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Survival on Worm Planet Survival on Worm Planet

Survival on Worm Planet

By TwoPlayerGames on October 10, 2019 01:06

You've gone to a different planet in the depths of space. There are mutated monsters on this planet. Suddenly they can come in front of you and attack you. You must defend yourself with different types of weapons in your hand! You can play the game 1 player or 2 player. Of course it will be more advantageous to play 2 player . Game Controls: PLAYER1 Fire: "MOUSE LEFT-CLICK" Reload: "MOUSE RIGHT-CLICK" Bomb: "SPACE" Next Bonus: "Q" Change Weapon: "Scroll or E" PLAYER 2 Aim: "ARROW KEYS" Fire: "P" Reload: "O" Bomb: "K" Change Weapon: "L"