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Goalkeepers Training Goalkeepers Training

Goalkeepers Training

By 4J on January 23, 2017 09:18

So, this time one should be happy to be in a position of describing a football game that stands out, and this game, named Goalkeepers training really succeeds in that, so what is certain around this game is that you may be entertained and refreshed to the maximum, as in this game you'll be introduced with a concept of being a goalkeeper and not the team of players as normally in the relaxation of the games from this style that circle around. So, to mention a word or two on the controls related to playing this game, let us begin by mentioning the first control related to the movement of your goalkeeper on the sides while attempting to save the ball kick. And so, to move left or right after the ball, use the arrow keys from the keyboard! Another control is to jump and when needed and to be able to perform that action, you need to use the spacebar control from the keyboard. So, it is time to start saving some balls now, good luck!