Choose you to fight on the side of the proud knights of Order or do you choose the fierce forces of Chaos? You can fight also against other players on big multiplayers battles! Enjoy! Y8 7 months ago
  • Armed With Wings Culmination report Armed With Wings Culmination Hack and slash your way through this stylish revenge tale! Armed With Wings Culmination is the newest in the highly acclaimed series and features some of the most stylized graphics ever seen on a flash game! Move around with the arrow keys using the up arrow to jump and double jump. The A key swings your sword, while S D and W unleash devastating power attacks! Use these when you're desperate; they have a power meter so you can't use them all the time! Do you have the skill to take down the evil Vandheer Lorde? BubbleBox 1 year ago
  • Armed with Wings 3 report Armed with Wings 3 The world is now in silence, gone is the empire and the few villages that exist do so in peace. In the absence of the Gods, a great evil slowly plagues the ear... Kongregate 5 months ago
  • Ultimate Robotoru report Ultimate Robotoru Control a giant robot and destroy other giant robots! Ultimate Robotoru is an action packed shooter where you have one mission: UPGRADE AND KILL! Use crazy japanese anime inspired abilities like using a giant blast of energy or a sword to cut through all who appose you! You can even level up every move to make them stronger! How far can you get in this challenging game? IMPOSSIBRU!!! BubbleBox 1 year ago
  • report Enter this 3D multiplayer war! Control a Warrior, a Wizard a Shaman or an Archer and trap your enemies -- the dangerous monsters that plan on taking your lands. Hit them with your weapon of choice and defeat them all! MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Samurai Showdown report Samurai Showdown Control this legendary samurai and stay safe as waves of dangerous enemies come for you. Grab your sharp katana and slice your rivals! MiniPlay 6 months ago
  • YanLoong Legend 3 - Double Swallow report YanLoong Legend 3 - Double Swallow Slice enemies and perform more damage hitting combos on groups of enemies in this side-view fighter. Y8 7 months ago
  • Load Up And Kill report Load Up And Kill A quick game of finding out how to load the weapon and then killing the prisoner. Short, but gorey. Y8 7 months ago
  • Mighty Knight report Mighty Knight Transform into the mighty knight and gather your henchmen as you prepare to take down the bad guys as ordered to you by the king. Before you defeat the evil lord his minions need to be struck down first. Can you make it to the end castle of doom and do royalty proud by slaying the dark lord or will you fail your king? There's only one way to find out! 4J 1 year ago
  • Super Fighters Rampage report Super Fighters Rampage You are chosen to compete in a deadly tournament! Use special attacks, and merciless finishing moves to defeat your opponents and become the champion in Super Fighter's Rampage! 4J 1 year ago
  • Swords and Sandals report Swords and Sandals Become the best gladiator ever. Fight in the arena, earn experience and spend on new weapons. MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Yojimbrawl report Yojimbrawl Ask one of your friends to join you in an exciting fight of life and death! Dodge any incoming attacks and make sure to strike at the right moment in order to cause maximum damage to your opponent. Which player is going to win? FunnyGames 1 month ago
  • Maple Story report Maple Story In this short adventure you'll have to defeat your enemies in each level with your amazing swordmanship skills. MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • The Swords report The Swords Help Sun and Jun fight against demon In this fun adventure game, equip yourself with skill and magic and battle 5 Epic Bosses! WASD to move,J: attack, K: jump, L:block. BGames 7 months ago
  • Ninjago Key Code report Ninjago Key Code Kai had to go find the key to save his Masters of Spinjitzu, he must go through the gate to reach the hiding place of keys, each gate is a level, remember to collect items along the way. Use arrow , X, Z key to help Kai adventure in the magical world. Let's play all levels of this game and get fun. 4J 1 year ago
  • Ninja Quest report Ninja Quest The Emperor's daugher has been kidnapped by an evil ninja clan. Grab your katana and look for her! MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Hero Fighter report Hero Fighter Hero Fighter is a free web-based fighting game supports up to 3 human players on one computer and in later release, online play will be added. Kongregate 5 months ago
  • Dead Samurai 2 report Dead Samurai 2 Enjoy this sequel! Control a brave samurai who must survive nine battles against very powerful rivals. Keep fighting even if you're missing limbs -- fight for your life and put your courage to test! MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Swords And Sandals 3 report Swords And Sandals 3 Swords and Sandals III hurls you into the greatest gladiator tournament on the planet. Forget all you thought you knew about Swords and Sandals and prepare yourself for the quest of a thousand lifetimes! Powerful new Arena Champions await you. Are you ready to become the ultimate gladiator? 4J 1 year ago
  • Netherland report Netherland In this adventure game you must destroy the evil forces. Use the combined powers of your knights, bowmen or mages to fight them! Don't forget to upgrade your team after each battle to improve your powers! You cannot fail! Y8 7 months ago
  • Rage report Rage Use a variety of weapons to beat down an army of stickmen! 4J 1 year ago
  • League of Stickman report League of Stickman Enjoy the most thrilling action game of the year and its wonderful combat options! Crush your enemies using all kinds of attacks and complete the ultimate challenge. Have fun and defeat your rivals in order to become a champion! MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Adventure Time: Swords report Adventure Time: Swords Finn and his loyal friend Jake have found that, near the Land of Ooo, some very dangerous and weird mushrooms are popping up. Control Finn, grab his sharp sword and stay safe from the creatures! Can you defeat them all? MiniPlay 4 months ago
  • Turnaus report Turnaus Your objective is to get into your opponent's castle by hitting him with your sword and smashing his door. Y8 7 months ago
  • Epic Ninja 2 report Epic Ninja 2 Get prepared for Epic Ninja 2, a tough response examination stick-man fighting game. The tale about Kibos revenge for his father's dead carries on. Assist the valiant hero to use his famous ninja expertise in time to defeat plenty of dreadful enemies. 4J 1 year ago
  • Cloud Knights: Duels report Cloud Knights: Duels Cloud Knights: Duels is a physics-based fantasy dueling game for 1-2 players. You move only by swinging your weapon and using anything you hit with it to pus... Kongregate 5 months ago
  • Monster Castle report Monster Castle Monster Castle is an addictive tower protection game. Your mission in this retro defense game is to defend the sweet princess from an evil human military. Put skeletons, demons, crops and other monsters on each floor and get rid of soldiers, clergymen, mages and other enemies.Have a good time! 4J 1 year ago
  • The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To the Past And Four Swords report The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To the Past And Four Swords The land of Hyrule is plagued with the most unusual happenings. One stormy night, Princess Zelda and her maids find that their fortress is severely weakened. Zelda then summons Link and takes him to the castle as their personal guard. However, when they open the door to the Sanctuary, a dark figure arises from the portal - it's Link's dark side, who kidnaps the maids! The real Link follows him in order to retrieve the Four Sword, but then the clone is divided into four. Obliterate these evil versions! Prevent Vaati from wreaking havoc in this peaceful kingdom, save Hyrule and rescue the maids! MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Arcane report Arcane Fight and earn your way to glory in this middle age style tournament using bows, boomerangs, kunais, swords, axes and more! This intense Real time action RPG g... Kongregate 5 months ago
  • Arado report Arado Try to defeat all your enemies. FunnyGames 1 month ago
  • Yandere Clicker report Yandere Clicker Yandere Clicker is a bloody idle/clicker game impressed by strange Japanese comics. A small lady desires and requires revenge on her beloved. 4J 1 year ago
  • Legend of the Void 2 report Legend of the Void 2 Your journey through Calderia continues with Legend of the Void 2: The Ancient Tomes. After awakening in the inner chambers of The Black Gate, you discover a powerful ancient book used by the Arch Mage Gazzen to cast the Void Ritual. Now you must travel to the four corners of Calderia to beat back the invading demonic forces of The Void and reclaim the other three long lost Ancient Tomes Y8 7 months ago
  • Power Rangers: Super Samurai report Power Rangers: Super Samurai Red Ranger is still fighting evil. Help him protect mankind with his sword, climbing walls, jumping from on buildings and using his samurai skills. MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Duel of Fates report Duel of Fates Long ago, in the beautiful, majestic lands of feudal Japan, samurai once settled their disputes with a single, pre-planned strike. I'm being serious! Fight your friends locally in a game that has better graphics than your actual physical hands could possibly convey! Y8 7 months ago
  • Bandit Kings report Bandit Kings The object of the game is filling your castle full of gold before your oppenent can. Watch your falling loot and attack caravans to plunder their gold! Controls : J : Player 1 Attack K/L : Player 1 Move S : Player 2 Attack D/F : Player Move . Two Player Games 1 month ago
  • Plazma Burst 2 report Plazma Burst 2 The player takes on the role of a Marine, which didn't get sent to past in time to change the history to a better life. In Plazma Burst: Forward to the past, after when our hero's ally was critically damaged in the previous game the marine travels back to the Earth to try traveling back in time once again... Will fortune smile to him this time? 4J 1 year ago
  • Straw Hat Samurai report Straw Hat Samurai It#39s a samurai game with lots of slashing and blood! Kongregate 5 months ago
  • Kings Island 2 report Kings Island 2 Part II of the King's Island a hack'n'slash action rpg game that uses a simple point and click system. Y8 7 months ago
  • Dragon Boy 2 report Dragon Boy 2 In Dragon Boy 2, there are many levels are waiting for you. The road is dangerous and dark, you have to be brave and determined. Good luck! 4J 1 year ago
  • Paladin report Paladin Play as Auron and experience the action of the PALADIN series first hand in this fast paced sidescroller. Take up the sword of the Paladin and cleanse the undead from this world. Vanquish the slavering masses with the holy spellpower at your fingertips. 4J 1 year ago
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