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Dodgeball Game Dodgeball Game

Dodgeball Game

By Y8 on October 20, 2020 07:41

In this game you play as a small blue ball that has to dodge the evil evil lines of neon! The goal is to get a highscore bigger than your friends so you can brag about it! Upload your picture with your score! Along the way evil debuffs will fall, avoid theese at all cost! But the gods are not all evil, they can bring good too, they drop down good buffs aswell! Red = Debuff, double the amount of lines spawning. Pink = Debuff, reverse controls. White = Debuff/Buff, everything moves faster, even your score! Green = Buff, get slowmotion for a short amount of time when you hold down space. Blue = Buff, get phasing so you can bypass all the lines when you hold down space. Purple = Buff, Double the remaining time on your current buffs. Orange = Buff, Double your current score every second, for 5 seconds!