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  • Money Truck Money Truck You have been given a mission to deliver money and other goods to your destination safely.Try not to lose your load along the way while driving. Y8 1 year ago
  • 18 Wheeler 3 18 Wheeler 3 The third part of the 18 wheeler games is here. Get back to Texas and complete various driving missions. BGames 1 year ago
  • Russian UAZ Offroad Driving 3D Russian UAZ Offroad Driving 3D Test your drive skills in this game, with russian 4x4 or trucks. Delivery, checkpoints or simply free mode you have the choice! Choose the weather or the moment of the day to increase difficulty, good luck! Y8 7 months ago
  • Super Stunt Cars Super Stunt Cars Sports cars are cool and fashion, we all look forward to getting one. But sometimes we can't get it for many reasons. However, you can drive all the sports cars you like in this game. Just drive the car as fast as you can and do stunts if you want to show your driving skills! Wish you can enjoy your time! CarGames 8 months ago
  • Monster Truck Rally Monster Truck Rally Race around the track and try to complete in first place to earn the top prize. Use your cash to buy new trucks and upgrades so you can finish first in all of the races. 4J 2 years ago
  • Heavy Tow Truck 2 Heavy Tow Truck 2 Heavy Tow Truck returned! New city, new tasks and more new vehicles! Drive your Tow Truck, receive tasks from your manager and tow different vehicles to specified locations. Y8 1 year ago
  • Mountain Truck Transport Mountain Truck Transport Mountain Truck Transport is the ultimate truck driving game in which you must deliver... CrazyGames 11 months ago
  • Super Trucks 3D Super Trucks 3D Become the best Super Trucks driver, proving your skill in amazing races, worlwide! Y8 1 year ago
  • Spy Truck Spy Truck Your planet has been attacked by aliens and its time for you to show some action and get back your planet. Destroy all the aliens, Get weapon upgrades and take back what is yours. Y8 1 year ago
  • Tropic Adventure Tropic Adventure You were captured by an unknown tribe! Escape and run for your life! You must avoid obstacles and crazy animals, fight enemies on your way and collect as much money as possible to buy new wacky characters; Enjoy! Y8 1 year ago
  • Urban Crusher Urban Crusher Play Urban Crusher and destroy anything in your path using your giant monster truck! Run over cars, trucks, boxes and more as you cruise through the outskirts of the city. Crush every car for major points! Y8 1 year ago
  • Off-Road Velociraptor Safari 3D Off-Road Velociraptor Safari 3D Score points in five minutes of play. You have 5 minutes to get the highest score possible. Your journey for points may take you in any direction, so experiment! Y8 1 year ago
  • Heavy Truck Parking Heavy Truck Parking Heavy Truck Parking is a 3D truck parking game with 40 different levels. Ride the... CrazyGames 2 years ago
  • Mountain Rescue Driver 2 Mountain Rescue Driver 2 Control your rescue vehicle as you drive over the crazy terrian. Make it over gaps and physics boxes Y8 1 year ago
  • 18 Wheels Driver 3 18 Wheels Driver 3 18 Wheels Driver 3 is a Racing game online at GaHe.Com. You can play 18 Wheels Driver 3 in full-screen mode in your browser for free without any annoying AD. GaHe 2 months ago
  • Monster Truck Demolisher Monster Truck Demolisher Pick your monster truck and demolish all the cars that are in your way! Earn points by smashing and driving over all the cars in the level. See if you have what it takes to be a true monster truck demolisher! Y8 1 year ago
  • Firefighters Truck Firefighters Truck As a driver of Fire Truck you must deliver firefighters to the place of conflagration as fast as possible so they can extinguish the fire. But be careful on the streets, try not to crash your truck and do not knock down pedestrians. Y8 7 months ago
  • Monster Truck Jungle Challenge Monster Truck Jungle Challenge If you are looking for a new free online game to test your adrenaline, here it is. An off road truck in a forest dirt challenge. Do you like off road races? Now it is your time to overcome your score and have a blast. Get in behind the wheel of this off road truck and drive it into the forest. You need to get to the finish line without damage it too much, otherwise you need to restart the level. Monster Truck Jungle Challenge offer you 8 intense levels full of adrenaline. Pay attention to the obstacles there are on your way. Jump over trees, rocks and boxes and try to be the best. Smashing boxes will slow you down. Win each level and unlock new better and faster off road trucks. Win the first three levels and unlock the second off road truck. Then, win the next two levels and when your finish the 5th level unlock the third off road truck. Test your driving skills and improve them here with this free game Monster Truck Jungle Challenge . Besides the other obstacles, your way is full of bombs and mines. Use your canon and shoot all the obstacles. Collect ammo and life bar on your way to fix your car and make it in 8 insane levels. The brown bomb will kill you if you step on it so shoot it from far away. The flying mine will take some of your life so tray to shoot them in order to survive. Have fun here and have a blast! 4J 2 years ago
  • Dacia Defence Dacia Defence You must use your tactical awareness to defeat the waves of enemies invading your territory, see how long you can hold them out for, buy upgrades and make sure you have enough cash for repairs and new items Y8 1 year ago
  • Bush Rampage Bush Rampage Bush unleashes the ultimate American weapon: The Tilty Truck! Squish stick soldiers, bash buildings, trash tanks! Y8 1 year ago
  • Heavy Tow Truck Heavy Tow Truck Drive your Heavy Tow Truck from stop to stop to pick up and tow other cars. Don't run over pedestrians and avoid crashing your truck. 4J 2 years ago
  • Monster Race 3D Monster Race 3D Grab the wheel of an off road beast as choose your favorite monster truck machine in 3D. Race in wild areas while performing extreme jumps! Bring it on as you go for the highest score ever, do you have what it takes to drive a monster vehicle? Y8 1 year ago
  • Freightliner Trucks Hidden Letters Freightliner Trucks Hidden Letters Freightliner Trucks Hidden Letters is a find hidden letters game for kids. In this game, you can choose your favorite picture to play. Every picture you have to find all hidden letters in five minutes. You can have five mistakes in the game. If have more mistakes, the game will be over. Have a good time. 4J 1 year ago
  • 18 Wheeler 3 Online 18 Wheeler 3 Online Ride a 18-wheel truck and take the load from one place to another as fast as you can. Beware of the obstacles! MiniPlay 2 years ago
  • 4x4 Truck Car Hill Race 3D 4x4 Truck Car Hill Race 3D Being the fastest racing car, it's time for you to perform in this amazing buggy car race simulator and keep an eye on all other competitors whose are involved in the race. You can expect nothing less than action-packed and thrilling moments where no traffic is involved, just you and other participants, so drive fast, perform awesome stunts and win the race. You are in a hostile area, you'll need to inspect the obstacles and dangers you will encounter in the field. Bear this in your mind! Have fun. PacoGames 1 year ago
  • Big Truck Adventures - Canyon Run Big Truck Adventures - Canyon Run Monster trucks, Speed boosts and Backflips! Enjoy this crazy big truck adventure! Y8 1 year ago
  • Truck Parking Truck Parking Reach parking spot to win level and avoid hitting anything. Y8 7 months ago
  • 18 Wheels Driver 3 18 Wheels Driver 3 18 Wheels Driver 3 is a Racing game online at GaHe.Com. You can play 18 Wheels Driver 3 in full-screen mode in your browser for free without any annoying AD. GaHe 2 months ago
  • Offroad Bus Simulator 2019 Offroad Bus Simulator 2019 This is a driving game for real car enthusiasts! Control the bus in dangerous mountainous areas. You must avoid the oncoming car and drive it to the gas station to complete your perfect off-road. The game tests the skill of the player. If you want to be a real car driver, join the game to exercise your driving skills. Have fun playing with Offroad Bus Simulator 2019. 4J 4 months ago
  • Fire Truck City Driving Sim Fire Truck City Driving Sim Fire Truck City Driving Simulator gives you the chance to drive a true to life Fire Truck around a deserted city. There is no one to slow you down and no fire to worry about. Practice your route knowledge skills, so if there was a fire you'd be the first crew there and a hero. If you crash and wreck your fire truck engine, don't worry a quick reset will have your truck all shiny and new again.... Ready for you to smash it up again. Don't forget to use the different camera angles to give you either the real behind the wheel feeling or a cool view. Y8 1 year ago
  • Trucks And Trailers Hidden Tires Trucks And Trailers Hidden Tires Trucks And Trailers Hidden Tires is a puzzle hidden game. There are five images of trucks And trailers in the game. You need to find the hidden all tires in each image. Each image has two minutes, and there are five mistakes. If more than five times, the game is over. The shorter your time, the higher your score will be. Of course, you can click T button to remove the limited time. Have fun. 4J 1 year ago
  • Mad Truck Challenge Mad Truck Challenge The Mad Truck Challenge is another mad racing game where you will be fighting about first place on the podium in four locations. For advance to the next level is always need win. Help yourself by using rockets and destroy your opponents. Have fun. PacoGames 1 year ago
  • Santa Gifts Truck Santa Gifts Truck Santa this year for first time will come to pick the presents for the kids with truck. The goal of this game is to deliver the presents to children. The Santa truck is powerful but watch the terrain is rough. PacoGames 1 year ago
  • Truck Mania Truck Mania A physics based truck riding game. Get your truck to the delivery point without wrecking it and deliver the various kinds of cargo.Be careful the road ahead is full of surprises!! BubbleBox 2 years ago
  • Gold Mine Car Gold Mine Car Despite the fact, that gold is one of the most expensive metals, its extraction does not need be profitable. Mining companies already know many about it for a longer time. No one is in green numbers. Actually, maybe you - nobody has informations about your business. Well, how it looks? Can you reach on some profit? The point, how to do it is load the highest possible quantity of gold on a truck and transport it with minimal losses until to the storage. Have fun. PacoGames 1 year ago
  • Big Truck Adventures Big Truck Adventures Try to reach the end of the tracks and perform stunts to earn bonus points. Make sure to keep your truck balanced or you'll crash! FunnyGames 11 months ago
  • 4 Wheel Madness 2 4 Wheel Madness 2 Race against fellow 4 wheel in a grueling obstacle course. Y8 1 year ago
  • 18 Wheeler Memory 18 Wheeler Memory 18 Wheeler Memory, you have got the chance to have a lot of fun with the 18 Wheeler and match it in a short gameplay. Use your brain skills and try to solve this puzzle challenge in the shortest time possible. Match the 18 Wheeler and get lucky! 4J 2 years ago
  • Traffic Road Traffic Road Drive in the traffic flow and try to reach the different objectives in career mode or driving freely... like a madman! Improve your car will help you. Y8 1 year ago
  • Fire Truck Racer 3D Fire Truck Racer 3D All fires are extinguished! It is time to make some fun. I have a great idea, let we do race between the fire trucks Y8 1 year ago
  • Heavy To Carry 2 Heavy To Carry 2 In game Heavy to Carry 2 you going to drive heavy truck with two trailers full of cargo. Show your driver skills in twenty levels this game. PacoGames 1 year ago
  • Truck Loader 3 Truck Loader 3 No description available. PacoGames 1 year ago
  • 4x4 Monster 2 4x4 Monster 2 Drive a big monster truck over mountains, cars and other obstacles while keeping your truck balanced. Complete each level in the shortest time and avoid crashing for higher score. Y8 1 year ago
  • Crazy Shooters 2 Crazy Shooters 2 This place has become the epicenter of the world's most terrible terrorist epidemic in Crazy Shooters 2. We now need a hero with courage and skill to fight your enemies and to uncover the behind-the-scenes masterminds and causes of this catastrophic event. Enter this multiplayer game. Grab your gun and shoot them. Don't be killed or your mission will fail. Good luck! CarGames 5 months ago
  • Mad Trucker 2 Mad Trucker 2 Upgrade your truck and try to get 100 miles as fast as you can. Kongregate 1 year ago
  • Construction City Cargo Construction City Cargo If you like 4x4 heavy monster truck games this is a perfect challenge for you. Deliver pipes in 12 intense levels with a huge powerful truck with two trailers attached. The game's goal is to deliver some pipes to the construction site. And this won't be easy because the construction site road is a mess. There are all kind of obstacles in your way. Prove you are an expert driver and have fun at the same time with this new cargo challenge. Y8 1 year ago
  • Zombie Derby Zombie Derby Zombie Derby is a cool driving game, the prequel to the popular Zombie Derby 2. You need to drive a truck to reach the goal place with more and more zombies in your way. Smash as many zombies as possible and you can also perform flips and tricks to score more points to buy the best car. Are you the best survivor? Come and have a try! CarGames 1 year ago
  • Extreme Cargo Transporter Extreme Cargo Transporter Get ready for a new 18 wheeler or truck challenge online. If you like cargo and transport truck games then this is the perfect game for you. Use arrow keys to balance and drive the double loaded 18 wheeler to the destination. Try to finish with the indicated number of objects in each level. There are 10 intense levels to test your skills and 3 trucks to drive. Have fun and good luck, you will need it! Y8 1 year ago
  • Just Park It Just Park It Show your truck driving and parking skills in Just Park It. It's up to you to drive... CrazyGames 8 months ago
  • Army Cargo Driver Army Cargo Driver No description available. PacoGames 1 year ago
  • Star Mission Star Mission No description available. Y8 1 year ago
  • Traffic Racer 2 Traffic Racer 2 The road is very crowded and there is a lot of traffic. You drive on the road, be careful not to bump into other cars, or the game will over. The farther you drive, the higher your score will be. Have fun playing Traffic Racer 2. Good luck. 4J 11 months ago
  • Home Toy Parking Home Toy Parking If you are a toy car and truck enthusiast and you want to find a new parking challenge on the Internet, this is your chance to try this new toy game Home Toy Parking! Play the game for free parking in the toy family on the net. Enjoy it! CarGames 1 year ago
  • Russian Offroad Pickup Driver Russian Offroad Pickup Driver Drive freely your powerful 4x4 in the Russian landscape, and you should try to finish the tests in different levels of difficulty! At the same time, you can try to find new looks for your 4x4. Have fun! CarGames 4 months ago
  • Crazy Traffic Control Crazy Traffic Control Control the traffic in the busy area of a city. Click on red signal to stop and green signal to resume the traffic. Clear the assigned target shown at the bottom to complete the level. Y8 7 months ago
Showing 56 - 110 of 4,808 for 'Truck'

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